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33 Most Fun & Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love

33 Most Fun & Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Need a gift for someone with green fingers? Look no further than these 33 fantastic and innovative ideas.

There’s something for everyone – from pieces of living wall art to ultra-practical tool storage solutions. All budgets are catered for too, with many great handmade gift suggestions listed below.

1. Tool Tote

A rustic garden tote is ideal for organizing and transporting smaller equipment – from trowels to twine – around the garden. This natural caddy is made from 100% recycled wood and it features charming natural knots, nail holes and color variations.

If you prefer to give a handmade gift, why not craft this tastefully decorated tool bucket?

2. Wildflower and Organic Vegetable Seed Kits

These adorable little seed kits are a great no-fuss gift option for all of your gardening friends and family. Ideal to post, and easy to order, these seed kits come in cute packaging and the seeds themselves are top quality! Either choose a Wildflower’s Seeds Kit or Organic Vegetable Heirloom Seeds Kit

3. Herb Drying Rack

Horticulturists who nurture a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs will relish the opportunity to dry out their herbs in style with this simple yet strong hanging herb rack.

For a handmade version, fashion this rack from an old wooden plank and drawer knobs.

4. Kids’ VegTrug

Get mini-gardeners interested in growing their own vegetables, salads and fruit with this kids’ VegTrug. It’s the perfect working height for children, and comes with free apps and online video tutorials.

The VegTrug comes in adult sizes too so the whole family can get involved!

5. Eco-Friendly Vertical Garden

This eco-friendly vertical garden maximizes the use of all available space – making this the ideal gift for those with just patio space.

Made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, it features seven hanging pockets and is backed with non-toxic, soft felt fabric.

6. Self-Watering Organic Herb Planters

These colorful herb planters are sure to brighten up any kitchen. With organic basil, organic parsley, and non-GMO mint seeds, these easy-to-grow year round herbs are self-watering! Perfect for the aspiring gardeners, city dwellers or jetsetters in your life.

7. Personalized Garden Trug and Planter

This DIY garden trug fits perfectly over a wheelbarrow, and is roomy enough to store all the tools one will need while working in the garden. Personalize it with the name of your recipient, and hang some colorful flowers from the handle for a truly professional finish.

8. Flower Seed Pockets

These handmade burlap seed pockets can be placed directly into the soil to provide a whole host of beautiful blooms all season long.

9. Bee and Pollinator Seed Balls

If you know someone who just adores a buzzing garden, filled with butterflies, bees and birds, then this is the perfect gift.

These seed balls can simply be tossed on prepared soil to grow a variety of attractive flowers such as Mexican sunflowers, borage, cosmos, asters, coreopsis, marigolds, poppies, and forget-me-nots.

10. Plant the Packaging Floral Candles

Made with 100% pure soy wax, this softly scented candle has notes of green melon, lemon, apple, pink jasmine, cyclamen and lily. You’ll get double the bang for your buck, however, as gardeners can also plant the box and watch flowers grow from it!

11. DIY Vintage Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Bird enthusiasts will appreciate this thoughtful and stylish handmade gift. It can be made for just a few cents using a vintage china cup, a little glue, string, and some birdseed.

12. Watering Wand

Ideal for those who struggle to reach hanging baskets, high shrubs, or awkward corners of the backyard, this 14-inch watering wand has 10 spray patterns and allows for maximum watering control.

13. Handmade Tiki Torches

Transform mason jars into outdoor mosquito repellents in this five-minute project. These tropical-looking Tiki torches make a fantastic gift for friends who like to dine al fresco all summer long.

14. Indoor Allotment

Bring the outdoors indoors with this simple and stylish mini allotment! Complete with white picket fence and tiny wooden shed, it’s the cutest way to house a kitchen herb garden.

15. Chalkboard Herb Pots

Perfect as a housewarming or birthday gift, these chalkboard herb pots are a great addition to any garden or window ledge. Simply paint a variety of pots or jars with chalkboard paint and add some sweet drawings or messages before planting seeds.

16. Copper Rain Gauge

Not only does this beautiful hummingbird rain gauge add natural charm to the garden, it serves a very useful purpose too – telling gardeners exactly how much rain has fallen, so they can adjust their watering schedule as necessary.

