How To Make A Dandelion & Coconut Oil Moisturizer

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How To Make A Dandelion & Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Dandelions have such a bad reputation. Many see them as an eyesore on a perfect lawn or a useless weed. But for me, and many pollinators, it is a miracle flower. Dandelions are not only edible and nutritious, they have powerful healing properties for skin. Dandelion is excellent for treating chapped, rough skin, healing burns and treating acne. Combine that with the many skin benefits of coconut oil, you get a super moisturizer that’s perfect for all skin types.

Harvesting Dandelions

Dandelions are an important food source for many pollinators. When I harvest them from my yard, I do not pick them clean. Leave a few behind so they can go to seed and make more. If you are picking them from a place other than your own yard, make sure it’s an area that is not exposed to chemicals.

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After you harvest the flowers, let them sit on a towel lined tray for a few hours to let the bugs crawl out of them. Then, set them out in the sun to let the dehydrate. If it’s a sunny, hot day it will only take a few hours. Alternatively, if you have an electric dehydrator, that works too.

How To Make A Dandelion & Coconut Oil Moisturizer


How To Make A Dandelion & Coconut Oil Moisturizer

The first step is to infuse the coconut oil with the dandelion flowers. Put the coconut oil into the canning jar. Add the jar to the small saucepan. Fill the saucepan with enough water to reach a couple of inches up the side of the jar. Set the pan on low heat until the coconut oil is melted.


Once the oil has melted, add in the dried dandelion flowers. Let the flowers steep in the oil on low heat for about two hours. Keep an eye on the water level; don’t let it all evaporate out.

How To Make A Dandelion & Coconut Oil Moisturizer

After two hours, turn off the heat and let the jar cool down enough to handle. Then, strain the flowers out of the coconut oil. The oil will be a bright, sunny yellow—just like the dandelions!

How To Make A Dandelion & Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Add in the lavender essential oil (if using). Put the infused coconut oil into the fridge until firm (not solid).

How To Make A Dandelion & Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Using a hand mixer, whip the firm infused coconut oil until it resembles whipped butter or frosting. Put into a tin container or glass jar. Store it in the fridge if it’s warm in your house. It melts like butter as soon as it comes into contact with your warm skin.

Use it as a lip balm, on dry elbows and feet, to relieve sore muscles and aches, to relieve acne flare ups or even as an aftershave. This will soon be your go to moisturizer!

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