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20 Unique & Fun Raised Garden Bed Ideas

20 Unique & Fun Raised Garden Bed Ideas

It’s well known that raised beds are one of the most efficient and effective ways to garden. They ensure a bountiful harvest by encouraging aeration and drainage, extending the growing seasons and minimizing damage by weeds and pests.

But raised beds aren’t just functional – they can also be an attractive and unique focal point for the garden!

Here are 20 of the best raised bed ideas around:

1. Raised Bed with Rainwater Collector and Dining Table

Although it may seem like a mammoth undertaking, constructing this raised bed would make for an incredible garden highlight and topic of conversation. It also provides an area for magical outdoor dining and an eco-friendly slant thanks to its water conservation system.

2. Chicken Coop Raised Bed

Those with their own backyard chickens can take advantage of the space atop the coop to grow herbs or other plants. A ‘green’ coop roof also keeps your flock warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, while providing sound insulation from heavy rain.

3. Corrugated Metal and Wood Beds

rasied bed 1

Using corrugated metal panels and brightly painted wood, these raised beds are both cheery and functional. While you can buy all the materials you require for an 8 x 8 bed for less than $70, thrifty gardeners may be able to use old shed roofing and reclaimed wood to achieve the same effect for free!

4. Keyhole Garden Raised Bed with Inbuilt Composter

So called because the inbuilt composting basket at the center gives the garden a keyhole shape when viewed from above, this raised bed uses several layers plus compost to retain moisture and nourish the soil, making it more productive than a conventional garden.

5. Raised Bed with Cold Frame

By adding hoops to your raised beds, you’ll be cutting down on winter work while extending the growing season. When the weather starts to turn, just drape plastic over the hoops – adding a few extra growing weeks in both spring and autumn.

6. Watering Trough Raised Beds

watering trough raised bed

Designed to hold water for farm animals, these galvanized containers are sturdy, durable and come readily assembled – saving you the hassle of constructing a bed from timber. Just make sure to poke holes in the bottom before lining with gravel to encourage drainage.

7. Tiered Raised Bed

An unusual and attractive tiered bed which will add texture and depth to your garden. Plant a combination of trailing vines and upright plants for best effect.

8. Wine Box Beds

A hybrid of container gardening and raised bed gardening, these wine box beds are ideal for gardeners who like to move their plants around, or for those who only have a balcony to work with! The boxes can be stacked to a height, organized in tiers or simply arranged side by side.

9. Milk Crate Garden

raised bed 3

Similar to the wine box planters, these milk crate raised beds are flexible and fun. It’s also incredibly easy to lay your hands on empty crates, so there’s no excuse not to start raised bed gardening today!

10. Car Tire Raised Beds

Who would have thought a few worn out car tires could look so good? Apply a lick of paint and arrange in tiers or stacks for an impressive yet thrifty summer garden look.

Note: Some tires can contain dangerous chemicals that can leach into the soil so these raised beds are best for growing non-edible flowers – rather than food.

11. Half Wine Barrel Beds

Cut old wine barrels in half and display them on support legs for this classy looking take on raised bed gardening.

12. Pallet Raised Beds

Keep your garden neat and tidy with minimal effort by laying pallets flat on the ground and planting between the beams. For a larger garden bounty, you can stack the pallets to create a vertically growing garden.

13. Cinder Block Beds

cinder block raised bed ideas

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to construct a raised garden is by using cinder blocks to create the border. Paint them to match you color scheme or leave them au natural. The holes in each block are also ideal for planting herbs and spices!

14. Woven Willow Beds

Round up bundles of flexible willow branches and weave them together to form this sturdy and eco-friendly wattle bed. Dot a few of these around the garden for a rustic and earthy feel.

15. Raised Bed with Benches

Adding a bench or two onto the side of your raised beds is an ingenious solution for older gardeners or those with back or knee issues. Simply sit down to plant, weed, harvest and admire your handy work! Best of all, this project should only take a half day to complete.

16. Spiral Raised Herb Bed

raised bed spiral flowers

The winding shape of this neat little planter is perfect for showing off your herb garden. Its dual height means it also works well with a mixture of training and upright plant specimens.

17. Old Plates for Smaller Raised Beds

While this won’t work for most raised beds, using dinner plates as edging is a thrifty and unusual way to highlight shallow raised beds. Use an old set of dishes or choose mismatching plates in the same color scheme to really make the bed pop!

18. Gated Raised Bed and Trellis

Keep your vegetables nice and tidy, and safe from your pets, with this enclosed raised bed. The backing trellis maximizes growing space and provides support for crops like beans and peas.

19. Butterfly Shaped Bed

butterfly shaped raised bed

For a truly stunning raised bed, recreate this butterfly-shaped one. With various sections, and utilizing differing levels, it may be difficult to construct but the results will be worth it!

20. Star Centre Raised Garden

Serious gardeners will covet this design, which dedicates an entire area of the garden to raised vegetable beds. The outer boxes use space well, and encourage vertical growth, while the inner star shape houses a dwarf lemon tree and cascading strawberry plants. Of course, there is ample space to comfortably access the beds from all sides.

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20 Unique & Fun Raised Garden Bed Ideas

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