55 Natural Secrets For The Best Skin Of Your Life

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55 Natural Secrets For The Best Skin Of Your Life

Don’t waste your money on overpriced lotions and potions with toxic ingredients. Nature provides all we need to enjoy flawless skin! Here are 55 wholesome tips and tricks to help you achieve the best skin of your life.

From the Pantry

Apply these food items from your kitchen topically for blemish-free and glowing skin.

Baking Soda – this can be used to clear up pimples, banish blackheads and exfoliate the skin – restoring your youthful, glowing complexion. Form a paste of baking soda and water, massage into the skin, and allow sit for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Oatmeal – when used topically, oats helps remove dead cells and reduce inflammation. They also contain polysaccharides, which leave a protective film on the skin and help combat dryness.

Turmeric – known in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine as an anti-ageing and healing spice, turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. Apply a paste of turmeric and water to reap these benefits, while reducing the signs of aging by UV damage. If you have light skin be careful – it can stain! Find out more about using turmeric for your skin here.

Saffron – known as the ‘Holy Grail’ of natural skincare, saffron is a fantastic skin toner, especially when mixed with rose water.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, ACV is also said to balance the pH of the skin. Mix up one part vinegar with two parts water and use as a facial toner.

Coffee Groundsused coffee grounds have so many uses, including for health and beauty. Mix the grounds with a little olive oil and use as an antioxidant-rich face or body exfoliator.

Avocado – this creamy fruit is used in lots of beauty products with good reason – it contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E, which is vital to nourish and repair your skin.

Fruits For Your Face

Along with eating these fruits for your health, you can put them ON your skin for added benefits.

Lemon Juice – when used topically it can moisturize and tone oily skin, while the Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and exfoliator. It’s also known to naturally bleach the skin and tighten pores. Drink lemon water every morning too for glowing skin!

Cucumber – this works to stimulate the skin and tighten pores, whilst cooling any inflammation. It’s perfect for placing over tired eyes too!

Papaya – contains an enzyme called papain which has anti-ageing, skin repairing, exfoliation and wound healing benefits for the skin. Mash papaya and apply directly on the skin, or use it as part of a rejuvenating facial mask.

Banana – what sounds better than a one-ingredient, all-natural face mask that moisturizes your skin, leaving it softer? That’s where the humble banana comes in – mash, apply to the face and neck, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse off with cold water.

Natural ‘Must Haves’

Every natural health enthusiast needs the following products in their home for stunning skin and more:

Aloe Vera – with cooling and healing properties, an aloe vera plant should be in every home. Use the gel as a natural moisturizer, an anti-aging treatment, or apply it to pimples and burns for immediate relief.

Activated Charcoal – mix activated charcoal with aloe vera gel, water and essential oils to form a cleansing mask for your face or body. It works wonders to clarify skin of organic impurities! Learn more here.

Rose Water – this gentle tonic can bring benefits to all skin types. Use it to cool irritated skin, cleanse oily skin, or rejuvenate mature skin. It also works to reduce eye puffiness, remove make-up, set make-up or soothe skin post-shave.

Bentonite Clay – also known as kaolin, this clay is a must for those with oily skin as it’s one of the best ways to absorb oil and tighten pores. Form a paste, apply to skin and allow to dry before rinsing off.

Witch Hazel – this herbal treatment can fade bruises and blemishes, brighten around the eyes, shrink swollen veins, soothe sunburn, neutralize contact dermatitis and more. Check out all the ways witch hazel can work for you.

Oils & Butters

Invest in some of these miracle oils for nourished and silky skin:

Coconut Oil – from cellulite cream and shaving cream to eye lotion and body scrub, coconut oil can be used in a myriad of ways to improve skin health. Discover them all here.

Argan Oil – thanks to its fatty acid profile, argan oil improves the appearance of skin by fighting aging, healing warts and scars, protecting against environmental damage and preventing stretchmarks.

Jojoba Oil – this liquid wax moisturizes the skin, controls oil, fights acne, and works wonders on dry and cracked skin. That’s not all it does – for more skin and beauty benefits, have a read of this post.

