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21 Accessories To Take Your Houseplant Game To The Next Level

21 Accessories To Take Your Houseplant Game To The Next Level

So you’ve finally figured out how not to kill every houseplant you buy. Congratulations! It’s now time to reward yourself with some fun, stylish accessories that will bring your houseplant game to the next level. We’ve scoured the internet for the best deals and hottest items. Check out our list below!

1. Macrame Plant Holder

The 70s are back with this hand-braided macrame plant holder. The minimalist style will fit into any decor and keep your plants from taking up shelf space.

2. Gardener’s Lifetime Mini Trowel

A tiny trowel that takes propagating and planting your houseplants to a whole new level. Sure, you could use a full-size hand trowel, but this mini tool is just too darn cute to pass up. Plus, it is super practical for handling your delicate houseplants.

3. Black Glass Geometric Terrarium

An elegant glass geometric terrarium to amp up your decor game and bring a modern flair to your space. Use as a centerpiece on your dining room table or to spruce up an empty windowsill.

4. Esschert Design Stainless Steel Watering Can

A sleek, minimalist watering can that you can proudly keep out on your counter. You may even remember to water your houseplants, for once.

5. Sustainable Village Brass Mister

A vintage-inspired brass mister that is perfect for maintaining the moisture and humidity levels around air plants and tropical houseplants such as African violets, aloe, fuchsia, orchids, and philodendrons.

6. White Ceramic Succulent Planter

A shallow dish that is perfect for designing your very own succulent arrangement. Plus, it comes with a handy bamboo drainage tray to keep your furniture protected.

7. Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger

A beautifully woven plant hanger that is perfect for the houseplant fanatic on a budget. With over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and a seriously affordable price-tag, there’s no reason not to buy one (or three) of these versatile plant holders.

8. Giantex Wood Plant Stand

A sturdy wooden plant stand that can provide an attractive place to stack your plants and allow them to soak up the best natural light in the room. Are you even a houseplant lover if you haven’t started running out of space to put all of your pots?

9. Timeyard Woven Cotton Rope Plant Basket

A cotton rope basket that looks great in an empty corner of your room and can conceal a plain plastic planter. The sustainable cord is woven tightly to provide a flexible, yet sturdy basket that can be utilized in a number of ways around the home.

10. Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter

A medium-size stoneware pot with a beautiful, understated geometric design. The pot comes in gray or rose and can add a subtle, yet striking element to your home.

11. Wyndham 3-Piece Globe Watering Set

A must-have for the forgetful waterer. These watering globes make it possible for you to keep even the most thirsty plants alive. The colored blown glass look is timeless and these practical devices will deliver just the right amount of water to your potted plants.

12. Carnegie Pendant LED Grow Light

A modern pendant light that plugs into a standard wall outlet and allows you to grow light-loving plants in shadowy corners of your home. The LED grow bulb provides full-spectrum directional light that will make any plant happy.

13. Mkono Seagrass Plant Basket

An attractive boho plant basket that is handwoven from natural seagrass. Bring a touch of whimsy to your home with this unique style.

14. FOX & FERN Modern Adjustable Plant Stand

A wooden plant stand that comes in multiple stains to suit your other wood furniture. Fits most average size pots and is totally adjustable for height and width. This stand lifts pots off the floor and can give height to an empty corner.

15. White Pot with Gold and Grey Detailing

A set of two clean-lined pots with delicate gold accents. These are perfect for succulents. Be sure to add a layer of small rocks in the bottom since these pots don’t come with drainage holes.

16. Glass and Driftwood Terrarium

A totally unique conversation piece, this glass terrarium rests over a piece of reclaimed driftwood. If you love the ocean, or just want to bring a little piece of the sea into your home, this tabletop terrarium is for you.

17. Modern Marble Pots with Bamboo Trays

A miniature pot that is perfect for your desk or bedside table. What’s the point of a surface if it doesn’t have a plant on it, right? This set of pastel pots is perfect for tiny succulents that don’t need a lot of room to grow.

18. Purism Style Plant Mister

A mister that is as much as a practical device for keeping your plants hydrated, as it is a stunning decoration.

19. Dangling Ceramic 4 Pot Set

A set of dangling ceramic pots that makes a beautiful piece of living art. Hang on the wall or ceiling for a bright pop of color.

20. Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter with Stand

A modern iron stand with a ceramic pot in four visually appealing colors. The pot can be removed from the stand for ease of planting or if you want to use a different pot.

21. SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant Stand

A sturdy shelf that can support even your largest fern. Fill it with plants or incorporate other statement knick knacks for a truly eye-catching display.

Have fun enjoying all your stylish new houseplant accessories, and remember…it is not possible to have too many macrame plant hangers.

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21 Accessories To Take Your Houseplant Game To The Next Level

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