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10 Best Ways To Remove Makeup Without Toxic Chemicals

Those store-bought makeup removers may be convenient, but they typically come with a host of chemicals and toxic ingredients that can actually harm the health of your skin over time and irritate your eyes. The active ingredients in makeup remover liquids and wipes are generally the same as regular cleansers. Both rely on surfactants to dissolve makeup, along with emulsifiers and solubilizers that help lift… [read more]

Homemade Ant Repellent Spray To Get Rid Of Ants For Good

We can all enjoy the beauty of nature, but when nature tries to come indoors, it can become an issue. If ants have invaded your home, or you want to make sure they don’t, then opt for this spray. The blend of essential oils and vinegar help repel and even kill unwanted ants. Further Reading: 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants From Your Home… [read more]

9 Reasons You Should Start Growing (Or Foraging For) Red Clover

The health benefits of red clover are not a new discovery. This herb is renowned for its unusually high nutritional value and has been traditionally utilized throughout areas of Europe and Asia to treat a myriad of health conditions. Typically consumed in the form of tea, this herb has many valuable nutrients, including vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, chromium, niacin, potassium, phosphorus, and thiamin, but it’s… [read more]

11 No-Work, Fast Growing Greens You Can Grow Anywhere

Greens are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting phytochemicals. They’re rich in fiber, which is important for supporting weight loss and maintenance as it keeps you feeling full and helps control your hunger. There is little that compares to the nutritional value of organic greens, but as only about one-quarter of American adults eat three or more servings of vegetables a day, most are severely… [read more]

10 Really Rare Herbs You Should Try Growing In Your Herb Garden

There are few things better than relaxing in your own beautiful herb garden, enjoying the aroma of sage and lavender while sipping on a cup of mint tea. But why not change that up a bit? You could even find yourself sipping on a chocolate mint tea while taking in the scent of orange thyme. Rare herbs like this take the fun of an herb… [read more]

Lets Do Shots! 10 Health Boosting Power Shots You’ve Got To Try

When most people hear talk about downing shots they think of those crazy nights at the bar or the beach during spring break. But the shots we’re talking about are good for you! Instead of numbing your mind with tequila, rum, vodka or what have you, these shots are loaded with nutrients that will improve your health in many different ways. Whether you’ve come down… [read more]

Homemade Sore Muscle Rub For Fast Pain Relief

Whether you’re an athlete, a gardener, or your muscles are just showing their age, this sore muscle rub is the answer. It uses soothing, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving essential oils to give achy muscles the care they need. With just a few simple ingredients, you’ll have some on hand in no time. Essential Oils for Achy Muscles Lavender Lavender is one of the most popular… [read more]

How To Make The Best & Cheapest Organic Weed Killer

NOTE: Image is for illustrative purposes only. We do not recommend spraying dandelions or dandelion greens. Instead, here are some brilliant ways to use the flowers and more lovely ways to use the greens. You’ve heard about Roundup – that “miracle” weed killer created back in 1970 by a Monsanto chemist, John Franz, who discovered that glyphosate is a powerful herbicide that can kill just… [read more]

8 Genius Ways To Get Rid Of Wasps & Keep Them Away

Last year, there was said to be an all-out “war on wasps” in many areas of the country, mostly believed to be the result of climate change, as the stinging insects normally die off during the winter, but when there aren’t enough freezing cold days, they survive. The warmer weather also gives the queen’s first broods a better chance of survival. The colonies are bigger… [read more]

17 Unique Money Saving Tricks Every Gardener Needs To Know

Whether you’re new to gardening or a seasoned veteran, saving as much money as you can while growing organically and enjoying the best garden possible makes sense. After all, who wants to throw money down the drain? These practical yet unique tips can help you make the best of what you have so that you can hold on to more of that hard-earned cash. 1.… [read more]