Sweet Almond Oil – loaded with Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc, sweet almond oil promotes deep cleansing, fades dark circles and tan lines, treats skin rashes and a whole lot more besides!

Avocado Oil – rich in healthy fats, avocado oil is a great source of vitamin E – vital for skin health and fighting the signs of aging. Avocado oil also works to reduce inflammation and itching and promote wound healing.

Olive Oil & Sea Salt – soothing and smoothing, olive oil massaged into the skin and removed with a washcloth is a fantastic natural make-up remover and moisturizer in one. Mix the oil with sea salt for a gentle but effective face and body scrub.

Shea Butter – silky smooth shea butter protects the skin from drying out, protects against sun exposure, smooths wrinkles, prevents stretch marks and reduces skin inflammation. 

Essential Oils  

Healing essential oils boast a myriad of skin benefits – from healing eczema to reducing fine lines.

Tea Tree – a natural and potent antiseptic, tea tree can be used on acne, pimples and fungal infections. Learn more about this healing oil here.

Rose – not only is it antimicrobial, but German researchers discovered that rose oil increases the skin’s permeability, allowing it to soak up more nutrients. Of course, this is only good news if you make your own beauty products full of natural ingredients like those mentioned here!

Rosemary – with so many magical uses, rosemary oil is one to always have on hand. When it comes to skin health, it’s known to banish cellulite, stretch marks and acne.

Lemon – for a natural toner, mix a half cup of water, half cup of witch hazel and 40 drops of lemon oil together. You can also use it to treat small skin wounds or fungal infections.

Frankincense – not only does frankincense treat dryness but it may help reverse signs of aging and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Healthy Habits

Add these simple actions to your daily routine to ensure your skins looks its best.

Dry Brushing – using a natural brush, before your shower brush your body in circular movements, going in the direction of the heart. Start at the feet and hands and brush toward the chest. This will work to improve circulation, remove dry skin cells, reduce cellulite and give you a natural and blemish free glow.

Regular Face Masks – treat your skin to a healing face mask on a regular basis and you’ll soon see a difference. Whether you want to address fine lines or age-spots, redness or dryness, these 18 face mask recipes have got you covered.

Oil Pulling – surprisingly, oil pulling doesn’t just benefit your oral health – it boosts immunity and improves the skin. Because most skin conditions can be linked to the health of the gut, improving immunity naturally leads to better skin. Here’s how you can begin oil pulling.

Work Out – going for a jog, a swim or even doing a few squats on your lunch break can see your skin improve as blood flow around the body increases, carrying additional oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

Facial Exercises – don’t just work out your legs and core, your face needs to exercise too! This helps keep the 57 muscles in your face and neck toned and tight leading to fewer lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone. Done twice a week, facial exercises will help with detoxification and circulation.

Quality Sleep – Getting between 7 and 9 hours of quality sleep a night means you’ll have a glowing complexion, fewer wrinkles and brighter eyes. These plants in your room should improve your sleep pattern.

Stop Stressingpsychodermatology, the field of research which studies the link between the mind and the skin is based on the premise that, when we feel stressed or anxious, it shows on the skin. To beat stress, engage in yoga, try breathing techniques or even add some of these calming oils to your diffuser.

A Layer of Protection

Don’t just treat your skin – protect it too!

Sunscreen – shielding yourself from the sun’s harmful rays is important not just for skin, but for overall health. Invest in a good quality natural sunscreen, or try this DIY recipe using zinc oxide and natural oils. Just make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D from the sunshine – here’s how to tell if you are deficient.

Avoid The Elements – harsh winter weather can be just as damaging for the skin as the sun is. Try these genius fixes to avoid painful cracked skin and windburn in the colder months.

Clean Up Your Act

Now that you know about all the great natural products and simple lifestyle changes you can add to your repertoire for flawless skin, learn what you need to get rid of from your skincare routine.

