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17 Best Houseplants For Your Kitchen

17 Best Houseplants For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often an overlooked location when choosing houseplants. With its extreme temperature fluctuations from a boiling inferno during meal prep to the frozen Arctic at night time, along with a lack of space and the fumes and grease from cooking, it seems to make sense to just avoid putting plants in the kitchen. However, this hub of activity can actually be a wonderful space for plants, as they help purify the air, add a natural flair to your decor, provide a sweet fragrance, and give you something pretty to look at as you cook.

If you are looking for a way to brighten your kitchen, these 17 easy-care houseplants will fit the bill.

English Ivy

Though it may seem like a strange addition at first, due to its trailing leaves that don’t exactly help maximize space, English ivy is actually a stellar plant to bring into your cooking kingdom. It is fairly hardy and thrives in part-sun to part-shade environments which makes it a great option if your natural light is limited. Since it trails, this houseplant does extremely well as a hanging plant or resting on a tall shelf so it doesn’t take up precious counter space. To top it all off, its leaves absorb formaldehyde which is a common indoor pollutant.

English Ivy plants are available to buy on Amazon from House Plant Shop. They even come with a handy ‘care guide’ to make sure you are looking after your plant properly.

Goldfish plant

This little plant gets its name from its orange, goldfish-shaped flowers that blossom through mid-winter. It can be the perfect burst of color you need to get you through the long grey days and dreary, cold weather. Since it prefers partial sunlight and is incredibly compact, the goldfish plant can be placed on your counter without monopolizing your space.

This easy to grow and frequently blooming plant can be bought from Hirt’s Gardens via Amazon.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls

Channel your inner cottage garden with this succulent perennial vine. The string of pearls plant looks pretty much like what the name would suggest, with sphere-like foliage giving it a fairy-tale vibe. Hang over your sink or in front of another kitchen window as it does best in bright light.

These unusual looking plants are available in various sizes and can be bought in clay pots on Amazon.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the ideal plant for the forgetful gardener since it only needs to be watered once every two weeks or so. It does best in low light conditions so you can place it under or on top of a cabinet. You can also break off the leaves and use the gel inside to soothe any cooking mishaps such as burns or cuts.

Shop Succulents on Amazon offer a three pack of these medicinal plants, so you can place one in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Venus flytrap

Fruit flies and other bugs are drawn to the kitchen where there is an abundance of garbage and other enticing scents. Having a carnivorous venus fly trap on your counter can help cut down on those irritating flying insects. Plus it looks cool too. Avoid placing this plant in direct sunlight and pot it in poor quality, acidic soil. Be sure to water it using rain or distilled water as it won’t do well with tap water.

Cast iron plant

It is called a cast iron plant for a reason. This hardy green houseplant will survive virtually anything including low light, extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity differences, and lack of water. Since it grows fairly tall, it is a good plant to place in a decorative pot on the ground in an unused corner of the kitchen to tie the room together.

Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig

This adaptable, hardy plant can grow to be six feet tall in the proper conditions! Give it a headstart when first planting with a little organic fertilizer and the fiddle leaf fig will flourish for years to come. Water thoroughly until the water runs out of the drainage holes. Water only when the soil is dry as it doesn’t like to sit in moist soil.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these, Hirt’s Gardens have an already established fiddle leaf fig tree in a 6 inch pot on Amazon.

Chinese evergreens

Chinese evergreens are incredibly hardy and adaptable which makes them an excellent choice for the ever-fluctuating environment of the kitchen. Its eye-catching green leaves contain shades of white, cream, and silver and it never requires pruning to keep growing. This houseplant works to clean the air of toxins and is virtually unkillable. Sounds like a good investment!

A beautiful addition to any kitchen, you can grab yourself an unkillable evergreen here on Amazon.


Ah, the ever reliable cactus. There is a reason this plant is able to grow in the most extreme desert regions. It is virtually indestructible. Water very infrequently and your cactus will reward you with a steady, prickly presence. There are many different types of cacti to choose from so you can select one that fits your style best.

