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Homemade Magnesium Sleep Spray For Your Best Night’s Sleep

Homemade Magnesium Sleep Spray For Your Best Night's Sleep

For some of us poor sleep is a chronic issue, while for others it only comes up on occasion. So the next time you find yourself laying awake at night, grab this easy-to-make sleep spray packed with sleep-inducing magnesium and calming essential oils. You’ll feel more calm and relaxed, without resorting to risky sleeping medications.

The best part about this spray, is that it’s so easy to put together. There are two slightly different variations that can be made, depending on how the spray will be used. Both the glycerin and vodka help to disperse the essential oils in the water.

The variation with vodka can be used on the skin, however it may be drying, especially if used across a large area. If you’re planning on using this as a room and fabric spray in the bedroom, then vodka is the best option. Glycerin is a humectant, so it’s a better choice for skin.

Magnesium for Better Sleep

Epsom salts are combined with the water for their relaxing properties. Epsom salts are simply a form of magnesium, which can be used to calm the nerves and promote restful sleep. Many of us are deficient in this critical mineral, so this is an easy way to get more in the body.

Vetiver Essential Oil

This essential oil has a deep, earthy scent that can be overpowering on its own. Vetiver supports the nervous system and helps calm the mind. It’s also a helpful tool when it comes to emotional stress and was shown to have similar effects to anxiety medication. Vetiver is considered a potent relaxer and is a good one to reach for when other, more mild essential oils aren’t cutting it.

Orange Essential Oil

Citrus essential oils are uplifting and commonly used to invigorate the mind. Even though orange is a good essential oil for daytime use, it’s also helpful for better sleep. According to the national Sleep Foundation, depression and anxiety are a common cause of insomnia. Orange essential oil helps to alleviate anxiety, stress, agitation, and racing thoughts for a calmer night.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

This essential oil is distilled from the bark of the cedarwood tree and has an earthy, woodsy scent. It has a wide range of uses, including the ability to calm the mind. This sedative helps to relieve stress and tension in the body for a relaxing sleep. By inhaling cedarwood essential oil, serotonin is released in the brain. The serotonin is then converted into the sleep inducing hormone melatonin.

Homemade Magnesium Sleep Spray For Your Best Night's Sleep

Sleepy Time Spray


For this project Plant Therapy Essential Oils were used. We consider Plant Therapy to be the best supplier of essential oils online and at the most affordable prices. They offer 100% pure oils, free shipping in the U.S. and returns for up to 90 days after purchase. You can purchase all of the oils used in this recipe, plus many more,  from their official website here



  1. Heat the water and salt together in a pot on the stove until combined. Allow the mixture to cool. Skip this step and just used distilled water if you’re only using this spray for fabrics and bed linens.
  2. Combine the vodka or glycerin and essential oils into the spray bottle, and swirl to combine.
  3. Add the water to the bottle, leaving a ½ inch space at the top. Cap the bottle and shake well to combine

To use the Sleepy Time Spray

  • Spray this on your bed, pillow or in the air around the bedroom before bed.
  • This can also be lightly misted on the skin shortly before bed time.
  • If this spray is going to be used on fabrics, then use the vodka instead of glycerin, and omit the Epsom salt.

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