Clear Out Your Cosmetics Bag – not only is overuse of products the biggest mistake people make in their skincare regimen, but many of the products used contain hundreds of toxic chemicals that are doing damage to both the skin and bodily health. Ditch these conventional products, opting for natural or homemade instead.

Wash Make-Up Brushes – 72% of women never wash their cosmetics brushes or sponges, leading to a buildup of dirt and bacteria which cause facial outbreaks. To avoid this, wash them weekly in a solution of water and castile soap.

Wipe Down Your Smartphone – did you know that the average phone has 10 times the amount of bacteria that is found on a toilet seat? Wipe it down regularly before you let it touch your face!

Start Scrubbing – we shed about 40 pounds of dead skin in a lifetime. As these dead cells give skin a dull appearance, it’s a good idea to regularly scrub the body to remove excess dead cells, uncovering the glowing skin underneath. Here are 23 fantastic scrub recipes to get the job done.

Cleanse those Pores – when the pores become clogged with dead skin and oil, they form blackheads. A deep cleanse is in order to remove these unsightly blemishes. A good facial scrub will work, as will oatmeal, lemon juice, baking soda, or garlic. Here’s how you get rid of blackheads naturally.

Overall Body Health

If your body isn’t healthy, your skin certainly won’t be. In addition to addressing any illnesses or conditions you may have, make sure you:

Balance Hormones – certain types of hormonal imbalance can lead to acne or painful cysts, especially on the chin or around the mouth. Wondering if your hormones are balanced? See if any of these warning signs apply to you and then learn how to balance them.

Check for Deficiencies – a nutritional deficiency can lead to a variety of unwanted skin issues. For example, low levels of magnesium can cause recurrent yeast infections of the skin while a vitamin B12 deficiency causes hyperpigmentation (a condition where patches of the skin become darker than the rest).

Give Your Liver a Detox – an overworked liver can give the skin a yellow hue, make it feel itchy or dry or cause dark patches to develop. Learn how to give your liver a gentle detox.

Glow From The Inside Out

What you put into your body may just matter more than what you put onto your skin. Follow these tips and you’ll soon have the best skin possible.

Stay Hydrated – water plays a vital role in the condition of our body’s largest organ, especially since the outermost layer of the skin contains a lot of H2O. As a result, the skin will lose elasticity, and look and feel rough if it doesn’t contain enough fluid.

Cut Out Sugar & Refined Carbohydrates – we all know that sugar is terrible for our health, including the health of our skin. And a 2014 study found that refined carbs are behind the increase in cases of adult acne. Avoid these sources of hidden sugar and switch from white carbs to their whole grain counterparts. Also, learn how to quit sugar for good.

No Dairy – dairy is full of natural hormones, sugar, a GM growth hormone, and is naturally inflammatory – all of which signal trouble for skin health. Switch to nut or seed based milks.

Herbs & Spices – incredibly rich in antioxidants, herbs and spices add fantastic flavor to any meal. They each bring different healing properties and fight inflammation – benefiting skin health.

Herbal Teas – several herbal teas are noted for their skin saving properties – including lemongrass, nettle, oolong and rooibos, along with the potent Matcha green tea.

Watermelon – rich in lycopene, watermelon helps reduce damage from sun exposure and prevents wrinkles. Tomatoes are another great source of lycopene.

Kiwi – with one medium kiwi fruit containing more than the daily dose of vitamin C, they’re well worth snacking on. Vitamin C brightens skin, repairs damage and reduces wrinkles. Cantaloupe melon, berries, papaya and bell peppers also contain plenty of this important nutrient.

Carrotsa study has shown that eating a diet rich in carrots gives you a healthier and more golden glow than the sun! Carrots are also a good source of vitamin A, along with sweet potatoes and leafy greens.

Nuts and Seeds – snack on sunflower seeds and almonds for a hearty dose of vitamin E to repair skin damage; or munch on walnuts and flaxseeds for plenty of omega fatty acids, which play a huge role in skin health.

Fermented Foods – vital for gut health (which has a big impact on skin health), fermented foods should be part of any well-rounded diet. Here are five simple fermented food recipes to try at home.