9 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

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9 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

Let’s be completely honest. Nobody REALLY likes spiders. Even if they are completely harmless little things, nobody really wants spiders hanging around inside their house.

But, how do you repel them naturally without hurting them, and without exposing your family to any potentially harmful chemicals?

Read on for the answers you are looking for!

Mint Them Out

Did you know that spiders HATE peppermint? Most people don’t! An easy way to keep spiders from invading your space is to fill a spray bottle with peppermint essential oil (which you can buy from here on Amazon) and water, and then spray it around your home. Plus, your home will smell great!!

For more info on repelling spiders using peppermint oil, check out this great article: http://www.herbsandoilsworld.com/how-to-keep-spiders-out-of-your-home-with-peppermint-oil/.

Clean It Up

The cheapest and most organic way to repel spiders naturally is probably not the easiest! Keeping your home neat, tidy and free of dust or webs is the best way to keep spiders from moving in. Regular vacuuming, dusting, and de-cluttering will keep any insects from making themselves at home!

Use Vinegar

White vinegar has about five trillion uses around the house (look it up!), and repelling spiders is one of them! Repelling spiders with vinegar is much like repelling them with peppermint oil, in that you fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water, and spray all the cracks and crevices around your home.

Enlist The Help Of A Furry Friend

Cats are a great spider deterrent! Four legged furry friends can be great hunters and will definitely not let a spider crawl across the floor without going on the prowl and taking care of business!

Don’t Let Them In

A great way to keep spiders out of your home is to never let them in in the first place! Make sure the exterior of your home is free from leaves, grass clippings, wood piles, or any other notorious spider hangouts. You can also check all door openings and windowsills to make sure there isn’t room for spiders to get in that way,and apply caulk when needed.

Citrus Does The Trick

It’s common knowledge that spiders hate all things citrus. Rubbing citrus peels on areas where spiders are known to frequent, like baseboards, windowsills and bookshelves, is a great way to keep them from coming around. Even using lemon scented furniture polish can drive spiders away!

Further Reading: 20 Clever Uses For Citrus Peels

Let Cedar Do The Work

Cedar can be a great deterrent for spiders. You can use cedar mulch outside around the perimeter of your home to try to keep spiders from ever getting inside. If you have access to a cedar chest or cedar hangers to use in your closet, that is a good choice as well. Using cedar blocks or shavings inside closets, cupboards or drawers can make them think twice about hanging out in there too!


Yes, you read that right, chestnuts! They have been known to drive away spiders, so placing a few in your windowsills or along your baseboards can keep spiders from hanging out there. Many people also believe that the same thing can be done with an osage orange (also known as a hedgeapple) You can keep chestnuts and hedgeapples in the house for a long time before they go bad, so it’s worth giving it a shot! 


It sounds weird, but spiders hate tobacco just about as much as they hate lemons and chestnuts! You can sprinkle small pieces of tobacco where spiders are troublesome, or you can soak tobacco in water and then spray the mixture all around. However, tobacco is pretty expensive these days, so you can likely find a more affordable fix for keeping spiders at bay!


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  1. Some of your remedies for spiders are toxic to cats/dogs/children. It would be most helpful if you could elaborate a bit more when posting any type of natural remedy.
    Thank you for these great ideas (some of which I am going to try but I have pets so I need to be careful which ones I use)

    • I am sorry, she shouldn’t have to spell out every warning. If you can’t figure it out yourself, Darwin kicks in…. That is where we are going wrong, putting warnings and labels on everything. Anyways, great advice for the spiders!

      • I agree with you the only thing that may be you will have to warn is the tobacco
        I really don’t see cats and dogs eating cedar or vinegar or peppermint.

      • Some things are obvious, like don’t use your hairdrier in the shower. Others are not. Not everyone has encyclopedic knowledge about what is toxic to kids and pets. And shouldn’t we err on the side of caution when it comes to our loved ones and have that information included?

    • Which ones harm cats? I have two cats, and more huge spiders then I can care for.

    • leslie williams says:

      which remedies are toxic to cats i have cats and would like to know what i can use that is not harmful to my cats … the tobacco one is out for me but as far as i know mint , citrus , cedar are not toxic to cats but if they are please let me know … @leann i dont know where u get this idea that warnings are not necessary, if something is toxic for animals/children it should be spelled out ahead of time for ppl to decide how they will use this .. apparently ur not a parent or animal parent … good luck to u but u dont sound very smart …

  2. Stregga Lee says:

    So many great ideas! I have the worst spider problem ever. I will be using many of these methods asap!

