10 Things You Will Never Have To Buy Again

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10 Things You Will Never Have To Buy Again

How would you like to save money on your daily household items and reduce the number of harmful chemicals in your home at the same time?

This list of 10 everyday items you buy all the time is the perfect place to start!

From shaving cream and toothpaste to hand soap and laundry soap, this great collection will save your family money and their health!

10 Things You Will Never Have To Buy Again‘Febreze’ (Fabric Refresher) – If you like your fabrics to smell glorious, then this homemade DIY ‘Febreze’ will make sure your home smells incredible for a fraction of the price of the branded version.

Make-up – These days make-up costs a fortune, so instead of forking out loads on the latest brands, make your own natural translucent powder. It’s simple to make and really flattering for every skin tone.

Deodorant – If you desire to be chemical free then this deodorant can help you on that journey. An effective, completely natural recipe which is designed to be caring to your skin and keep you smelling fresh!

10 Things You Will Never Have To Buy AgainLaundry Soap – This DIY laundry soap is designed to clean your clothes efficiently without the harmful chemicals found in store bought versions. A great way to make sure your families clothes are clean and fresh!

Shaving Cream – Shaving cream is so expensive these days, but this wonderful homemade version can be used by women and men, and it leaves your skin soft and smelling fantastic.

Dishwasher Detergent – With this homemade detergent you can achieve super clean and sparkly dishes, wash after wash. Forget those chemical filled store bought tablets and let this homemade version do the hard work for you!

10 Things You Will Never Have To Buy AgainBug Spray – DEET is the active ingredient found in many bug sprays but this chemical is extremely harmful and dangerous! Avoid it by making your own healthy bug spray to keep the critters away!

Hand Soap – Holistichomemaking.com explains how Americans spend 2.7 Billion dollars on hand soap per year! Why not make a huge saving in your household by making a whole gallon for just $4.50.

Perfume – Making your own perfume not only saves you a fortune, but is also a great way to customize your scent to exactly what you want. Here is a tutorial on how to start…

Toothpaste – Forget commercial toothpaste and opt for this fantastic recipe instead which you can make at home easily and cheaply. It would do your teeth a world of good!


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