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10 Reasons You Need To Try Cacay Oil – A Miracle Beauty Oil That’s Saving The Rainforest

10 Reasons You Need To Try Cacay Oil - A Miracle Beauty Oil That's Saving The Rainforest

If you’re looking for a natural solution for anti-aging skin care, there are many options to choose from. Oils like Argan, sweet almond, avocado and coconut have been at the top of the list of our favorites for a long time. In fact, every few months, it seems like we come across something new that we have to try out and inevitably add to our arsenal of daily natural skin care products. But every so often, we find something that totally blows away the competition (and sometimes our minds, too!) Cacay oil has done just that.

This new anti-aging oil is taking the world of natural skin care by storm and we’re about to reveal the top 10 reasons why this particular oil is the best of the best.

1. Cacay Oil Is One of The Best Natural Sources of Vitamin A

Previously, we had considered Rose Hip Seed Oil to be the best natural source of vitamin A (at up to .0357% concentration). However Cacay oil leaves Rose Hip Seed oil in the dust with an incredible .1% or higher concentration of natural vitamin A – also known as tretinoin or all-trans retinoic acid – around three times as much of this skin nourishing vitamin as our former favorite.

2. Cacay Oil Is Loaded With Linoeic Acid

The skin nourishing essential fatty acid which makes Argan Oil one of our favorites – linoeic acid – is also found in super high concentrations in Cacay oil. However, Cacay oil provides twice as much of this ultra healthy and much sought after fatty acid.

Linoeic acid is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid and one of the primary components which make up the protective outer membrane of healthy skin cells. It is also an essential fatty acid, meaning that the human body cannot synthesize linoeic acid on its own, thus we must obtain it from dietary sources or absorption through the skin.

3. Cacay Oil Provides A Healthy Dose of Vitamin E

Another vitamin well known for its skin healing and nourishing properties – vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol – is also found in abundance in Cacay oil. Again, Argan Oil had been our previous favorite for vitamin E content. However, Cacay oil boasts an extra 50% more of this ultra healthy nutrient which is known not only for its ability to nourish and heal skin, but also for its cancer-fighting antioxidant potential.

4. Cacay Oil Reverses the Signs of Aging

Being so rich with skin nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, it should come as no surprise that Cacay oil is considered the reigning champion of natural anti-aging skin care products. Just a drop or two of Cacay oil massaged into fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, browline, cheeks and other problem areas will provide drastic visible improvement within the first 2 –3 weeks.

This figure is dependent on and will certainly be affected by other factors such as dietary conditions, use of make-up, sun exposure or other environmental elements. With regular use, however, you should notice a difference in the tone and quality of your skin.

5. Cacay Oil Helps Fade Scars and Stretch Marks

The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally present in Cacay oil are the perfect combination for healthy skin regeneration. If you have scars or stretch marks which you’d rather bid farewell, Cacay oil just may be the answer to your prayers. Simply apply a drop or two to areas of skin where unwanted blemishes reside and massage in as part of your daily skin care routine. Even if they don’t disappear completely, the scars should fade to the point where they will be unnoticeable from all but the most up-close-and-personal distance.

6. Cacay Oil Offers Deep Nourishment For Skin and Hair

You can add Cacay oil to your daily skin and hair care routine, even if wrinkles, scars and other blemishes aren’t a worry for you. Simple mix a drop or two in with your once-a-day tablespoon of coconut, sweet almond, Babassu or other skin treatment to give your face an extra shot of vitamins and essential fatty acids. Mix a drop or two of Cacay oil in with your natural shampoo or conditioner to nourish your scalp and add body and a healthy shine to your hair.

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7. Cacay Oil Is Improving The Lives Of Low-Income Families

While the benefits of Cacay oil for your health and beauty may be enough to convince you that you have to try it, there are a few other aspects to this amazing natural product which have warmed us up to Cacay and made us love it more than most natural oils. One of these aspects is that the cultivation of Cacay trees and the harvesting of Cacay nuts used to make the oil are actually improving the lives of low-income families in Amazon regions of South America.

Families who previously relied solely on such labors as the raising of livestock or the growing and selling of food crops to earn a very modest living (well below the poverty mark in the United States) are now gathering Cacay nuts which fall from wild trees or even growing their own trees to harvest and sell the nuts for extra income. While the increase is still small at the present date – about half of a month’s wage extra for an entire season’s haul of Cacay nuts – this number will only increase as newly founded Cacay plantations mature and the popularity of the oil grows.

8. Nothing Harvested Goes To Waste

Another great thing about Cacay oil is that after the oil is extracted from them, what remains of each pressed Cacay nut is put to good use in its entirety. The nutrient-rich meat of the dried nuts is ground into flour to be used for cooking, as a food supplement or as an ingredient in Cacay nut milk. The inner peel is either added to cattle feed or used as compost to further increase the productivity of local agriculture. The shell of the Cacay nut burns extremely hot, making it ideal for heating purposes where very high temperatures are needed.

9. Cacay Oil Encourages Sustainable Farming

While a large percentage of Cacay oil is currently being produced from nuts which have been gathered from wild trees, the popularity and resulting economic potential of this incredible oil is encouraging local farmers to begin planting Cacay trees. These trees are fast-growing, thus the ratio of farmed to wild-harvested nuts will increase rapidly year after year. Cacay trees provide the necessary shade for growth of another important crop – the ever-popular Coffea arabica. Cacay trees also add nutrients back into the soil as they grow and, as previously mentioned, the entire Cacay nut is used after the oil is pressed out making Cacay trees one outstanding sustainable resource!

10. Choosing Cacay Oil Helps Save the Rainforests

It’s no secret that deforestation in the Amazon is rapidly destroying the rainforest, an environmental catastrophe which every day destroys over 200,000 acres of some of the most majestic and mysterious species of plants in world! Not only that, destruction of the rainforest robs the entire world of untold natural healing secrets and potential medical breakthroughs contained within the tropical plants which grow there. (To give you more of an idea of what we mean, give Medicine Man a watch. It’s the Hollywood version, but it definitely gets the point across.)

The sudden rise in popularity of Cacay oil and the resulting value of Cacay trees has put a halt to deforestation in many regions of the Amazon. Where locals used to harvest these fast-growing trees for wood – as well as anything else growing nearby – in order to make a living, people are now financially motivated to leave the forests be and harvest the nuts of the Cacay trees which grow there instead. Not only that, but the company responsible for this sudden rise in Cacay oil production and popularity has taken steps to encourage replanting of Cacay trees in deforested areas. This benefits the surrounding ecosystems by neutralizing air pollution, recycling excessive levels of carbon dioxide, halting erosion and replenishing nutrients in the soil to encourage growth of other Amazonian plant species.

Where To Buy Cacay Oil

If you’re ready to give it a try and experience the skin-nourishing, anti-aging benefits of this incredible oil for yourself, you can pick up a bottle of 100% Pure Natural Cacay oil here.

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