11 Sleep Hacking Products For The Best Sleep Every Night

Susan Patterson
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11 Sleep Hacking Products For The Best Sleep Every Night

Getting a good nights sleep on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your health.

While you’re sleeping, the body is repairing and restoring itself.

Quality rest helps to ensure that the brain stays functioning properly, allowing you to resolve problems better, make good decisions, remain more emotionally stable, boost creativity and help you cope better with change.

When you don’t get enough rest, it negatively affects your health in many different ways.

For example, your immune system needs sleep in order for it to stay strong and function at its best.  If it becomes weaker because of insufficient sleep, you’ll be left at an increased risk for common infections.

You’ll also have a higher risk of developing diabetes, as sleep affects how the body’s reaction to insulin, a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels.

An ongoing sleep deficiency has been linked to a greater risk of other serious problems too, including stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and hypertension.

But what happens when you simply can’t fall asleep or stay asleep?

For many people, getting a good night’s sleep just isn’t an easy thing to do. And, according to SleepEducation.org, among American adults, about one-third experience brief symptoms of insomnia.

Some 15 to 20% have a short-term insomnia disorder, meaning it lasts for fewer than three months, and 10% have a chronic insomnia disorder, defined by three times per week or greater occurrence for at least three months.

If you’re one of the millions who is having problems sleeping, avoid an instant fix like sleep aids,  which often come with a long list of unwanted side effects and can be very addictive too.

Instead, try one of these amazing sleep hacking products that come without those frustrations, allowing you to finally get your best night’s sleep ever.

1. Guided Meditation: The Healing Waterfall

Man doing guided mediation

Listening to a guided meditation soundtrack is a wonderful way to calm your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep as it instantly distracts your mind from all of those worries and events of the day.

It evokes the relaxation response, which is a deep physiological shift in the body that’s the virtual opposite of the stress response.

It’s known to relieve pain, depression, high blood pressure and more, in addition to helping you relax so that you can fall asleep.

The Healing Waterfall II is especially soothing, as it guides you through relaxing each part of your body at a time before taking you on a journey to a tropical island paradise and a dip in a refreshing waterfall pool allowing you to fall into a deep, peaceful state.

2. Tranquil Tunes

If you’d rather listen to relaxing music rather than a guided meditation, that can help too.

In fact, calming music has been found to not only help you fall asleep but to improve the length and quality of your sleep by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.

In 2013, when analyzing previously published studies, experts discovered that among those suffering from chronic sleep disorders, music significantly improved their quality of sleep and the benefits were even greater over time.

Classical music, like Bach, Brahms, Mozart, and Handel is ideal.

It’s been shown to actually slow brain waves and put listeners into a more calm, meditative mood, which is why you might want to pick up The Most Relaxing Classical Music In The Universe.

3. Dream Bars

Some foods and beverages can keep you awake, like the obvious, coffee, soda, and chocolate, as well as the not so obvious, such as citrus fruits, fried foods, garlic, and spicy foods.

Others can have the opposite effect, which means if you want to quickly drift off to dreamland, you may want to enjoy a snack before bedtime.

Dream Bars contain functional and organic food ingredients that supply building block nutrients of the neurotransmitters that have been linked to mood, memory, REM sleep and dreams to help improve your shut-eye quality and time.

Depending on the bar, you might find herbs famous for their relaxation effects like lemon balm, chamomile, and lavender, along with bananas and oats, known for their melatonin content.

Helpful minerals such as magnesium and potassium may be added to help stimulate relaxation further, as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds for boosting serotonin synapses.

Enjoying a bar can also help you indulge your sweet tooth in a healthier way, with flavors like tart cherry lemon balm and banana lavender.

4. Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow

Pushing down on memory foam pillow

If you don’t have a good pillow, it’s going to be difficult if not impossible to get a good nights sleep.

If you have a pillow that’s as flat as a pancake, that equals poor sleep posture and lots of time tossing and turning rather than sleeping. It can also mean neck and back pain the next day.

Getting a memory foam pillow like this one from Coop Homes on Amazon can help ensure that your spine is properly aligned so that you’ll sleep better, and have a better day tomorrow too.

The reviews suggest this has helped thousands of people improve their sleep. 

5. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has been used for hundreds of years to treat insomnia as well as to help those who are restless when falling asleep.

Research has shown that using aromatherapy with lavender essential oil may help to slow the activity of the nervous system, improve quality of sleep and promote relaxation.

It can actually lower your heart rate and decrease blood pressure, putting you into a more relaxed state.

In the evening, try spritzing your pillow with this homemade lavender spray, or place a few drops onto a tissue and place it under your pillow.

Research conducted out of Wesleyan University in Connecticut, found that those who sniffed the aroma of lavender essential oil before bedtime, slept more deeply and reported feeling more energetic the next day.

