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15 Natural Ways To Grow Thicker, Longer Eyelashes

15 Natural Ways To Grow Thicker, Longer Eyelashes

Have you ever known someone who just has beautiful, long and healthy eyelashes naturally? What girl doesn’t dream of full and gorgeous eyelashes?

The truth is, most people who have long and beautiful eyelashes have put some time and effort into them.

The good news is, you too can have long, full and beautiful eyelashes by using some of these tried and true natural beauty tips.

Before we dig into the beauty tips, let’s explore just some of the reasons why your eyelashes might not be as healthy as they could be.

5 Reasons Your Eyelashes Aren’t As Long As You Want

1. You Treat Your Eyelashes Like an Accessory

Rather than think about your eyelashes as a body part, many of us like to think of them as accessories. Hence, we curl them, plump them and smother them with all sorts of lengthening serums and makeup to “help” them look their best. To be healthy, eyelashes must be pampered. Like your hair and skin – your eyelashes get dirty and also need protection from dust, sweat, and makeup.

A great way to keep your eyelashes clean is to first apply a warm compress to your lid then wash your eyelashes with a very gentle baby shampoo at least three times a week. If you fail to keep your eyelashes clean, they won’t grow as well and may even fall out.

2. You Are Aging

While we do a lot to protect our skin and other body parts from aging – again, we may not put as much thought into our eyelashes. As we age, our lashes begin to thin – just like the hair on our heads. If you have noticed a decline in the fullness of your lashes it may just be that you are getting older.

3. You Use An Eyelash Curler

Again, you may think nothing of using an eyelash curler to achieve fuller lashes – in fact, you may think it is a rather natural choice. However, it is possible to break lashes in half which is counterproductive for sure. Knowing how to properly use a curling tool is essential to avoid damage. To avoid breaking your eyelashes, don’t crimp aggressively. Instead, crimp the lashes and lightly pulse the curler with very light pressure about 10 seconds before applying mascara.

4. You Use Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a popular choice simply because it withstands sweat and tears. However, the chemicals that make it do its job so well, like dimethicone, copolyol, and silicone, are also irritants that can cause a nasty reaction. Since our eyelashes are designed to keep irritants out – they reject the chemicals in the mascara and can cause your eyes to itch and water. Rubbing your eyes can damage your lashes.

5. You Have Eyelash Extensions

While eyelash extensions are all still the rage in Hollywood, they are actually downright dangerous. If you have opted for eyelash extensions you could be causing quite a bit of harm to the health of your lashes. Extensions are applied using powerful adhesives that often contain formaldehyde. If extensions are applied incorrectly, they can pull out your real lashes when they fall off. Besides finding a reputable salon to apply extensions, you might want to consider some other options ( see below) for naturally long and healthy lashes.

6 Reasons Your Eyelashes May Be Falling Out

If your eyelashes are unhealthy and you notice them falling out, it is a sign that something else is off.

1. Thyroid Condition

An overactive or an underactive thyroid can both cause your eyelashes and hair to become brittle and to fall out. If your thyroid is overactive you might have a problem tolerating heat, insomnia, weight loss, headaches and swelling in your lower neck. If your thyroid is underactive you might have a hard time losing weight, have an intolerance to cold, dry skin and constipation. If you suspect you might have a thyroid condition you should see a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Alopecia Areata

If you suffer from Alopecia Areata, your immune system attacks the hair follicles and they fall out. Some people have complete hair loss all over their body while others just have loss in one area like their eyebrows, eyelashes, scalp or beard.

3. Blepharitis

Blepharitis is caused by an excessive growth of bacteria on the skin. The eyelids become inflamed, itchy and red and the eyelashes may fall out or become very thin. It is thought that the condition might occur because of a blockage in the eyelid’s oil glands or because of allergies. Although it can’t be cured, it can be controlled with good eyelid hygiene.

4. Nutritional Deficiency

A deficiency in some vitamins may result in hair loss, including eyebrow and eyelash loss. Healthy hair – including your eyelashes require a healthy body and a lack of certain vitamins such as A, B, (biotin, riboflavin)  D as well as iron, lysine and amino acids could result in thin eyelashes or even the loss of eyelashes. See below for foods that you should include in your diet to be sure you are getting the nutrients your body – and eyelashes need.

5. Medications

There are a number of medications that cause eyelashes and hair to thin and even fall out. Here are just a few:

  • Antifungal drugs
  • Birth control pills
  • Antibacterial drugs
  • Parkinson’s disease drugs
  • Anticoagulant drugs
  • Statins

6. Menopause

The loss of estrogen, which accompanies menopause, can result in a destruction of hair follicles. Eyelashes can become very thin and you may experience eyebrow, hair and eyelash loss.

15 Natural Ways To Grow Thicker, Longer Eyelashes

Here are some of the best ways to promote beautiful and healthy lashes naturally.

1. Be Gentle

As mentioned above, you can be hard on your eyelashes without even knowing. To help promote beautiful lashes, become more aware of how you might be harming them and adopt a softer touch. Be gentle with the area around your eye – the skin is very delicate here and it is very easy to break off eyelashes.  Avoid rubbing or scrubbing around your eyes – patting around the eyes is a much safer way to ensure your eyelashes stay intact.

2. Take off Makeup Naturally

It is very important to remove all makeup at night so that your eyes can breather. If you go to sleep with makeup it can irritate your skin and even cause an eye infection. Leaving mascara on at night will dry out your eyelashes and cause them to break. In addition, if you have dried mascara on your lashes it will attract dirt and bacteria. Use coconut oil or organic makeup remover clothes (you can even make your own natural makeup remover pads) to take all of your makeup off each night. Healthy eyelashes will grow much quicker than unhealthy eyelashes.