This page on Amazon has lots of options to choose from. We love the look of the mini pots – perfect for a kitchen island…

Air plants

Air plants are cute, exotic plants that are grown without soil and are usually placed in an interesting terrarium or air plant holder such as seashells or rocks with holes. Though they are fairly self-sufficient once established, they do require frequent waterings. Use a spray bottle to mist the plants a little every day or soak them in water once a week. It is easy to remember to care for your intriguing plants when they are in the kitchen since it is such a high traffic area with easy access to water. Air plants do best in a warm area, so if your kitchen gets really cold in the winter months, it may be a good idea to temporarily relocate them.

This 12 plant variety pack on Amazon offers you a selection of air plants so you can create a stunning corner in any kitchen.


Herbs are essential in any kitchen. Not only are they lively and fragrant, but they are also incredibly practical and can be used to enhance a number of dishes. There’s nothing like fresh basil straight off the plant to tie together your pasta sauce, or glistening cilantro to add the perfect touch to your homemade salsa. How about a steaming cup of fresh mint tea? Virtually any herb can be grown in your kitchen, just make sure to place it in an area that receives direct sunlight.

Spider Plant

This favorite houseplant can survive virtually anywhere in the home, including the kitchen. Regardless of temperature or light exposure, the spider plant will flourish and help remove fumes, pollutants, and odor from the air. Water occasionally when the soil is dry and prune every few months to encourage growth.

If you want to cleanse your kitchen with a fun looking spider plant, head to Amazon here.

African spear

Technically a succulent, this plant’s unique structure provides an interesting element to your kitchen decor as its spear-like leaves make a bold design statement. You rarely have to worry about watering it since it is hardy and thrives in drought, low light, and even cold snaps. This is truly a case of plant it and leave it alone! No finicky, delicate houseplants here.

Snake Plant

If you don’t have the time to take care of a high-maintenance kitchen plant, then the snake plant is for you. It is toxic to dogs and cats however, so it is best to avoid if you have any furry friends running around. Snake plants need partial sunlight and usually grow anywhere from 8 inches to four feet tall so they are most attractive when planted in a large, decorative pot in the corner of the room.

Also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, this plant looks really striking and would make a real statement in any kitchen, order yourself one today on Amazon here.

Calamondin orange

This orange plant is usually small and bush like but can grow up to 20 feet tall when planted outside. Place in a sunny spot on the floor to add fragrance and an exciting burst of orange color to your kitchen. After about a year (yes patience is key) you may finally see tiny quarter-sized oranges begin to ripen. Enjoy making these oranges into jams or simply pop them into your mouth for an explosion of tart flavor.

White jasmine

Most flowering plants don’t live very long in the kitchen, but white jasmine is the beautiful, fragrant exception. This plant does extremely well in the winter months where its delicate white blossoms fill your home with a subtle perfume that transports you to spring and keeps your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. Keep it in a sunny, cool window during the winter and fall seasons and move to an area of filtered light during the spring and summer.

Aluminum plant

The aluminum plants addition on this list is purely based on looks. If you have stainless steel appliances, this houseplants green and silver metallic leaves will really pop and cause the metal accents in your kitchen to shine. It does best as a hanging plant so you can place it strategically to accentuate your decor.

Tips For Growing Houseplants In The Kitchen:

  • Though it may seem most appropriate to put your plants in the windowsill, this location causes your plants to be exposed to extreme temperatures and light and can actually cause damage. Save your windowsill real estate for the plants that need direct sunlight.
  • Be sure to take your kitchen layout into consideration before choosing plants. If you don’t have any natural light, you will want to select the houseplants that do best in low light conditions.
  • Height is everything. Utilize your vertical space rather than cluttering up your counter. Hang plants in pretty baskets from cup hooks and take advantage of the space above your cabinets. Consider installing a tall, low-profile shelf to use for plants and other decorations.
  • You may need to relocate some plants over winter if you have a drafty kitchen. Move them to the living room or bedroom until the temperature rises.

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17 Best Houseplants For Your Kitchen

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