20 Cedar Oil Uses For Your Home, Garden & Skin

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20 Cedar Oil Uses For Your Home, Garden & Skin

Are you feeling disillusioned with the “health” products pedalled by big chain stores? This merchandise might look appealing, but many lotions, cosmetics, and even medical treatments contain far more than what appears on their cheerful labels – added ingredients that might have potentially toxic effects on your system.

If you want to make a positive change for your health, it’s time to strip down your wellness routine to the essential components by focusing on the active ingredients themselves. Cedar oil is an underappreciated health product that can be used in numerous ways, making it a smart natural remedy to clear up your skin, soothe your scalp, ease insomnia, and even cleanse your house.

Ready to learn more? Let’s look at the real benefits of this essential oil and how you can put it to use.

What Is Cedar Oil?

Cedar oil comes from the cedar tree, a towering evergreen species that thrives in cold climates and high elevations. The sticky, yellow oil has been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years, and the records show ancient Egyptians relied on it for their perfume and mummification needs. In fact, cedar oil is now considered the first essential oil ever to be distilled.

This pungent oil is best extracted from cedar needles and small pieces of wood that undergo a steam distillation process. The resulting oil has a strong evergreen scent and has plenty of medicinal value, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial properties.

Top 20 Uses For Cedar Oil

There’s plenty of ways to put this long-valued essential oil to use. Below are twenty simple ways that cedar oil can be used to improve your body and home.

1. Treat Congestion

There’s little worse than breathing with a cold, but cedar oil can be a stellar solution for combating congestion. Carefully breathing in the oil lets it clear up your lungs and remove the phlegm and mucus within then, making it a smart treatment option for combating the common cold. Best of all, the oil can relieve other cold symptoms like headaches and watery eyes.

To make a congestion-relieving remedy, combine three drops cedarwood essential oil with three drops eucalyptus oil and four tsp of your preferred carrier oil, and rub the blend on your chest as necessary. You can also put the same mix (without the carrier oil) into a diffuser to let multiple people enjoy the benefits.

2. Relieve a Cough  

Cedarwood essential oil has antispasmodic properties, meaning that it might be the perfect way to relieve your cough. If you’re struggling to quell those coughing fits, pour some oil into a handkerchief to breathe in when you need relief, or add some oil to a room diffuser so you can inhale it as you sleep.

3. Improve and Regulate Menstruation

If you’re dealing with an irregular menstrual cycle, a few drops of cedar oil might help you rebalance your hormone levels. Just mix a few drops of cedar oil into a tablespoon of your preferred carrier oil and rub it into your hips and pelvis. Many people find this method also relieves period cramps.

4. Slow Down Hair Loss

Inexplicable hair loss is often a sign of an unhealthy scalp, and cedar oil can help combat the problem. That’s because the oil’s compounds can boost the blood circulation to your scalp, which slows down hair loss. Just massage a few drops in as you wash your hair, and let it sit for at least four minutes before rinsing as usual.

5. Relieves Stress

For those dealing with a stressful schedule, a small dose of cedar essential oil might transport your mind to the comfort of an evergreen forest- at least temporarily. If you want to keep your anxiety under control, keep a bottle on hand that you can open and sniff for convenient aromatherapy breaks. Within thirty seconds of breathing in the sharp pine scent, your endorphins will be triggered enough to start calming you down.

6. Reduce Joint Pain and Stiffness

Achy joints can make movement debilitating, but cedar oil can help you find relief from the pain in your limbs. Just mix ten drops of cedar oil with one or more ounces of carrier oil, and massage the mix where you feel the most pain. For full-body effects, blend a few drops into two cups of Epsom salts and dissolve the mixture in a soothing bath.

7. Improve Skin Tone and Definition

For those looking to improve the toning and definition in their skin, cedar oil can provide surprising benefits. The oil’s natural astringent properties make it beneficial for tightening muscles and skin when you massage it with a carrier oil where you want results.

8. Relieve Restless Leg Syndrome

Are jumpy legs preventing you from sleeping well? Consider making a massage blend to relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Blend three drops each of cedarwood oil, vetiver oil, and black pepper oil and add four tsp of your favorite carrier oil. Massage the mixture into your legs before sleeping, and you’ll have less risk of them keeping you up.  

9. Treat Wounds

Cedar oil’s chemical properties make it a natural antiseptic, meaning that you can use it to help heal wounds. The oil prevents the development and growth of potential toxins and dangerous bacteria, and you can apply it to shallow cuts and skin rashes by blending a few drops with coconut oil before using it.

10. Improve Sleep Quality

For those who struggle to fall and stay asleep, cedar oil can offer some unexpected relief. Research shows that the oil has natural sedative effects, and its aroma causes your brain to release more serotonin, which converts into sleep-promoting melatonin.

You can whip up a nighttime rub (coconut oil, 12 drops each of lavender oil and cedar oil, and five drops of wild orange oil), and massage it into the bottoms of your feet before getting into bed. Another option is to sprinkle a few drops of the oil onto your pillowcase before bed, or you can add some of the oil to a diffuser.

