10 Reasons You Need To Try Cacay Oil – A Miracle Beauty Oil That’s Saving The Rainforest

If you’re looking for a natural solution for anti-aging skin care, there are many options to choose from. Oils like Argan, sweet almond, avocado and coconut have been at the top of the list of our favorites for a long time. In fact, every few months, it seems like we come across something new that we have to try out and inevitably add to our… [read more]

10 Reasons Why You Need Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil In Your Life

Despite the hundreds upon hundreds of artificially engineered, scented, bleached or otherwise chemically-altered products available on the market, the world is full of natural oils which make their commercial counterparts blatantly unnecessary. These natural products offer a myriad of health benefits for healing, curing, cleansing and anti-aging. Natural plant oils provide proteins, vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy essential fatty acids to feed and… [read more]

10 Himalayan Wonders With Extraordinary Health Benefits

Home to the highest regions on Earth including the Tibetan Plateau with an average elevation of almost 5 km (3 miles) above sea level and majestic Mount Everest reaching a height of 8,848 metres (29,029 feet or 5.5 miles) at its peak; the Himalayas are also ripe with ancient medicinal herbs, oils and minerals – many of which are widely considered to be among the… [read more]

10 Reasons To Try Shilajit: Mother Earth’s Greatest Gift To Humankind

Looking at the above image of Shilajit probably has you wondering, “Why would anyone want to eat that?” The thought certainly crossed my mind when I first laid eyes on the lump of pitch black resin which resembles nothing so much as a glob of tar. However, after many long hours spent digging for the answer, my question changed to, “Why wouldn’t everyone want to… [read more]

How To Make Your Own DIY Rain Chain + 34 Design Ideas To Get You Inspired

For a fun and interesting project this spring and summer, why not replace your old humdrum gutter spouts with rain chains? They’re easy to build and not only add pizzazz to your outdoor environment, they can also improve your health. Rain chains are beautiful to look at, they create therapeutic white noise, ionize the surrounding air (just like a water fountain or Himalayan pink salt… [read more]

10 “Backwoods” Folk Remedies That Have Survived The Test Of Time

In the world of home remedies, there are dozens of natural cures for just about everything that ails you. However, many of these deceptively ordinary remedies have been around for hundreds (if not thousands) of years and for good reason! Here are 10 of the oldest time-tested home remedies for common health concerns with scientific backing for exactly why and how they work. 1. Eat… [read more]

20 Really Bad Signs You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

The human body has a built-in mechanism for telling us when we need to drink water – the feeling of being thirsty. Unfortunately, with an alarming two out of three individuals living with some form of chronic dehydration, many people have simply become numb to the sensation. If you are among the majority and have an ongoing water deficit, there are some other less-obvious signals… [read more]

7 Anti-Viral Foods That Will Keep You Healthy Year-Round

When it comes to the common cold, most of us grew up with the understanding that there is no real cure. This most widespread of all viral illnesses – affecting the average adult between two to three times per year and children anywhere between six and twelve – is the result of an upper respiratory invasion by one of over 200 different viral strains. Even… [read more]

20 Creative & Tasty Ways to Make “Boring” Water Taste Like Heaven

If you’ve been a fan of Natural Living Ideas for a while now, you’re probably used to reading our favorite piece of natural health advice: “Drink more water.” In fact, if there were one substance – one ultimate panacea – to cure every disease, address any weight-loss concern and set every natural health mishap right, water would be The One. That said, it was only… [read more]

12 Scientifically Proven Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

Up until about a decade ago, coffee was considered one of the most villainous beverages in the modern human diet. Indeed, I can still remember my family doctor suggesting in the midst of my second year of college that I really needed to cut back from my pot-a-day habit. “Talk to me after graduation,” I replied. Even back then, before I started digging into natural… [read more]