Of course, it’s also important to look for a high-quality lavender essential oil, as synthetic blends and/or poor quality brands can mean an ineffective oil.

Plant Therapy is an excellent brand with a great reputation, its certified organic lavender oil is available on their official website.

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser in bedroom

If you don’t want to spritz yourself or put lavender essential oil, or any other oil, under your pillow, you might want to get a diffuser instead.

Essential oil diffusers have become extremely popular as of late, and are particularly popular for inducing sleep.

You’ll just add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, like lavender. Or, you can combine different oils and come up with the perfect recipe for sleep.

Just a few of the best, in addition to lavender, include clary sage, ylang ylang, chamomile, and sandalwood.

Another great thing about diffusing oils this way is that you’ll be breathing them throughout the night, which means you’re more likely to stay asleep, in addition to falling asleep faster.

Plant Therapy also has a line of essential oil accessories, including the AromaFuse Essential Oil Diffuser.

One of the great things about it is that it holds a lot of water, so you don’t have to worry about it shutting off in the middle of the night and waking you up. It runs for a good solid eight hours or more.

7. An Eye Mask

Having a dark room is essential for quality rest, but it can be difficult to block out every single little light, and even those tiny red or blue lights on your electronic gadgets can disturb your sleep.

Investing in an eye mask isn’t going to set you back much money, but it can significantly improve your shut-eye – especially if it’s a comfortable sleep mask.

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is available on Amazon and is made of silk fabric, which means it won’t irritate your skin, but it will completely eliminate all light and it even has built-in sound muffling too.

The total darkness and silence that results will help trigger the production of melatonin so that you’ll fall asleep faster, and stay asleep.

The problem with a lot of sleep masks is that they only cover your eyes, and they always seem to move out of place, but this one surrounds your entire head and covers your ears too, making it one of our top picks.

8. Light Blocking Curtains

There are some people who just can’t stand the thought of wearing an eye mask while they’re sleeping, and if that’s you, you might want to consider light blocking curtains instead.

Blackout shades can help your brain and body prepare for sleep as like an eye mask, it stops interruptions to your body’s clock but in this case you don’t have to wear anything on your head.

No more worrying about the bright sun waking you up way too early on those summer mornings, or someone’s distracting porch light keeping you up at night.

These curtains will cancel out all of that and even help muffle noise too, transforming your bedroom into the tranquil, dark oasis you need for better sleep.

9. Earplugs

This may be the most simple and cheapest gadget you can invest in for better sleep.

All of those little sounds that typically wouldn’t bother you during the day, can drive you insane at night, making it difficult or impossible to sleep.

And, did you realize that even if you don’t wake up completely, those little noises can slightly wake your brain enough that it affects your sleep cycles?

Things like the hum of the refrigerator, the dog licking his paws, and bigger noises like jets overhead and traffic in your neighborhood, can all make it tough to sleep.

A research review published in the Noise & Health journal suggested that multiple studies revealed a connection between nighttime environmental noise exposure and cardiovascular disease and that even low-level noises may impact one’s health due to sleep disturbance.  

The World Health Organization once estimated that those living in Western Europe lose a total of one million years of healthy life due to traffic-related noise.

They found that sounds as low as 30 decibels can affect rest. Just to compare, busy traffic is at 70 dB, while a plane taking off is at 100 dB.

Getting a pair of earplugs like these by Drift to Sleep on Amazon is an effective an inexpensive way to block out noise. They come in a pack of 20, and you can reuse a pair several times before having to toss it out.

10. Socks

Woman pulling up warm socks

While it may sound simple, just putting on a pair of soft, warm socks can help you sleep better.

Cold feet could actually be the reason, or at least in part, for your restless nights. When your feet are cold, they constrict the blood vessels and cause less blood to circulate.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, warming your feet before you go to bed helps send your brain a clear sleep signal that it’s time for bed.

And, the easy way to get and keep your feet warm is to wear socks.

Experts recommend socks that are made of natural soft fibers like cashmere or merino wool. Yes, they’ll cost a little more than your standard artificial fiber or cotton socks but they’re definitely worth it.

These colorful Wool IQ Women’s Warm Merino Cushion Crew Boot Socks are ideal for gals, as are the FUN TOES Men’s Merino Wool Socks for guys.

11. A Humidifier

A humidifier can help you get better sleep by helping you to breathe better, keeping your nose and sinuses unclogged and clear.

The Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is ideal, as the vapor increases the water content in the air, allowing you to sleep more comfortably during winter months when you’re more susceptible to illness and dry skin.

It even adds moisture to help keep your skin soft and moisturized too.

It runs without any filters, and has enough storage that it will run for 16 hours at a time, and has an automatic shut-off when it’s empty.

Plus, it’s a best seller on Amazon.

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