10 Green Ways To Melt Snow & Ice This Winter

As the earth tilts away from the sun, the first snowfall always blankets the landscape in its uniquely lovely way. Not long after, the bright white terrain will become a brownish, soupy, slushy slop, making it difficult to get to and fro, especially if there’s a flash freeze. The most common way to deal with snow and ice is to scatter handfuls of rock salt… [read more]

11 Easy Ways To Be An Ethical Consumer

Have you ever really thought about what it is exactly that you’re buying? Most of us see something we like, and if we can afford it, we buy it without giving it a second thought. But with every dollar we spend, we’re actively casting a vote about what we’re willing and not willing to accept from companies. While consumerism has an important role in the… [read more]

13 Tiny Little Life Hacks To Reduce Your Plastic Use By 90% Without Even Noticing

Plastic can be found in just about anything and everything. Just take a look around you and you’re bound to see plastic of some type. In fact, you’re probably wearing clothes that are partly plastic, and that phone that you’ve got in your pocket or your purse is also made up of mostly plastic. Your hygiene and food products are packaged in it, your car… [read more]

7 Surprising Ways To Use Your Old Christmas Tree

It’s so much fun putting up that tree and getting it decorated for the holidays, but once the presents have been unwrapped and the needles have started to shed like crazy, taking it down feels a bit melancholy. But the good news is that you don’t have to let it go to waste, the are a number of ways to put it to good use,… [read more]

6 Compelling Reasons To Make The Switch To Menstrual Cups

Every month of every year, billions of women and girls over the world endure between three to seven days of menstruation. Beginning as young as eight years old until around the age of 55, it is estimated that a woman will experience about 500 periods over the course of her lifetime. The outward signs of menses – the shedding of the uterine lining and blood… [read more]

9 Surprising Ways To Use Himalayan Salt You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

You’ve heard about Himalayan salt. In fact, you may even be using it right now. After all, it’s been increasingly making its way into kitchens across the country and beyond. But odds are, you’re not taking advantage of its many different uses. Most use it like they would traditional salt, and many people, whether they use it or not, aren’t aware that there is a… [read more]

24 Natural & Eco-Friendly Gifts That EVERYONE Will Love

If you’d like to skip the crowds this year and simply “point and click” your way around your Holiday shopping – then we’ve got you covered. In this article we present twenty-four of the most exciting gifts that EVERYONE will love to receive this year. Many of the items we use ourselves, others we’ve gifted to friends and family, and some we’ve added to our own wishlist. 1.… [read more]

6 Must-Have Products To Green Up Your Beauty Regime

Many of us think about “greening up” when it comes to our homes, our vehicles and other areas of our lives, but we often forget about one of the most important things: our beauty regime. You might think, “Well, I only use a small amount of beauty products each day,” but the problem is, what we put on our skin accumulates in the body over… [read more]

How To Make Fizzy Toilet Cleaning & Freshening Bombs

Cleaning day has arrived again, and without even thinking of it, you reach for whatever solution you have under the counter. For many of us, cleaning is just one more thing we have to check off our “to do” list on a weekly basis. Don’t assume your commercial cleaning products are safe… ever How much thought do you put into the composition of your cleaning… [read more]

11 Reasons You Should Go Out Foraging For Pine Needles

Of the many types of conifers native to North America, pines are recognized by their thin, long needles that usually come in bundles of 2-5. But some, like the foxtail pine and bristlecone pine, have very short needles. The fallen needles that cover the ground beneath the trees are mainly used as mulch in gardens, especially where acidity is desired. Pine nuts and the inner… [read more]