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50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making

Personal Care Products

50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start MakingHoney Shampoo – This shampoo helps reduce frizz, combat dandruff, moisterize and softens you hair all in one. A natural, kind to your skin shampoo that will make you think twice next time you are in the store.

Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner – Treating your hair with coconut oil is something you’ll be really glad you did! Find out how to make your own coconut oil deep conditioner, plus learn five other ways to use coconut oil for gorgeous hair at the link.

Body Wash – If you want to save money but have little time to spare, then this is the natural alternative is for you. A simple recipe and method which makes a soapy bubbly wash great for all skin types.

Shaving Cream – This shaving cream will leave your skin soft and smelling fantastic. With ingredients like coconut oil, Shea butter, mint and rosemary you will feel invigorated and fresh after every shave.

Squeezable Homemade Toothpaste – Ditch those commercial toothpastes on the market and opt for this natural remineralizing toothpaste that encourages white healthy teeth and improves oral health.

50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start MakingMinty Mouthwash – Not only is it chemical and alcohol-free, it’s practically free, well nearly is at $0.02 /oz! You will save loads on money this, and improve your family’s oral health at the same time – simple.

Super Strength Herbal Deodorant – Rather than use expensive chemical filled deodorants, why not make your own? This requires just a few ingredients, is “super strength” and totally natural!

Honey, Beeswax & Almond Oil Moisturizing Creme – This recipe was  first devised almost 2000 years ago. Its thick, velvety and decadent qualities will leave your skin silky smooth and hydrated.

Homemade Natural Sunscreen – Most sunscreens contain toxic chemicals and other harmful ingredients that could actually damage you when they should be protecting you. Check out this natural alternative and make the swap.

Cleansing Wipes – These organic wipes are totally natural and only contain ingredients you are aware of. Perfect for cleansing your face or as baby wipes for diaper changes.

Want to learn more about making your own non-toxic personal care products, beauty products and natural cleaning products? Pick up a copy of the wonderful Everyday Roots Book. 

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