How To Start A Small Farm Business – It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Who doesn’t dream of ditching the cubicle for the fresh air of farm fields? It’s a common desire to leave the rat race behind and cultivate a closer connection with the land, but for most of us, the idea never gets off the ground. But here’s the reality; the barriers to entry towards starting your own small farm business aren’t as extreme as you might… [read more]

8 Ways To Purify Water For Drinking In Emergency Situations

There’s a lot to worry about if you ever find yourself in a true survival situation, but a primary concern should be your water supply. Whether you’re lost in the wilderness or living through a natural disaster that caused the grid to go down, your situation will quickly deteriorate if you don’t deal with your hydration concerns with a water purification strategy. While the world… [read more]

How To Make Water Kefir: The Probiotic Drink With Incredible Benefits

If you’re a soda fan who’s striving to make healthier choices, a newly popular drink deserves a second look. Forget carbonated waters; water kefir is what’s attracting attention today. This lightly fizzy drink is filled with probiotics for better gut health, and it contains just enough sugar to taste sweet. Best of all, you can make water kefir at home for an almost unlimited supply… [read more]

Nematodes: How These Tiny Worms Can Make (Or Break) Your Garden

Gardening is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot of information to balance if you want to have success with your plants. But while you’ve been fiddling with your fertilizer levels and optimizing each plot’s acidity, you might not be giving enough thought to the other creatures that inhabit your growing space. Nematodes, for instance, can be helpful or harmful to your garden… [read more]

The Beginners Guide To Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Are you feeling behind the curve when it comes to essential oils? Despite their long history, these potent plant compounds have never been trendier. Essential oils have been used for over a thousand years to heal wounds, reduce stress, and promote general wellness – and when you take the time to learn what they are capable of, they can work for you too. But where… [read more]

10 Reasons to Start a Barre Fitness Workout

If you try to keep up with the world of fitness, then you’ve likely heard of the barre workout. This “ballerina routine” promises to sculpt your body, improve your core strength, and enhance full body flexibility, all in just a few sessions. Best of all, it claims to be a low-impact form of exercise that’s light on your joints and suitable for almost all ages… [read more]

5 Reasons To Put Your Body In Ketosis As Much As Possible

Considering how many carbs most of us eat on a regular basis, we might as well be hummingbirds. Though instead of running on nectars and sugar water, we power our muscles on simple carbohydrates that quickly convert to glucose (sugars). While it’s perfectly fine to eat this way, a different method of powering your cells called the ketogenic diet has recently gained popularity, and it… [read more]

8 Reasons To Create Your Own Herb Spiral + How To Build One

Are fresh herbs not showing up in your dinners as often as you’d like? Buying specialty greens at the grocery store quickly gets expensive, but devoting your backyard to a big herb garden isn’t easy either. And while herbs offer impressive health and flavor benefits, many of these perennial plants are notoriously unruly and can quickly take over your garden space. The solution? Establish a… [read more]

9 Reasons To Start Composting With A Bokashi Bucket + How To Get Started

Does your current compost system leave your garden lacking? Are you sick of having to sort out the veggie scraps from meat and dairy products? It might be time to experiment with a more advanced composting system- one that lets you build up your soil without being overly picky about the ingredients, and without producing bad odors in the process. Using a bokashi bucket flips… [read more]

18 Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet For Total Body Health

Eating healthy is a lifelong goal, but sometimes you need a physical reset. For millions, transitioning their eating habits to a ketogenic diet is a highly effective way to rev up their metabolism, lose weight, and improve their quality of life. But what does this famed diet promise, and can it live up to that potential? Looking closer at the benefits of the ketogenic diet… [read more]