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25 Must Have Gifts Every Natural Living Enthusiast Will Seriously Love

Looking for the perfect gift for the natural living buff in your life? Well, stress no more – you’ve come to the right place! With everything from bamboo travel mugs and green tea ceremony sets to aromatherapy pet collars and Himalayan candle holders, this list of 25 great gift ideas has got you covered. Himalayan Salt Lamp These softly glowing lamps make a perfect gift… [read more]

18 Impressive Reasons You Should Start Doing Squats

Squats are one exercise which should be part of everyone’s workout routine – regardless of age, gender or fitness goals. They’re not just for legs you know – they benefit the whole body in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re looking to shed pounds, maintain mobility or run faster, the humble squat is for you. Check out these 18 ways that squats can improve your… [read more]

33 Clever Little Ways To Help You Go Green in 2016

At least one in three of us will decide to better ourselves over the coming twelve months. Most people will choose to lose weight, get healthier, save money or get organized. But what if we could achieve some, or all, of these things while taking into the account the bigger picture – the state of our environment? The truth is that, by choosing to be… [read more]

6 Magical Ways Turmeric Can Give You The Best Skin Ever

Used as a key ingredient for making curries, turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a plant native to southwest India and a member of the ginger family. Turmeric roots – or rhizomes – can be peeled and eaten fresh or dried and ground up into a fine powder. Imparting an aromatic, earthy scent with a slightly bitter and peppery taste, turmeric has played a role in Chinese… [read more]

14 Reasons Frankincense Essential Oil Should Be In Every Home

Before we begin a specific discussion of an individual essential oil, it is important to speak to the class of essential oils themselves, their history and use. The use of essential oils dates back thousands of years and over this time more and more is being discovered about the potency and value of these oils. The term aromatherapy was first coined by a French chemist… [read more]

How (Most) Scented Candles Are Destroying Your Home Air Quality & What To Do Instead

Emitting a soft, warm, ambient glow, candles have been used for centuries for warding off the blackness of night. Dating back to at least 500 BC, candles were developed independently across the globe and were made from natural substances like beef tallow, whale fat, boiled cinnamon, beeswax, and yak butter. In the 1850s, Scottish chemist James Young first distilled paraffin wax from residues left over… [read more]

5 Reasons To Wash Your Face (& Skin) With Apple Cider Vinegar

You may remember the smell of apple cider vinegar from your grandmother’s house. Perhaps she made you drink it when you had an upset stomach or used it to dab on your mosquito bites or sunburn. Well, guess what? Apple cider vinegar is back. Grandma was right, it is a go to remedy for a large number of conditions and keeping a jar of organic… [read more]

5 Expensive Beauty Products You Can Make at Home & Save Big

Oh, the price of vanity… we can spend thousands a year just to keep our face and body looking its best. Marketing campaigns attack us on all fronts with the promise of everlasting beauty and of course, no wrinkles. Of course, one of the most important things to know about these products is that many of them contain toxic chemicals that can actually do more… [read more]

16 Seriously Damaging Side Effects Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Nearly two thirds of American adults now own a smartphone – up from 58% in early 2014. In fact, 61% of you reading this page right now are probably doing so on a smartphone. Their popularity is not surprising! Smartphones are incredible little devices – they allow us to stay connected, organized and entertained. They can track what we eat, our exercise goals and our… [read more]