Homemade Lemon Fresh Herbal Dusting Spray

Debbie Wolfe
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The Cleaning Power Of Lemon & Vinegar

Commercial dusting sprays may smell citrus fresh, but they are far form it. Instead of using those chemical laden sprays, try this inexpensive and healthier version. This spray uses the power of vinegar to cut through built up grime. It also has lemon and castile soap to disinfect and clean, together with lemon and orange essential oils for added cleaning and disinfectant power. The sandlewood is optional—I just like the smell and thought it helps balance the citrus scents well. If you do not have access to lemon thyme, you can substitute with any lemon smelling herb: lemon balm, lemon verbena or lemongrass all would work well (check Asian grocery stores for this one!). You have to infuse the herbs in the vinegar for a couple of weeks, the longer the better, why not infuse a few extra to have ready to go so you never run out of this powerful cleaning spray.

How To Make Lemon Fresh Herbal Dusting Spray

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Pack glass jar with fresh thyme and lemon zest.

Pour enough apple cider vinegar in the jar to cover the thyme and lemon. Cover and place in a cool, dry place for at least two weeks.

After the lemon and thyme has infused for two weeks, strain.

Add a few drops of each essential oil into the vinegar mixture.

Add in about 1 tablespoon of castille soap and mix.

Pour into a spray bottle.

Get dusting! This cleaner can be used for virtually any type of surface. If you are concerned, test a small inconspicuous area first.

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