11. Treat Oily Skin

If you’re looking for a natural way to even out an oily complexion, a cedar oil treatment can unclog your pores and leave you oil free. Make your own skin treatment by combining four drops cedarwood oil with two drops each of tea tree oil and sandalwood oil, and 4 tsp of jojoba oil. Use a cotton ball to apply the blend as a spot treatment where you want to reduce your oil production.

12. Improves Focus and Reduces ADHD  

Cedar oil acts as a natural sedative, which means that it can be useful for enhancing focus – especially for those with ADHD. One study of thirty children revealed that letting them inhale small amounts of cedarwood oil throughout the day led to improvement in their brain activity and reduced overall ADHD symptoms, which resulted in better focus. You can experience the benefits for yourself by keeping a vial handy for when you need a concentration boost.

13. Kills Fungal Infections 

Fungal pathogens like athlete’s foot can wreak havoc on your skin, but a dose or two of cedar oil can help you get the problem back under control. Research has revealed that this potent essential oil can act as a viable alternative to traditional antibiotics to control both yeast and bacterial infections like Streptococcus.

14. Helps Treat Acne 

Are you sick of suffering from chronic acne? It’s time to see whether cedar oil will improve your complexion. 2016 research revealed that the oil shows evidence of being helpful for improving acne, so consider adding a drop or more to your favorite face wash for a daily skin treatment.

15. Treats Flakey Scalp

A dry, itchy scalp is as inconvenient as it can be embarrassing, but a regular treatment of cedar oil might calm down those flakes. That’s because the oil will stimulate your scalp and improve circulation, defeat bacteria and fungal infections at the source, and start the healing process for wounds and rashes. Add a few drops to coconut oil and rub it into your scalp, letting it sit for up to thirty minutes before rinsing your hair as usual.

16. Reduce Arthritis-Induced Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the most debilitating symptoms of arthritis, but recent research shows that the cedar oil shows impressive potential for reducing this sign of the condition. You can blend eight drops of cedar oil to your preferred carrier oil to produce a healing balm you can massage where you feel pain, or add a few drops of the oil to your bathwater for full body relief.

17. Reduce Eczema Flare-Ups

Eczema is a common skin disorder that leads to dry, flaky skin patches that look unsightly, so it’s little surprise that many people are looking for natural remedies for the condition. Consider adding some cedar oil to your daily lotion and massaging it where you have a flare-up. The oil’s healing properties should help your skin clear up fast.

18. Clean Your Home

Cedar oil will do more than keep your skin and body healthy- you can also utilize the essential oil to clean your home. For an all-purpose cleansing spray, blend 1/3 cup of water with ½ Tbsp of castile soap and four drops of cedar oil. Spray the blend on surfaces you want to clean, and carefully wipe off excess liquid.

19. Natural Deodorizer 

If you’re looking to freshen up your room’s scent without resorting to toxin-laden air fresheners, consider adding some cedar oil to a diffuser. Not only will the oil act as a natural deodorizer, but it will fill your home with a woodsy scent. To balance out the scent notes, consider blending cedar oil with equal parts jasmine, pine, sandalwood or lavender oil.

20. Repel Insects Naturally

There’s a reason why bugs stay away from cedar trees; their essential oils act as natural insect repellents. Many top-quality insect repellents rely on cedar oil, and you can make your own by adding several drops to a carrier oil and spraying it on your body and the places where you tend to have insect problems. You can also use the oil as a homemade moth deterrent by adding a few drops to cotton balls that you store in your cabinets and dressers.

How to Buy Quality Cedar Oil

When it comes to buying essential oils, not all suppliers are the same. You’ll run into problems if you only pay attention to the lowest price, as many unscrupulous suppliers will cut their oils with lower grades to make a bigger profit. To test the integrity of your oil, consider a “spot test” where you dab a small amount of oil on a paper towel and watch whether it entirely evaporates. If it doesn’t, your ‘pure’ essential oil was likely cut with vegetable oil.

What’s the best way to ensure you source the best quality oil? Look for organic varieties to ensure you won’t get unwanted contaminants within the oil and seek out brands with a reputable reputation. We recommend Plant Therapy because of their consistent essential oil quality. You can purchase a bottle of their 100% Pure Organic Cedar Essential Oil from this page on Amazon.

Cedarwood Oil Side Effects

While cedarwood oil is a natural compound, it’s not necessarily safe for use in every situation. Cedar oil is considered to be highly potent, and it can be dangerous if you consume it. Some people are extra sensitive to the oil and find that it triggers skin problems when they use it topically. For this reason, it’s smart to test your tolerance for the oil when you use it for the first time by diluting it heavily and applying only a small amount in a test space. Likewise, pregnant women should avoid the oil, and it should be kept away from children and pets who might accidentally ingest it.

So long as you approach cedar oil with some common sense, we think you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make for your skin, body, and home. Experiment with cedar oil today, and you’re sure to find plenty of ways to incorporate this potent compound into your regular life.

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