17. Funky Veg Kit

Gardeners looking for something a little different to grow will love this Funky Veg Kit. It contains everything needed to grow purple carrots, red Brussels sprouts, stripy tomatoes, yellow zucchini, and multi-colored Swiss chard!

18. Potting Bench

A good quality potting bench is a fantastic gift as it makes life easier for hands-on gardeners. Potting benches can be fashioned from an assortment of reclaimed and thrift store items such as old headboards; a few wooden pallets; an outdated dresser; or even a BBQ trolley!

You can also buy some great potting stations online – like this Weatherguard bench, which is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials. It also comes with a convenient and removable trimmings bin.

19. Solar Bottle Lantern Kit

This useful kit will help its recipient transform any empty beverage bottle into a gorgeous, eco-friendly twinkling nighttime lantern! The LED lights will last thousands of hours and the kit is weatherproof for year-round use and enjoyment.

20. Outdoor Clock with Temperature and Humidity

A classic outdoor clock has a place in any garden – and is particularly useful for those who need to keep track of time while working outdoors, or barbecuing on the patio. This sleek silver colored clock operates to the utmost precision, and is equipped with a thermometer and a hygrometer which can help gardeners protect seedlings from frost and avoid over-watering fussy plants.

21. 5-in-1 Tool

For those who enjoy practicality and functionality, this DIY 5-in-1 tool can be easily made in less than an hour. It can be used to rake, hoe, drive stakes, furrow, and dig small planting holes.

22. Sprout Herb Growing Pencils

These fantastic #2 pencils are made from sustainably harvested cedar wood. Amazingly, once they become too worn down to write anymore, they can be planted to grow basil, cilantro, dill, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme!

23. DIY CD Case Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is a great place to start seeds or protect delicate spring bulbs. What’s more, this handmade green gift can be fashioned from old CD cases and glue!

24. Bee House

Keep the hardworking Mason bees buzzing around the garden with this beautiful and eco-friendly bamboo bee house.

If you’re on a budget and need a gift quickly, this DIY Mason bee house can be made in just five minutes!

25. Root Cup Starter Kit

Thrifty gardeners always enjoy propagating from clippings – a task made even easier by this useful root cup starter kit. It even protects the roots from light and holds the leaves above the water to prevent rot.

26. Garden Tool Holder

Give the gift of organization with this easy-to-make garden tool holder. It keeps larger tools like brushes, rakes, shovels, and spades safely stowed out of the way, yet within easy reach.

27. Seed Pack Organizer

Seed organizers help save precious minutes, allowing busy gardeners to put their hands on their desired seeds in seconds.

This steel vintage seed pack organizer comes with 12 dividers so packs can be arranged by their planting month.

28. Gardeners Hand Lotion

Constantly digging around in the dirt can lead to some rough and cracked skin! Crabtree & Evelyn’s Ultra-Moisturizing Gardener’s Hand Therapy lotion is infused with macadamia nut oil and shea butter to nourish and smooth skin.

Alternatively, this homemade cream – made from shea butter, mango butter and essential oils – makes an equally fantastic gift.

29. Personalized Garden Shed Sign

A great gift for a shabby chic garden shed, this sign can be stained or painted in a color your choice.

30. Garden Kneeler

Gardening requires a lot of kneeling down, which can wreak havoc on the knees and legs. Making the gardener in your life this roll-away kneeling pad from recycled eco-canvas is a thoughtful gift, and is sure to secure you a few choice picks from their first harvest!

31. Succulent Living Wall Art

Not only are succulents practically immortal, they are beautiful and interesting to look at – which is why this piece of living wall art makes a great gift. Featuring a variety of succulents, it can be hung or used as an outdoor dining centerpiece.

Making your own framed succulent garden is another pocket-friendly gift option.

32. Bird Bath

Bird baths make stunning focal points in gardens large and small. This Tiffany Hanging Bird Bath, made from durable glass, would look beautiful in any garden and is sure to last a lifetime.

Crafting enthusiasts may prefer to gift their own creation: this pretty mosaic bath is surprisingly easy to make from a terracotta saucer and planter.

33. Heirloom Seeds

With so much concern around genetically modified foods and hybrid varieties of plants, many gardeners will be thrilled with a packet of 100% Organic Heirloom Seeds, accompanied by a 145-page ‘how-to’ guide.

These USA grown seeds come in an incredible 60 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs and have an 85% germination rate!