How To Make The World’s Best Anti Aging Rosehip Face Serum

Susan Patterson
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How To Make The World's Best Anti Aging Rosehip Face Serum

Whether you live in a dry or windy climate, or one that is drenched in sun, your skin will suffer. This is especially true if you are in your upper years as the skins natural ability to balance and stay moist declines as we age.

Sure, you can purchase a lot of products at your local drugstore, but many of these contain harsh chemicals that actually strip your skin of any natural moisture and leave it looking dull and listless.

A much better idea is to feed your skin with natural oils. Here are some of the top oils and a fabulous and highly effective face serum for hydrating and conditioning skin.

Moisturizing Anti-Aging Oils

These oils make up a face serum that will keep you looking young and vibrant while protecting your skin from the harsh elements and aging process.

Rosehip: Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of Rosa aff. rubiginosa or Rosa moschata. They contain fatty acids, vitamins E, C and B-carotene.  The antioxidants in this oil help to ward off free radicals caused by toxins and the environment while stimulating collagen growth and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This oil can also diminish redness, irritation and even out skin tone. Read more about the magical beauty benefits of rosehip oil here.

Frankincense: This essential oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia carterii or Boswellia sacara tree found in Somalia. Used therapeutically for thousands of years, frankincense oil is a powerful astringent meaning that it can protect skin cells, reduce the signs of aging and help lift and tighten the skin. It can also reduce inflammation and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Read more about some of the incredible benefits of frankincense oil here.

Helichrysum: The helichrysum plant is part of the family of sunflowers that produces a healing oil that can reduce inflammation and encourage tissue regeneration. The oil has powerful antibacterial properties and is often used to help treat breakouts.

Myrrh: Myrrh oil comes from a dried resin extracted from the Commiphora myrrha tree, and is another ancient oil that has very strong hydrating properties. Myrrh contains powerful antioxidants and anti-fungal properties making it a wonderful and soothing addition to this face serum.

Geranium: The Egyptians were very fond of geranium oil and used it in a number of ways including promoting beautiful skin. It reduces inflammation and helps lock moisture into the skin. As an added bonus, this oil is also prized for it ability to brighten moods and restore balance.


  • 1 oz or 2 tbsp rosehip oil (buy it here)
  • 10 drops frankincense essential oil (buy it here)
  • 5 drops helichrysum essential oil (buy it here)
  • 5 drops myrrh essential oil (buy it here)
  • 5 drops geranium essential oil (buy it here)
  • dried rose petals (optional)


  • glass dropper bottle (such as this one) or glass spray bottle (such as this one)

Homemade Hydrating & Anti-Aging Rosehip Oil Face Serum


  1. Gather all of your supplies together, reship oil, spray or dropper bottle, essential oils and dried rose petals. (Top left photo)
  2. Carefully pour rosehip oil into the 1 oz bottle. (Top right photo)
  3. Add each essential oil with the number of drops called for and a few dried rose petals if desired. I loved how pretty this container of oil looks with just a few added petals. (Bottom left photo)
  4. Use dropper or spray bottle and place 5 or 6 drops or a few sprays on your hands and apply to face and neck. (Bottom right photo)

Apply this oil in the morning and night to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

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