8 Delicious Homemade Country Wine Recipes

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8 Delicious Homemade Country Wine Recipes

Making your own wine at home is rewarding, extremely fun and can be cheaper than buying a bottle at your local store.

If you like experimenting with flavors and inventing new exciting combinations then wine making should be your next project for sure.

There are tons of great recipes out there, we have collected this modest list of 8, which include our very favorite homemade fruity wines, so please enjoy!

8 Delicious Homemade Country Wine RecipesRose Petal Wine & Strawberry Wine – This wonderfully floral wine smells and tastes incredible. This is a definite crowd pleaser if you plan on having guests around! Scroll further down the page and you will find a delightful strawberry wine recipe!

Apple Wine – If you are fan of cider then this wine should become your next project, using fresh apples, you too can create a beautiful drink perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Citrus – Kumquat Wine – This exotic sounding wine is a great way to experiment with different flavors. The ageing process is definitely worth the wait!

Raspberry Wine – If you are blessed with an abundance of raspberry bushes but left wondering what to do with them..look no further than this stunning fruity wine!

8 Delicious Homemade Country Wine RecipesHomemade Dandelion Wine – A delightful country wine full of fragrant, and freely available, dandelions and citrus fruit – wonderfully refreshing! A great way to use up what most people would refer to as “weeds”!

Homemade Rhubarb Wine – Easy to make and fun to do, this cheap homemade wine will provide hours of entertainment and you will definitely be proud of the outcome!

Elderberry Wine – If done correctly, this wine can rival a good bottle of wine made from red grapes. Test your skills with this classic homemade wine.