  3. Well I do not know about the tobacco, since my family had a tobacco and coffee farm in Puerto Rico, and the way we slept there was with mosquito nets and not for the mosquitoes but for tarantulas and spiders, most of them could be found on the tobacco fields, so I am not sure about this remedy. But I will definitely try the mint, the cedar and the citrus. Thanks!

  4. Great article. This pairs well with my blog “Spider Fear”. I think I’d rather have my house smell like lemons or cedar than vinegar. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely have to try some of these. I hate spiders but they love my house.

    • Carolyn Kelsheimer says:

      I know for a fact Hedge Apples work GREAT.. going after some this weekend and we will put SEVERAL through out our basement .. YES they are toxic if handled.. you just have to use common sense and make sure you put them in places where kids and animals can’t get to them.. then wash your hands really good.. 😉

      • Hedge apples aka osage oranges don’t work very well to keep spiders away. We have about 20 of the trees around our property and have found spiders on the balls when we pick them up. They are not toxic to touch but they have an oil on the skin which is what is supposed to keep the spiders away. The real problem with hedge apples is how to handle them if you do try them. They rot away fairly fast so you have to put them in a container like a glass bowl. And don’t put them in your car – just saying from experience.

  6. Thanks for all the information on how 2 keep spiders away , great knowledge ! 🙂

  7. When listing these natural remedies, it would be better if you could also list which ones are pet friendly and which ones are not.
    Peppermint, vinegar and cedar are all pet friendly for dogs. Be very careful using ANY type of essential oils around cats. Most essential oils are toxic to cats.
    Cedar also helps to repel fleas and ticks. However, make sure the mulch/chips do NOT have “cocoa mulch” mixed in with it because the “cocoa mulch” is toxic to animals.
    Citrus, chestnuts and tobacco are all toxic to animals.

  8. I found your blog from the Frugally Sustainable link up. Thanks for the tips! I live in the Arizona desert, and we get some incredibly big spiders here! And I do *not* want to spray with chemicals…


  9. Just a word of caution: Brown recluse spiders are definitely not bothered by mint! And they are immune to poison!

  10. I like using Freshcab from Menards!!! It’s pet friendly & does a great job!!!!

  11. I was thinking I could soak fresh mint in some very hot water, then poor that into a spray bottle of cool water as opposed to using the essential oil…do you think that would work also?

  12. As a cat rescuer I would like to caution people that letting the cat take care of the spider/insect problem can end up with a hefty vet bill. While rare it can happen that your cat could get sick from ingesting or getting bitten by an insect or spider. (the venom in some common centipedes can kill cats) While most insects we run into are not lethal to humans, cats are a lot smaller and what might just make us a little sick, can have major or even deadly results for your cat. Please be wary about letting your pet play with insects. Pets like young children WILL get into things and you can’t keep them away from all insects but don’t encourage them to go after them either.

  13. Thanks for these ideas. This has been an awful year for spiders, and after a nasty bite several years ago, my partner is very leery of having them around. We don’t kill them, but the temptation is there. These will help. Thank you.

  14. I do agree that it is better to go natural than toxic, especially with pets, But, I like spiders, I’m not one to go and pick one up and pat it, but they have their purpose. I leave webs in key areas for a period of time, then clean it away when it seems full, and the spider will create a new clean web. Spiders eat Mozzies, flies, wasps, moths, cochroaches (bush species) and any other annoying insect and it’s natures way. I know a lot of people hate spiders, but I feel outside they are a fantastic! In my culture the Huntsman is considered very lucky, and they’re the ones to have around f you have big cochroaches 🙂

  15. Lori Sullivan says:

    I use vinegar to clean almost everything, it is in my opinion the best cleaning agent and by far the cheapest cleaning agent. I to live in Arizona. I do not have spider problem inside my home and now know why!!!! I Ow be spraying my vegetable garden with vinegar, thanks for the great info! By the way. Aside from the I initial spray. I never have smelled vinegar one home. But I would use it anyway simply because it works!!!!!

  16. Eucalyptus will also work, if you place small stems of eucalyptus around your windows and doors, it will keep them out!

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