Thrive Market Review – Is It Right For You? + Exclusive Discount Coupon

Susan Patterson
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Thrive Market Review - Is It Right For You? + Exclusive Discount Coupon

IMPORTANT NOTE: If after reading our review you want to sign up for Thrive Market, then make sure you use our very special and exclusive coupon code at the end of this article that entitles you to a one month free trial, free shipping and 25% off your first order.

The idea of healthy eating has never been more popular, and Los Angeles-based Thrive Market was founded just a little over two years ago in order to take full advantage of it. A cross between Whole Foods meets Costco online, to understand it, just envision yourself walking the aisles at Costco, only instead of all those sugary, processed foods with all sorts of artificial ingredients, those shelves are lined with food that’s not only nutritious, it tastes good.

Here you’ll have access to a warehouse filled with foods and other products that are good for you, including products from companies like Earth’s Best, Spectrum Natural, Bob’s Red Mill, Eden Foods, Garden of Life and Annie’s Homegrown, among many others. Plus, they’re available at warehouse discount prices, typically 25 to 50 percent lower than those grocery store price tags.

If you’re like so many others, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to eat healthier without breaking your budget – and this could very well be what you’re looking for. While online grocery shopping isn’t a new concept, with Boxed, FreshDirect, Amazon and others getting in on it for some time now, the difference is that cost-friendly, health-conscious food was a niche that was missing, until Thrive Market came about that is.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Thrive Market in passing or scrolled by a post about it on Facebook, but something happened recently to make you think about it a little more – like paying more attention to just how expensive that jar of coconut oil was at your favorite market. Ouch!

How Does Thrive Market Work?

We’ll get this part out of the way first. Thrive Market is membership based – the annual fee is $59.95. You’re already paying for a Costco membership (or something similar), and maybe an Amazon Prime Membership too, so the thought of signing up for yet another might make you take pause. Is Thrive Market really worth the membership cost?

First of all, that fee works out to less than $5 a month. It’s also less than Amazon Prime, yet it has thousands more difficult-to-find products, and at better prices, than either Amazon or your local supermarket. Of course, the only way to truly know if it will be worth it to you is to start using it. But wait. You don’t want to shell out almost 60 bucks to find out? Fortunately, you don’t have to. There is a 30-day free trial period before you have to totally commit to the $59.95 fee, allowing you to actually see the extensive range of products on offer, just how much you’ll actually be saving on an average order, and learn about how good, or bad, its customer service is.

Just like you’d determine whether or not an Amazon Prime, or another type of subscription is worth it, keep in mind that just because the prices are lower, if you’re not ordering often enough, then the fee may not be worth it for you. In most cases, however, we’ve found that it is.

Shipping At Thrive Market

Buying something online often comes at an additional cost, shipping, as well as extra time to get to your door, so it’s also something you’ll need to think about.

All orders of $49 or more don’t incur shipping costs to be sent anywhere within the continental United States. Considering that the majority of grocery shopping trips total a lot more than that, for most people it won’t be an issue. However, even if you do find yourself buying less than $49 worth of goods, the cost to ship is just $5, easily covering the amount you’ll probably save had you ordered from another retailer.

Currently, Thrive is unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada, but aims to do so in the near future.

The company states that orders ship within 24 to 72 hours of when they’re placed – they’ll also send you a shipping confirmation with tracking details once the order ships. The majority of customers have noted that orders do ship quickly, usually within 24 hours, however, receiving the order may take around five days. While that can be a little difficult to stomach if you’ve been used to 2-day shipping on other sites, the financial savings generally makes it worth it. All you need to is get in the habit of planning ahead a bit more.

Plus, the items are well-packaged so you won’t have to worry about breakage, leakage or other common shipping issues.That said, accidents can and do happen, as no company can control every step of the process. But the good news is that on the rare occasion packaging fails, Thrive’s outstanding customer service seems to really come through, with quick responses, a fast refund and even further discounts for other items, in many cases.

How Ethical Is Thrive?

Another important thing to consider if you aim to be an ethical consumer, and we all should as it benefits our communities, and the health of the planet, is whether or not Thrive is aligned with your beliefs. For example, does the organization give back, is it eco-friendly?

One of the things that has attracted many consumers is Thrive’s mission statement. For every membership purchased, the company gives a free membership to a low-income family to help make, real, nutritious foods available and affordable to all. Thrive says that as adults, children and families living below the poverty line are much likelier to be obese and have health problems, it’s made the “Thrive Gives Initiative” a non-negotiable part of its business plan.

In 2016, Thrive Gives raised over $440,000 and has provided grocery stipends to more than 5,400 low income families – 89% of whom say they saw an improvement in their health.

Thrive Gives

The company is also strongly committed to the environment by using recycled packaging, and ensuring that all of its own packaging is also recyclable. In addition, Thrive purchases carbon offsets, and is totally carbon neutral.

17 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions are associated with consumers making weekly trips to the grocery store. With e-commerce shopping, the emissions are considered to be a third of that. On top of that, 100 billion plastic bags move through the hands of consumers every year. Instead, Thrive Market uses 100% recyclable packaging that can be salvaged and recycled.

Is Thrive Market Right For You?

