5 Natural Oils To Keep Pests Out of Your Home & Garden

Many natural oils have the innate ability to adhere to leaves, stems, and other plant surfaces. This is one of the reasons organic gardeners turn to these natural oils to keep pests out of the garden. Another is that many of these natural oils have no adverse effect on the human body or the garden ecosystem; a fact which makes them invaluable! On the other… [read more]

Eat Your Purples – 5 Purple Veggies To Grow In Your Garden

Of all of the fond memories from your childhood, the stern voice of your mother or father admonishing you to “Eat your greens,” because “they’re good for you,” probably isn’t among them. Of course, we wouldn’t dream of insulting the traditional verdant veggies you grew up with. (Your parents were right.  They are good for you.) But wouldn’t it have been more interesting if your… [read more]

How To Build A 300 Square Foot Windproof Hoop House For Under $500

Choosing to build your own greenhouse is an easy decision to make, and it’s not as hard as you may think. As with any project, just break this one down into steps and you won’t get overwhelmed. While the build itself can be done in two days with a helper.  I chose to go it alone and enjoy the process over two weeks…with an unplanned… [read more]

8 Homemade Herb & Spice Mixes To Pack Your Food With More Flavor Than You Can Handle

What to do with all those herbs in the garden or patio? Here are eight herb mixes that are easy to make and way better than what you find at the store. Mixing your own herbs and spices eliminates industrial materials like silica dioxide, making this a healthy natural choice. You can triple any of these recipes and fill a little spice jar to use later.… [read more]