10 Single Use Items You Should Never Buy Again & What To Do Instead

We live in a disposable age. There are so many disposable items being tossed in the trash on a daily basis it makes your head spin. The sad news is that each and every one of those disposable items that get thrown away ends up sitting somewhere – in a landfill, in a river, a lake or an ocean and contributes to pollution. Out of… [read more]

10 Last Minute Gifts You Can Make In No Time At All

No matter how organized you are, no matter how far in advance you plan your holiday gift giving, you’ll always forget someone or something. Or maybe a parcel has got lost in the mail and you need to come up with a last minute gift in supersonic time. This post is here to help you. Below we round up some of the best tutorials published… [read more]

35 Brilliant Gift Ideas For The Health & Wellness Lover

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10 Really Cool Products You’ll Never Believe Are Made From Recycled Plastic

Here is a staggering truth that we all need to embrace. Plastic is accumulating in our oceans at an alarming rate. In fact, at the rate things are going, plastic in the oceans is predicted to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050. What a sad and very disappointing statistic that is. The fish are not the only ones in trouble, pollution has… [read more]

12 Eco-Friendly Gifts That Everyone Will Love (& That Saves The Planet!)

Just because the pressure to consume reaches its height around the holidays doesn’t mean we can’t also be kind to the planet. Get into the spirit of the season with these thoughtful gifts that also happen to be earth-friendly, sustainable, and zero waste. Here are our top picks for 2018: 1. Gourmet Edible Insects Reducing your meat and dairy consumption is the single greatest way… [read more]

8 Recycled Christmas Gift Ideas That Help Save the Earth

This Christmas, instead of spending a ton of money on a gift that negatively impacts the Earth, how about giving gifts made using mostly recycled materials? The holiday doesn’t have to be a burden on the environment, with just a little effort and imagination, it’s easy to reduce the environmental impact of the season. You can give more while spending less by giving these gifts… [read more]

How To Raise Insects For Impressive Profits

In the world of raising livestock, some of the smallest players are making the most significant impact. Insect farming is growing in popularity, and the benefits are impressive even for casual cultivators. It doesn’t take much money to establish a bug-based farm, and when managed correctly you can transform it into a steady source of side income. But why would you consider welcoming more insects… [read more]

7 Best Eco-Friendly Ways To Heat Your Home

No matter where you happen to live in this world that’s subject to chilly temperatures, those winter heating costs can be sky high and typical heating solutions are usually not all that great for the environment either. Traditional heating methods use fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal, which come with a high cost to the environment, contributing to global warming, a higher… [read more]

10 Reasons To Introduce Edible Insects Into Your Diet

Are you ready to take your diet in a new direction? Then consider the impact of adding edible insects to the menu. While the idea might trigger revulsion at first, there’s a strong case to be made that the world would be a healthier, more sustainable place if we all stopped turning our noses up to bugs and found ways to incorporate them into our… [read more]

How To Start A Small Farm Business – It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Who doesn’t dream of ditching the cubicle for the fresh air of farm fields? It’s a common desire to leave the rat race behind and cultivate a closer connection with the land, but for most of us, the idea never gets off the ground. But here’s the reality; the barriers to entry towards starting your own small farm business aren’t as extreme as you might… [read more]