5 Recipes To Superpower Your Garden Growth

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5 Recipes To Superpower Your Garden Growth

Do you want your garden to be growing at a supercharged rate? Do you want the best flowers and vegetables in the street? With these 5 recipes you can achieve just that!

From fish fertilizer and eggshells to the secret to growing the world’s best tomatoes… this list may sound bonkers, but all 5 recipes will have your garden growing healthier and faster than ever before.

How To Make Natural Rocket Fuel For Your Plants – This fishy fertilizer will have your  garden growing at super rates, whilst making sure your plants get the right organic nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. Not only this, it also acts as  a bug repellent, so those pesky little critter will stay clear of your prized peonies.

How To Use Eggshells In The Garden – Instead of throwing out your old eggshells, save them for your garden. Not many people know that they are packed full of goodness that your plants are in need of. Nutrient and calcium dense these broken eggshells will help your garden grow to its full potential!

Is This The Secret To Growing The World’s Best Tomatoes? – This clever trick was born when someone decided to do a simple soil test with three tomato plants… the outcome? A secret compost tea recipe that will have your tomatoes growing juicer, healthier and bigger than ever before.

Banana Peel Plant Fertilizer – Banana peels offer some very valuable nutrients and minerals that we are throwing out in the garbage… so stop binning them and start making this super clever banana peel fertilizer.

How To Make Manure Tea For Your Garden – Do you strive for healthier happier plants? If the answer is yes, then this super clever recipe is the answer to your woes. With only two ingredients, this manure tea is so simple to make it could be made by anyone.

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