10 Reasons To Start Using Manuka Honey Bandages Right Now

Image Credit: DermaSciences.com – Bandage pictured is Medihoney Calcium Alginate Application If you’re at all familiar with natural remedies, you probably already know about the benefits of honey as a natural sweetener, improved digestion and increased energy, as well as reduced risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer. Maybe you’ve even heard of Manuka honey made from the nectar of Leptospermum scoparium, commonly known… [read more]

7 Sure Signs That Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is A Fake

Since we first published our review on the health benefits of owning a Himalayan pink salt lamp, these little beauties have quickly become our favorite natural health gadget of all time. And with their rise in popularity, sales of Himalayan salt lamps have been booming! Unfortunately, this increase in demand has also created a perfect opportunity for less-than-honest individuals to profit by selling cheaply manufactured… [read more]

12 Reasons To Swap Sugar For Monk Fruit Extract: The Zero Calorie Sweetener That Can Make You Live Longer

Here at Natural Living Ideas, we’re always on the lookout for new ‘health foods’ to pick apart, study and experiment with. So imagine my delight upon discovering a new zero-calorie sweetener cozied up next to our faithful companion Stevia rebaudiana at the grocery store a few weeks ago. It’s name is Siraitia grosvenorii (aka “Monk Fruit” or luo han guo); and while Monk Fruit isn’t… [read more]

15 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Skin’s UV Resistance

For those who love to work or live to play outdoors, sun exposure is an inevitable part of daily life. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’re probably already well aware of the dangers of ultraviolet radiation and the damage it can cause to your precious skin. Contrary to popular belief, protecting your body and avoiding that dreaded sunburn isn’t just about liberally coating yourself with… [read more]

How To Make A Plantain Poultice – Heal Mosquito Bites, Poison Ivy Rash, Wounds, Eczema & More

The first time I ever heard someone say to make a plantain poultice, the image of mashed up banana spread across my forearm immediately popped into my head. I knew that wasn’t what he meant, but I was far more familiar with the fruit than I was with the herb at the time. For any of you who have worked with plantain (the herb) before,… [read more]

How To Turn 10 Of Your Favorite “Junk” Foods Into Healthy Delights

Making the decision to change your diet for the better is almost never easy. Learning how to curb cravings and say “no” to your guilty pleasures are two of the hardest parts of adopting healthy eating habits. To help you along the road to a slimmer waistline and a better body all around, here are some healthy substitutes for 10 of our all time favorite… [read more]

21 Free, Fun & Healthy Outdoor Activities To Try This Weekend

With summer close at hand, most of us are beginning to turn our gaze to the great outdoors in search of activities to enjoy our downtime. While there are certainly countless ways to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts, coming up with that perfect pursuit – one that satisfies the desire for fun and fits within your budget – doesn’t always come easy. Relax.… [read more]

20 Reasons Why Beeswax Is One Of The Most Useful Things In The World

If you’re like us and you love all things green and growing, then you probably already know just how much we owe to the tiny marvel that is the honey bee. These perpetually busy little insects truly are one of nature’s greatest gifts to humankind, not just for their honey and all of the mighty health benefits carried within it, but also for beeswax. Beeswax… [read more]

14 Tips, Tricks & Exercises For Perfect Posture

As I writer, I spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk – an activity which tops the list of ‘Causes for Bad Posture’ – and once upon a time, I had the perpetual slouch to prove it! As the years went by, the pain in my back and neck grew steadily worse. I knew I had to do something or face the reality… [read more]

10 Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Ants From Your Home & Garden

There’s nothing like walking into your kitchen first thing in the morning, bleary eyed and ready for your morning cup of coffee only to find that your home has been invaded. Marching one-by-one in a seemingly endless stream, these tiny insects are one of life’s biggest pests and getting rid of them can be a huge pain. In fact, even many chemical ant killers often… [read more]