10 Reasons To Wash Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar + How To Do An ACV Hair Rinse

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is so much more than just a salad dressing – this wonder tonic is packed with raw enzymes and beneficial bacteria which aid digestion, weight loss, cholesterol levels and more. It’s also a cost effective, natural and organic topical treatment for all manner of skin and hair issues. No matter what hair type you have, apple cider vinegar has a place… [read more]

7 Reasons To Start Adding Butter To Your Coffee

While the latest trend of stirring butter into coffee may not appeal to you at first, the inventor of ‘bulletproof coffee’, Dave Asprey, claims there are a myriad of reasons to drink his creation. Although coffee alone possesses a number of scientifically backed benefits, adding butter is said to lend a creamy texture and some important nutrients to your morning brew. In fact, despite the… [read more]

17 Benefits of Bone Broth & How To Make Your Own

Bone broth has a long history dating back to prehistoric times, when the hunters could afford to waste nothing, absolutely nothing, from a good catch. It’s not hard to imagine that, after the game, fish, or fowl were roasted over the open fire and stripped of most of the flesh, they went into the making of a wholesome broth, along with the heads, tails, claws,… [read more]

15 Benefits Of Container Gardening & How To Get Started

Container gardening is an attractive alternative to gardening in the ground for many reasons. Some people are drawn to gardening for the very activity of pottering around among plants. Others, depending on whether they are growing edibles or ornamentals, aim for the practical outcome of their efforts or for the visual appeal flourishing plants provide. Whatever be your motivation for growing plants, container gardening takes… [read more]

28 Companion Planting Combinations To Grow The Tastiest, Most Bountiful Food & Beautiful Flowers

As we learnt in our previous article (12 Reasons You Should Start Companion Planting), companion planting is one of the best things you can do in your garden. Some plant companions can help to improve the flavor and yield of homegrown fruits and vegetables, others help to repel pests and parasites, others improve soil health, regulate shade or aid pollination and so much more. But… [read more]

12 Reasons You Need To Companion Plant In Your Garden

Companion planting is the most natural way to grow healthy, sustainable gardens. Before the monoculture of vegetables and fruit trees took hold, farmers used to grow different crops together. Although their fields appeared to be unplanned and disorganized, a closer look would reveal certain underlying principles they diligently followed. There were specific combinations of plants always grown together. A typical example is the “Three Sisters” of… [read more]

9 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life

Morning rituals enable us to connect with ourselves for a little while before the busy day really kicks off. They keep us grounded, give us some perspective, and set the tone for the entire day. These healthy habits are also essential for our emotional and psychological health both now, and into the future. Setting up a beneficial morning routine today will see us stay the… [read more]

10 Reasons You Should Start Dry Brushing Today

Dry body brushing has become a hugely popular health and beauty ritual over the last number of years, but this simple practice actually dates back to ancient times. The Japanese used to vigorously brush their skin prior to bathing, as did ancient Greek athletes in a bid to encourage circulation after physical exertion. More recently – in the last 30 years or so – a… [read more]

20 Creative & Tasty Ways to Make “Boring” Water Taste Like Heaven

If you’ve been a fan of Natural Living Ideas for a while now, you’re probably used to reading our favorite piece of natural health advice: “Drink more water.” In fact, if there were one substance – one ultimate panacea – to cure every disease, address any weight-loss concern and set every natural health mishap right, water would be The One. That said, it was only… [read more]

11 Life Saving Reasons to Eat Ginger Every Day

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is an herbaceous perennial plant native to south China. Producing leafy shoots that reach four feet in height and cone-shaped spikes that bloom with yellow flowers, the most treasured part of the ginger plant is the gnarled and bulbous rhizomes that grow beneath the soil. Ginger roots are aromatic and warming with a pungent, lemony spiciness. The flavor of ginger is due… [read more]