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I Drank Magnesium For 7 Days & It Was The Best Decision Ever

EDITORS NOTE: Here at Natural Living Ideas we decided to perform a “human guinea pig experiment” whereby one of our contributors drank a magnesium supplement for a week. Since Natural Calm from Natural Vitality is the most popular water-soluble magnesium on the market, we chose that product. We have not been sponsored for this experiment, we did not receive any free samples and we are… [read more]

10 Home Remedies For Dry, Chapped & Overworked Hands

Each day, the delicate skin on our hands is put through a disproportionate share of abuse compared with other areas of the epidermis. Every chore – whether it’s gardening, cooking a meal, cleaning your home, doing laundry, washing dishes, or bathing your pets – involves using these remarkable tools we call hands. In addition to these tasks, an extremely hands-on job or a particularly handsy… [read more]

15 Useful Garden Gadgets That You Should Actually Consider Buying

Not all geeks sit behind a computer, there are more than a few gardeners who love a great garden gadget and some of the new, trendy items that have come out recently really are worth the money, making burdensome tasks easier, adding some fun or helping your garden to thrive. 1. ColdSnap! Frost Alarm With fall and winter just around the corner, you won’t want… [read more]

Top 3 Solar Chargers For Charging Your Phone & Small Devices On The Go

Thanks to the numerous advancements in technology, today we have a wealth of electronic gadgets at our fingertips, from smartphones and laptops to tablets and portable printers that make doing work from a remote location easier than ever. These portable devices make it possible to enjoy the increasingly popular mobile lifestyle so that we can work or have fun on the go – until those… [read more]

10 Beautiful Home Decorations You Can Make Using Nature

Fall is just around the corner, and with it, that wonderfully cooler, crisp air, colorful leaves and those fabulous aromas like cinnamon and apples wafting through the air. It’s one of our favorite seasons, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is to use some of the earth’s natural, organic elements to create your own autumn home decor. Those warm colors can bring… [read more]

8 Reasons To Join The Tiny House Living Movement

Tiny houses have become a huge thing – do a google search and you’ll find countless blogs about it, or just flip through the channels on TV, there’s Tiny House, Big Living, Tiny House Nation, the list just seems to go on and on. These tiny, compact, affordable houses are practically everywhere you look.  Simply put, tiny house living is a social movement in which… [read more]

I Quit Sugar For 4 Weeks & This Is What Happened

Sugar is everywhere. Even in places, you’d never expect it. When I decided to give up sugar, I assumed that meant foregoing dessert and giving up my favorite snack – Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch cereal, but I soon learned that it was going to take a whole lot more than that. For years, I told myself that sugary treats, especially things like cereal, hard candies,… [read more]

7 Tips For Keeping Chickens In The City

While raising chickens in the city may not be for everyone, it could be more of an option than you might think. Even people who live in the city can reap the myriad of benefits just a small flock can bring, and it’s really no more time consuming to care for them than the effort it takes to take a dog for a walk. And,… [read more]

10 Brilliant Ways To Use All Those Blackberries You Forage

Of the Rubus genus, the blackberry plant is a hardy and adaptable perennial that can grow just as vigorously in nutrient-stripped wastelands as it does in the verdant wilds of the forest. Comprising of more than 375 species, blackberries can be found all over the world. Its ubiquity, sweet tasting fruit, and ease of identification makes the blackberry plant a favorite among novice and expert… [read more]

11 Ways To Naturally Cleanse & Purify Your Lungs

It goes without saying that the lungs are a very important organ. Without them, you couldn’t breathe, and without breath, you cease to exist. They’re a part of the respiratory system, working with other organs and tissues to help you breathe, and every single cell in the body needs oxygen to live. The lungs are what move oxygen into the bloodstream where it’s carried throughout… [read more]