16 Best Ways To Soothe A Diaper Rash

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16 Best Ways To Soothe A Diaper Rash

If you have little ones in your life, you know how much work it takes to keep them healthy. Diaper rashes can be a constant problem for those first few years of childhood, as spending even a few minutes in a soggy onesie can irritate delicate baby skin.

It goes without saying you want your baby’s bums to find relief as soon as possible, but it’s not always easy to know what to try. After all, conventional skincare products often contain harsh ingredients that often make the problem worse. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for natural remedies for a diaper rash, and this article will teach you what to try.

But first, let’s look at some facts behind diaper rashes so you can better understand the problem you’re striving to fix in the first place.

What Causes Diaper Rashes?

Officially known as diaper dermatitis, a diaper rash is a broad term used to classify skin conditions that infants develop around their diapers. One sign that your baby has a diaper dermatitis is a red bumpy rash that extends through the buttocks to the back of the legs. Most diaper rashes are caused by your child’s bum staying wet too long, as this can irritate sensitive skin, and the warm, moist environment creates the perfect habitat space for yeasts and bacteria to thrive.

You might assume that a minor diaper rash will get better on its own, but the truth is that neglecting to treat skin problems on your baby when they first appear can cause them to worsen to the point of peeling skin, oozing pus, and even fevers. While it’s essential that you talk to your doctor about any skin condition on your child that looks alarming, there’s a lot you can do to treat mild diaper rashes at home with ingredients you already own.

16 Natural Home Remedies To Soothe A Diaper Rash

Though baby skin is delicate and can respond differently to a variety of treatments, these natural alternatives for conventional diaper rash treatments have stood the test of time and might help your kid find relief.

1. Let Those Baby Bums Breath

Because of how sensitive baby skin can be, even a few minutes of wetness is often enough to trigger a diaper rash. Stop your child from suffering by changing her diaper as often as possible, and letting her skin breath between changes for at least an hour each day.

2. Invest In Green Baby Products

Many seemingly innocent skincare products contain more unpleasant compounds than you want to know about, including synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin. To keep your kid feeling comfortable and free from rashes, consider sticking to all-natural baby wipes and diapers, or skip the plastic altogether and switch to cloth diapers. You might need to experiment with a few brands before you find one that works for your baby, but starting with the right products can prevent a diaper rash from developing in the first place.

3. Soothe With Coconut Oil

One of the best ways to soothe a diaper rash is turning to a product you likely use on your own skin – coconut oil. Not only does this tropical smelling oil offer soothing hydration, but it also creates a natural barrier between the skin and irritants and acts as a natural anti-fungal to kill off the yeasts responsible.

4. Go Back To The Basics With Browned Flour

This time-honored diaper rash treatment has fallen to the wayside, but not because it doesn’t work! Help your baby find relief by cooking some unbleached all-purpose flour over medium heat with a whisk, sifting apart lumps until the flour is a sandy color. You can sprinkle it on a bad rash like baby powder, and keep applying after every diaper change until the rash goes away (usually within a few days).

5. Make A Homemade Rash Cream

The secret to many successful diaper rash treatments is creating a barrier between the baby skin and any potential irritants.

It’s possible to make a DIY diaper cream by blending one tablespoon coconut oil, ¼ cup shea butter, two tablespoons of zinc oxide and your choice of essential oil (lavender, chamomile and tea tree oil all work well). Once well mixed, you can run the cream directly onto the irritated skin.

6. Dab On Some Yogurt

If you’ve got plain yogurt on hand, you can use some as a natural diaper rash treatment for your baby. Just apply some (room temperature for comfort) yogurt on the irritated skin in a thick paste, and leave it in place between diaper changes for a soothing remedy.

7. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

There’s a lot to like about apple cider vinegar, and this versatile product has impressive potential for soothing a diaper rash. Consider adding one cup to your baby’s bathwater and let her/him soak for fifteen minutes so that the vinegar can act as a natural disinfectant and kill off any yeast responsible for the rash.

You can also help prevent a rash from forming in the first place by rinsing reusable diapers in a bucket of water mixed with a cup and a half of vinegar. These treated diapers create an inhospitable environment for the yeasts that trigger the irritation.

8. Soak With Epsom Salts

Long loved for their ability to make every bath feel luxurious, Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) have natural anti-inflammatory properties that let them soothe a diaper rash. You can pour half a cup into a tub of warm water, and allow your baby to soak in the water at least ten minutes. Repeat this treatment twice per week for long term results.

9. Consider A Sip Of Cranberry Juice

Too much urine exposure is a leading cause of diaper rashes, as its naturally high alkaline content is a skin irritant. Help your baby balance out her pH levels with a spoonful or two of cranberry juice each day. This succeeds in neutralizing urine, which reduces its risk of triggering inflammation. Always ask your pediatrician before introducing something into your baby’s diet.

10. Apply Aloe Vera

Few plant compounds are as naturally soothing on irritated skin as aloe vera gel, and it turns out this cooling gel feels as good on a diaper rash as it does a sunburn. Fresh or bottled aloe vera well both work well, and its antibacterial properties mean it also works to treat rashes at their source.

11. Use An Oatmeal Bath

Another pantry staple to make this list, oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties that make it perfect for soothing skin irritated by a diaper rash. It also has a high protein content, which preserves the natural skin barrier and pulls dirt and oil for pores that can otherwise trigger irritation. It’s possible to draw an oatmeal bath for your baby by steeping a cupful of raw oats in a tied cheesecloth so that you essentially make a giant teabag. This oat infusion creates silky smooth bath water that has a mild, soothing effect for sensitive skin.

12. Consider Cornstarch

Though talcum powder is the more popular product, consider using cornstarch to dry out your baby’s buns instead. There’s less risk of irritation, so long as you keep it far away from the baby’s still developing lungs.

13. Try Tea Tree Oil

This wonder oil is a stellar antiseptic with antibacterial properties, meaning that it can clear up diaper rashes quickly. Add a few drops of top quality tea tree oil to a carrier oil like coconut oil, and apply liberally to the irritated skin.

14. Add Some Olive Oil

If you’re looking for an everyday cleaning agent to keep baby skin healthy and at low risk of developing a diaper rash, olive oil can be a soothing skin solution. Gently rub in a few drops after each diaper change, and you’ll keep your baby’s skin smooth and irritation free.

15. Brew Chamomile Tea & Honey

As delicious as chamomile tea and honey taste in your teacup, they also work together as a powerful solution for healing a diaper rash. You can mix two cups of lukewarm tea with a teaspoon of honey and apply it through a spray bottle to the diaper rash.

16. Bet On Breast Milk

For those seeking a genuinely all-natural solution to diaper rashes, breast milk can soothe and heal irritated skin. However, it’s not a smart strategy if the outbreak is caused by a growth of yeast, as milk sugars will only feed it further and trigger its growth. If the rash looks bright red and consists of defined patches with raised edges, there’s a good chance yeast is to blame. Ask a health professional first if your unsure.

Get Rid Of Diaper Rashes For Good

There’s nothing worse than watching a baby suffer, which is why finding a natural remedy for diaper rashes is so important. Experiment with one or more of the ideas in this article, and there’s an excellent chance that your baby’s skin will soon be restored.

Always seek professional advice if your baby has a rash and you are unsure of the cause.

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