7 Weird Things You Had No Idea You Could Make & Do With Cinnamon Sticks

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cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon has a distinct flavor and scent that makes us think of the festive holidays. Its uses are endless, and as we enter November we wanted to share with you our top 7 homemade DIY’s that use cinnamon sticks. From candle crafting to making your own Chai and Potpourri, these recipes are creative, healthy and will keep you busy.

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How To Make Your Own Cinnamon Extract –  To start with, this recipe details how you can make your own Cinnamon Extract, allowing you to control the intensity for your home baking and crafting. The added bonus is that it lasts up to a year or more in your pantry.

Make Your Own Stove Top Potpourri – Fancy making an inexpensive, natural, beautifully fragrant simmering stove top potpourri? Then check out these natural room scent recipes which include a number of different herbs, fruits and spices to create wonderful aromas.

How To Make A Cinnamon Candle Holder – This very simple craft tip will help your home smell amazing and look fabulous. A great little idea that could also make great gifts for your loved ones. For this idea it would be best to use these extra long craft cinnamon sticks available on Amazon here. 

How To Make Homemade Chai Concentrate – It’s the perfect time of year to make this charming warming hot drink. This lovely aromatic spice blend mixed together with warmed steamed milk will be a real treat one a cold winters day.

How To Make Delicious Honey Cinnamon Peaches – These Canned Peaches are a perfect way to celebrate all thing Cinnamon. Making great gifts and Festive treats, these will really get you in the Holiday spirit.

Make Your Own Cinnamon Water – With metabolism inducing and detoxing qualities this refreshing drink is healthy, non-toxic and helps to get rid of any harmful preservatives. Not many store bought low calorie drinks can offer the same benefits, definitely worth taking the simple steps.

Make Your Own Athlete’s Foot Wash – Break up 2/3 cinnamon sticks and add to a bowl of warm water. Place your feet in them and allow to sit in the cinnamon water for 10-15 minutes. Cinnamon has anti-fungal properties which helps to kill foot fungus.