3. Comb Your Lashes

It is just as important to brush your eyelashes as it is to brush your hair. Get into the routine of using an eyelash comb to brush your eyelashes. Just doing this, without doing anything else, can make your lashes seem longer.  Comb your eyelashes before you apply mascara to separate them and after to get out any clumps.

4. Clean Up Your Diet

As mentioned above, nutritional deficiencies can lead to unhealthy hair and eyelashes. Skip the junk and opt instead for a diet loaded with healthy whole foods. Reducing or eliminating refined sugar, gluten and fast and packaged foods will help eliminate whole body inflammation, promote clear and healthy skin. Also, be sure to stay hydrated – drink plenty of water daily, at least half your weight in ounces.

5. Use Oils

There are a number of highly nourishing oils that will not only help protect your lashes but will also promote growth. I apply oil to my lashes using a cotton swab or a makeup-free mascara brush.  Here are some of my favorite lash lengthening oil blends:

  • Castor and Olive Oil

I make a mixture of one teaspoon each of castor and olive oil and apply before bedtime. My lashes look great!

  • Aloe vera eye mask

Combine one teaspoon each of burdock oil, castor oil, and organic aloe vera gel. Add two drops of vitamin E and vitamin A. Use this mixture once a week to really nourish and baby your lashes.

  • Coconut oil

I love coconut oil, it is loaded with so many therapeutic properties. It not only protects your lashes but also keeps bacteria at bay and encourages thick luxurious growth. Simply fill a roller bottle with organic fractionated coconut oil and apply to your eyelashes at bedtime after having removed your makeup. It it is too oily, use a clean cloth to blot away any excess. I do this treatment 3 times a week for extra lubrication and nourishment.

Note: Be very careful not to get any of these oils in your eyes – they could cause irritation. Wipe away any excess oil with a clean cotton ball.

6. Green Tea

Green tea is very soothing not only for tired eyes but also tired eyelashes. Soak a cotton ball in chilled green tea and gently pat your eyelashes after taking off your makeup.

7. Coconut Milk

Full of natural, healthy fat, coconut milk can nourish your lashes. Soak a cotton pad in full-fat coconut milk and place it on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.

8. Healthy Foods

In addition to eating a healthy diet, you can also take some whole food supplements to help boost your overall health and wellness. Here are some of my favorites.

Foods Rich in Niacin

Eating foods rich in niacin (vitamin B3) can help you have those gorgeous lashes you have always dreamed of. Here are just a few great things that niacin can do:

  • Niacin encourages more blood to flow to hair follicles
  • Niacin helps your body break down keratin – an important protein needed for eyelash growth
  • Niacin keeps your lashes from becoming dry and brittle

Foods to eat: grass-fed beef, tuna, liver, mushrooms, peanuts, green peas and sunflower seeds.

Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Not only will vitamin C keep your immune system strong, it also:

  • Protects your eyelashes  from toxins, infections, and diseases  
  • Reduces hair follicle inflammation
  • Repairs damage to hair follicles
  • Boosts the production of collagen which helps your lashes grow

Foods to eat: pineapples, tomatoes, kale, berries, grapefruit and Brussels sprouts.

Foods Rich in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that not only improves immune system function but also protects hair follicles from damage from free-radicals that keep your eyelashes from growing.

  • Vitamin E has the important responsibility of moving blood and oxygen into hair follicles.
  • Vitamin E reduces hair follicle inflammation
  • Vitamin E reduces dry and brittle eyelashes
  • Vitamin E repairs, damaged hair follicles
  • Vitamin E helps in cellular reproduction and reduce the risk of eyelash breakage.

Foods to eat: hazelnuts, kale, spinach, sunflower seeds, blueberries, peanut butter, avocados and take a high-quality vitamin E supplement.

Foods Rich in Vitamin H

Vitamin H ( biotin) encourages thick eyelashes and prevents them from drying out. In addition:

  • Biotin helps your body absorb vital nutrients such as fats, amino acids, and carbohydrates which are needed to stimulate healthy lashes

Foods to eat:  bananas, mushrooms, eggs, walnuts, beans, nut butter and black-eyed peas.

Foods Rich in Calcium

You may know that calcium is important for bone strength but did you also know that it promotes eyelash growth? In fact, eating foods rich in calcium:

  • Reduces eyelash breakage
  • Helps prevent lash loss due to hypothyroidism

Foods to eat: dairy products, peas, okra, collard greens, salmon, and tofu. Take a whole food calcium supplement along with magnesium to encourage hair and eyelash health and growth.

9. Massage Your Eyelids

When you massage your eyelids it improves blood flow to the hair follicles. This means that more nutrients reach the follicles and as a result, your lashes grow faster. To massage, wash your hands thoroughly and place a couple drop of coconut oil on your lids. Use your fingertips to massage your eyelids and lash line – in small circular motions. Do this for five minutes, twice a day for three months.

More Tips for Longer, Thicker Eyelashes

10. Don’t use department store brands of eye makeup

11. Use only organic makeup – you can see our selections of the best natural and organic makeup brands here. 

12. Use an eyelash serum – this Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil Eyelash Growth Serum is a great choice.

13. Never use waterproof mascara that is not organic this Natural Mineral Mascara is a good option.

14. Never use old makeup

15. Never use someone else’s makeup