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Homemade Spider Repelling Spray That Really Works

Homemade Spider Repelling Spray That Really Works

While you may not mind crossing paths with a spider outdoors, having them in your home is another story.

Spiders make their way inside for any number of reasons.

Sometimes they like a warm place to hide out for the chilly months, sometimes they are in search of food or water, and sometimes they just happen to walk through a crack or an open window.

There are plenty of chemical-laden products on the market to repel and kill spiders but if you have pets or young children, these can be dangerous.  

This eco-friendly, essential oil spider spray will safely keep spiders outside where they belong without compromising the health of your family or harming the environment.


Spider spray ingredients
  • water
  • 15 drops peppermint essential oil (buy it here)
  • 5 drops spearmint essential oil (buy it here)
  • 5 drops eucalyptus essential oil (buy it here)
  • eco friendly dish soap (such as this)


  • glass spray bottle (buy it here)
  • cotton balls


  • Gather the ingredients and equipment 
  • Pour water into your glass spray bottle 
  • Add the oils to the bottle. 
  • Add a squeeze of eco-friendly dish soap to help break apart the oil molecules in the water.
  • Shake.

Spray your doorways, windowsills, and anywhere spiders like to hide. Use the spray at least once a week for best results.

Place the cotton balls sprayed with spider spray in corners of your rooms or places where you feel you have a problem with spiders.

More Spider Repelling Tricks

Here are some additional ways to keep spiders out of your home. Al of these methods are natural and toxic free:

Get a cat – they will chase anything that moves, including spiders.

Scatter some citrus peels in areas where you have a spider problem.

Place a row of chestnuts around windowsills and doors where spiders frequently enter.

Caulk cracks – this will minimize the places where spiders can enter your home.

Keep your house clean – spiders don’t like a clean house. Keep dust to a minimal and take down any webs you find.

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Homemade Spider Repelling Spray That Really Works

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