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Homemade Easy To Make Natural Eye Shadow & Liner

Homemade Easy To Make Natural Eye Shadow & Liner

Cream eye shadows and liners are perfect for adding color and moisturizing your eyes. This recipe uses shea butter and vitamin E oil that helps reduce inflammation and boost collagen for the skin. It’s perfect for dry or combination skin. If you have very oily skin, you may want to stick to powder eye shadow.

This recipe also uses cosmetic grade mica powder. Using cosmetic grade mica powders allows you to customize colors that will complement your complexion, eyes and hair. Mica powders come in an array of colors and are inexpensive. They typically come in 4 oz containers and will last for a while. Once you learn how to make your own eye shadow and liner, you will never want to buy or use store bought ones again!

Supplies You Will Need:

Making the Eye Shadow & Liner:

The steps to make both the liner and eye shadow are the same. I just used a darker, charcoal color for the liner. Pick a color that complements your complexion.

Add the mica powder to the containers. Alternatively, you can add the powders to a larger bowl to mix, but that’s more dishes to wash later.

In a larger bowl, add the beeswax and shea butter. Microwave in 10 second intervals until the beeswax and shea butter are melted.

Once melted, add the vitamin E oil.

Add the teaspoon of glycerin. The glycerin helps keep the mixture from getting too hard. At this point, the mixture will slightly thicken and congeal from the addition of the glycerin.

Add half of the shea butter mixture to one of your containers of mica powder. Slowly mix until combined. It’s consistency should resemble frosting.

A little of the cream shadow goes a long way. I have olive skin and I used a very small amount and applied with my fingertips. Only make the cream shadow in small batches to keep the ingredients fresh.

The mica powder I used is an iridescent champagne color. I added a bit of peach mica powder to give it a peachy tint. I used the charcoal mica powder as liner. It’s heavy enough not to flake all over the place, but not so heavy as to feel like you are wearing a ton of makeup.

I use my DIY Natural Blush and DIY lip stain as well to create natural, barely there makeup look. At the end of the day, after I washed the cream eye shadow off, my lids felt wonderful and soft! No chemicals, no toxins, just pure natural ingredients, that nourish our sensitive skin and make us feel great.