12 Healthy & Delicious Gummy Recipes

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12 Healthy & Delicious Gummy Recipes

Natural homemade gummies are a great way of injecting some fun, fruit and vitamins into you and your families diets.

There are far too many unhealthy gummies aimed at kids these days, with powerful marketing campaigns, that it’s no surprise they go mad for them.

Fancy a laugh? Have a read of the reviews of these Haribo Sugar Free Gummi Bears. These are certainly a product I wouldn’t suggest eating!

But instead of opting for those store bought versions loaded with unhealthy corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors make a batch of these homemade versions instead.

12 Healthy & Delicious Gummy RecipesSour Water Melon Gummies – How about a gummy packed full of watermelon to liven those taste buds?

Homemade Hibiscus Gummies – A mixture of hibiscus, lemongrass, rosehip, mango & passion fruit flowers makes these little mouthfuls scrumptious!

Homemade Gummy Bears – This fab recipe gives you the basic method of making any flavor of simple gummies, so get creative with the fruit combinations!

Flu Busting Gummy Bears – With elderberry as an immune busting ingredient these gummies are perfect for suffering kids and grown ups. 

12 Healthy & Delicious Gummy RecipesLego Gummies – These cute little lego characters are packed full of natural fruits making them a fun and healthy snack for any kid.

Vitamin C Gummies – Make sure your family has enough vitamin C in their diets by introducing these tasty little bites.

Super Food Gummies – Want an afternoon energy boost with out the harmful stimulants? Then these should be on top of your ‘to make’ list!

Anti-Inflammies – These tasty stars have an extra anti-inflammatory boost helping relive people who have arthritis , muscle ache/pain, if they are stressed out or have just eaten too much processed food.

Strawberry Orange Gummy Bears – A little bit of low calorie, no added sugar, super tasty heaven is on it’s way to you. These are simply delicious.

12 Healthy & Delicious Gummy RecipesSparkly Fruit Gummies – These would be fantastic for a kids party, so pretty, so tasty and so healthy. These little treats would brighten up kids (and grown ups) day!

Chewable Vitamins – Gelatin soothes the gut and helps the digestive system work efficiently, once these are incorporated into your diet you will really feel the benefit.

Elderberry Gummies – Packed full of vitamin C, these elderberry gummies are for people who like a boost of flavor but none of the unhealthy junk.