4 Things That Happen When You Have A Cup Of This Weird Liquid Every Day

4 Reasons Everyone Is Suddenly Drinking This Weird LiquidThis post may contain affiliate links. Read our Affiliate Disclosure here.

You’ve probably heard a lot about bone broth in recent months, and for good reason!
After reading about the incredible benefits and witnessing real life case studies of everyday people whose health and life has been transformed by a daily cup of bone broth, it’s an everyday habit for me now.

Here’s why…

1. Supports Joint Health – Bone broth contains tons of collagen, the protein that makes up bones, tendons, ligaments and other flexible tissues. It also contains other proteins like gelatin, proline and glycine. On top of that, it’s rich in Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), including glucosamine, that are commonly taken as supplements to reduce joint pain and inflammation.

2. Aids Digestion – The glycine and glutamine – both amino acids found in large quantities in bone broth – help maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall, preventing leaky gut. The collagen found in bone broth helps improve digestion by ensuring that the stomach lining is healthy.

3. Skin Transformer – In the same way that bones are comprised of proteins, so is your skin. Skin loses elasticity and hair becomes brittle when nutrient deficient. One of the single best ways to restore luster to skin and hair is to consume collagen. Consuming collagen-rich bone broth can increase connective tissue, reduce cellulite and tighten your skin.

4. Detoxification – The glycine found in bone broth supports the liver in one of its primary duties: to collect, compound, and orchestrate removal of toxins from the body. Glycine also helps the body to reduce oxidative stress by producing antioxidants.

The Best Way To Drink Bone Broth…

Kettle & Fire Chicken BrothUnless you have an abundance of organic, high quality chicken bones AND 48 hours to make your own bone broth, then you should try Kettle & Fire Organic Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth.

Made from only organic mushrooms, herbs and chicken bones, this is the tastiest bone broth you can buy. The super slow simmer time extracts insane amounts of protein (10 grams per serving!) and the innovative packaging using an “aseptic” vacuum environment means the bone broth has a shelf life of two years without additives or preservatives.

This seriously is the healthiest thing you can start putting in your body, and Kettle & Fire are by far the finest producers. I love this bone broth so much, I emailed Kettle & Fire requesting a 10% discount for my wonderful readers, and unbelievably they said “Yes”.

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