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10 Essential Oil Blends To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

10 Essential Oil Blends To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Autumn is a time for relaxation, for cooler weather, and for enjoying the brilliant and colorful spectacle of Mother Nature as she prepares for her long winter’s rest. Autumn is the season for holidays, for spending time with family and friends, for giving thanks and for feasting on the fruits of the year’s harvest.

To get you in the mood for fall, we’ve mixed up some new essential oil blends (and polished up a few traditional favorites!) that will bring all of the wonderful scents of the season into your home and office. Simply drop the essential oils listed in each blend into your diffuser (not got one? Check out this review of five of the best!) along with 70 ml of water and enjoy!

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Sleeping Roots

This blend is inspired by the scents of walking in the woods in autumn – of damp leaves and moss underfoot, and that first breath of crisp cool air that carries with it just a hint of winter.

3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Ginger
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Birch

I highly recommend using Birch oil in this blend, however you can substitute Wintergreen for a similar effect.

Trick or Treat

This blend is a warming mix of sweet and spicy, like candy for your nose.

3 drops Sandalwood
2 drops Vanilla
1 drop Cinnamon
1 drop Clove

Citrus Spice

Our take on the traditional autumn blend provides an immediate infusion of bright orange aroma followed by the gradual build of cinnamon and clove. The spices linger in the air long after the orange scent fades.

4 drops Sweet Orange
2 drops Cinnamon
1 drop Clove

Warm Citrus

Less fruity and more earthy than citrus spice, this blend is best with a smooth and somewhat mellow patchouli as this will be the scent that lingers longest after you turn off the diffuser.

4 drops Sweet Orange
2 drops Ginger
1 drop Patchouli

English Pomander

Also similar to citrus spice but with an interesting twist, this blend recreates the sweet aroma of a traditional English pomander.

3 drops Sweet Orange
1 drop Bergamot
1 drop Cinnamon
2 drops Clove
2 drops Sandalwood

Mountain Path

This subtle earthy blend will fill a large room within seconds, but it isn’t overbearing.  Perfect for holiday parties or to set a relaxing mood for unexpected guests!

3 drops Frankincense
2 drops Pine
1 drop Cedarwood

Morning Frost

This blend was inspired by a late November weekend spent in a log cabin in the mountains. Mingling scents of cedar and evergreen mixed with hints of soft mint create the olfactory illusion of a crisp autumn morning under the boughs of an alpine forest.

5 drops Fir Needle
2 drops Wintergreen
1 drop Rosemary
2 drops Cajeput
1 drop Cedarwood

Warm Chai

If you love to warm up with a cup of hot chai on a chilly autumn morning, this blend may very well become your new favorite!

3 drops Cardamom
2 drops Cinnamon
1 drop Clove
1 drop Nutmeg
2 drops Ginger

Pumpkin Pie

Nothing says autumn like a generous slice of pumpkin pie. This blend of warm spices is perfect for winding down at the end of a long day or for snuggling up with someone you love in front of a crackling fire.

2 drops Ginger
2 drops Cassia
1 drop Clove
1 drop Vanilla
2 drops Cardamom

Autumn Sunrise

This blend of immune-boosting essential oils works wonders for clearing the sinuses and warding off autumn colds. Also great for a quick pick-me-up on a slow morning!

2 drops Sweet Orange
2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Ginger
2 drops Eucalyptus
1 drop Cinnamon
1 drop Clove

Where To Buy An Essential Oil Diffuser

All of the above blends were created and tested using both a Deneve Riverock diffuser and a ZAQ Dew LiteMist diffuser, and two noses (one expert, one not-so-expert). While we think they’re just about perfect (the blends, not our noses), you may of course disagree. For this reason, we encourage you to experiment with our blends until you find the mix or mixes that are perfect for you!

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