11 Reasons You Need A Bottle of Grapefruit Essential Oil In Your Home

Grapefruit essential oil is extracted from the outer skin of grapefruit or Citrus x paradise. This large-sized fruit is a hybrid of sweet orange and pomelo and combines the best features of both. Although the existence of this accidental hybrid in the Barbados Island was not known until the 17th century, its medicinal properties quickly gained attention. But it is the weight loss effect that… [read more]

11 Most Effective Home Remedies For Receding Gums

Receding gums, or gingival recession, is a retraction of the gums from the crown of the teeth. It is a progressive condition that may start as early as in childhood or adolescence and worsens ever so gradually over the years. By the time it becomes apparent, usually past the age of 40, the roots of the teeth may have become exposed. The roots of teeth… [read more]

Here’s Why You Should Grow Thyme & 18 Ways To Use It

A small, evergreen shrub with light purple flowers and a pleasant flavor, thyme has been enjoyed since ancient times by the Egyptians and Greeks. The herb soon spread throughout Europe where it helped flavor food, was given as a gift, and burned as incense. Today, it’s used mainly for culinary purposes, although it also boasts a surprising number of medicinal benefits. Here’s why thyme deserves… [read more]

Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Garden: 12 Herbs To Get Your Started

Herbal teas smell good, taste good, and help elevate your mood, not to mention the other general as well as specific health benefits they offer. They make good alternatives to regular tea and coffee, especially if you want to reduce caffeine intake. Herbal teas can be made with individual herbs or from a compatible combination of several herbs to take advantage of their varied healing… [read more]

9 Things Everyone Thinks You Can’t Compost, But You Can!

As far as green living goes, composting organic waste is about as earth-friendly as it gets. If you’ve been composting for a while now, you’re likely aware of the long list of compostable items you can add to your pile, as well as a few materials that really don’t belong in a healthy compost heap. While there are certain items that are more difficult to… [read more]

17 Insider Secrets For The Most Beautiful & Productive Garden Ever

Experience teaches you a thing or two, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your own personal experience. It works out great sometimes to learn from the experience of others–particularly their mistakes. Whether you are a novice gardener or have some gardening experience to your credit, these tips gleaned from experience and gardening wisdom handed down generations, will help you have the best garden ever.… [read more]

12 Reasons To Use Magnesium Lotion & How To Make It

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and plays a role in over 300 essential metabolic reactions. Needless to say, a deficiency in this essential nutrient is going to leave you feeling out of sorts, and can pave the way for more serious health issues down the line. One of the simplest ways to boost levels of the magnesium in the body… [read more]

Top 14 So Called ‘Health Foods’ You Desperately Need To Avoid

Eating healthily isn’t always easy. Between a hectic work life, the temptation of delicious restaurant meals, and the rise of convenience foods, balancing nutrition is a tough job. What makes this challenge even harder is the myriad of health claims on packaged foods today. Sadly, many ‘health’ foods aren’t really healthy at all. Bogus buzzwords like ‘natural’, ‘diet’ and ‘reduced fat’, just serve to distract… [read more]

12 Toxic Things You Should Never Buy From The Garden Center

Most of us consider our gardens a safe and relaxing sanctuary, close to nature and away from the polluting influence of industrialization. However, there seems to be no escaping the long arms of modernity that reach us even there, filling our gardens with toxic chemicals. In fact, we unknowingly bring them home with the many items we buy at the garden center. It is important… [read more]

12 Natural Remedies For Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) affects about 10% of people in the U.S. It is a rough estimate since many people with this neurological condition are unaware that their irritating symptoms do have a name. It is often dismissed as a mild irritation, but severe cases can be quite disturbing and, sometimes, downright painful. Since the episodes mostly happen while the person is resting or sleeping,… [read more]