Whether or not Thrive Market is right for you and your particular situation, will depend on asking yourself a number of important questions, such as:

  • Can you find most of your staple food, personal, household and beauty products on the site?
  • Are most of those items less than what you’d pay at your local health food, supermarket or other online stores?
  • Will your annual savings cover the membership fee?

More Ways To Save With Thrive Market

On top of the lower prices, there are other ways to save with Thrive too. After you sign up, you’ll be given a link that you can share on your social media platforms to spread the word about Thrive’s service. When someone signs up with your link, that person will receive 15% off their order and you will receive $25 to spend on the site.

The site also offers frequent promotions. Even during your free trial, you’re likely to receive at least one incentive or promotion each week. That makes the potential savings even more significant.

Comparing The Prices Of Thrive Market vs Amazon vs Whole Foods

Of course, what you most want to know is how do the prices compare to what you’d pay at a health food store, your favorite grocery store or another online store. That takes a lot of research, and you should do some on your own to compare the products you use most, we’ve taken out some of the work for you by putting together this price comparison.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are correct at time of publication. Amazon prices can not be published due to their terms of service but you can click each link to see the current live price. All links open in a new tab.

Item Thrive Market Amazon Whole Foods
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, 16 oz. $2.55 See price $3.99
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Flour, 22 oz. $3.45 See price $4.69
Dr. Bronner’s Organic Coconut Oil, 30 oz. $15.95 See price $18.99
Artisan Organic Almond Butter, 16 oz $14.95 See price $21.99
Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea, 16 bags $3.45 See price $4.49
Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers, Stage 6, 17 per pack $10.45 See price (4 pack) $11.99
Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Dish Soap, 16 oz $3.45 See price $4.69
Tom’s of Maine Wintermint Toothpaste, 4.7 ounces $3.95 See price $4.99
Spectrum Mayonnaise, 32 ounces $9.95 See price $10.99
Traditional Medicinals Ginger Tea, 16 pack $3.75 See price $4.99
Redmond Clay Powder, 10 oz $7.95 See price $9.99
Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil, 2 oz $22.95 See price $38.99
Seventh Generation Natural Powder Laundry Detergent, 112 oz $13.95 See price $11.99 for 80 oz


While Thrive may not carry every single brand, and all products each brand makes (we’d be hard-pressed to find any online or brick-and-mortar store that could do that), it does feature an extensive array of options that is continually growing, and typically what it does have will be much cheaper as compared to other retailers, as you can see from the chart.

For example, if you were to purchase all 14 items from Thrive Market, it would cost you $116.75. Whole Foods total cost comes to $152.77, still about a 24% savings overall, certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Take time to create your own chart using a list of your most commonly purchased products and find out how much you can save.

Also take into consideration that $59.95 membership fee, with this order you’ve saved $36.02 over Whole Foods. While you haven’t come out ahead just yet, remember that with only one more order, you’ll start to save quite a bit.

The Bottom Line

Just think about all of those nutritious foods and other healthy products you can buy from this warehouse full of fabulous items at awesome wholesale prices that are great for your wallet too. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, paleo, organic, raw, non-GMO or a combination of some of the above, you’re likely to find the ideal option on Thrive.

While you can’t buy perishables, of course, that means you can still support your local farmers and merchants for those products, while getting much of what you need right online. Perhaps you can even have fun trying some new foods, or exploring some of the many personal care and cleaning products to see how you can up your health, wellness and overall quality of life even more.

Remember, if you aren’t sure if Thrive Market is right for you but would like to find out for sure before you commit 100%, you can take advantage of the free 30-day trial first, before shelling out the annual $59.95 fee.

If you do decide it’s right for you, you’ll be doing a great thing for others, as you may recall, for every paid membership they’ll be matching it by providing a membership to a low-income family who might not otherwise have access to wholesome, convenient foods. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to help out the environment by being committed to sustainability, using recycled packaging and being carbon neutral too.

An Exclusive Discount Coupon For Natural Living Ideas Readers

We really love Thrive Market here at Natural Living Ideas, and while we know it isn’t for everyone, for those of you that would like to try it out, we have one heck of an exclusive deal for you!

Get 1 Month Free + Free Shipping + 25% Off Your First Order

Not only will you already be saving 25-50% off the retail price of healthy foods and natural, wholesome products with Thrive Markets already very generous pricing, you’ll then also get an additional 25% off your first order!

How To Get Started With Thrive Market

  1. Head to Thrive Market using this very special link. (You need to use this link so that the 25% discount code is automatically applied)
  2. Enter your email address and register for free. Once you are registered you can browse the 4,000+ premium products from 400+ natural brands.
  3. Pick and choose the healthy and wholesome products you’d like to try and add them to your basket. The 25% discount will be automatically applied so simply check out and await your items arriving just a few days later.
  4. Your free one month subscription will automatically begin meaning you can order all your favorite healthy food, snacks, green cleaning products, non-toxic personal care items and more, always at 25 – 50% below retail prices. If it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time.

Ready to try Thrive Market? Click here to get started.

Disclaimer: Natural Living Ideas is an affiliate partner with Thrive Market meaning we may earn a small commission on customers we refer. This does not impact our editorial decisions and we only recommend products and services we truly believe in.

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