7 Natural Ways To Keep Bugs Away

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7 Natural Ways To Keep Bugs Away

There are hundreds of expensive bug repellent  sprays, lotions and potions on the market full of questionable chemicals and ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Should we really spraying and rubbing these ointments on our fragile and sensitive skin?

Instead, try these all natural, just as effective ways to keep bugs away – including mosquitoes, flies, fleas, spiders and more!

7 Natural Ways To Keep Bugs Away Citronella Candles – Candles are a great way of repelling bugs at night, don’t let them ruin your BBQ’s! Make some of these and be bug free!

Homemade Bug Repellent Spray – This wonderful post over at littlehouseliving.com shares 3 different easy to make sprays which will smell lovely to humans but gross to insects…

Bug Repellent Lotion Bars – These handy bars will provide on the go protection for you and your little ones, perfectly suitable to sensitive skin, you needn’t worry about any harmful ingredients.

7 Natural Ways To Keep Bugs Away 11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes – Simply plant these specifically chosen flowers and herbs around your garden for a completely natural mosquito repellent area!

DIY Sunscreen & Bug Repellent – This cream has double powers, not only does it protect you from the sun it also provides insect repellent qualities allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor pursuits.

Bug Repellent Salve – Carry these little tins of salve in your bag when outdoors and be in the safe knowledge that you have a handy repellent at all times.

Floating Bug Repellent Candles – These stylish candles not only look funky, but will also provide you and your guests a bug free outdoor experience.