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50 Aromatic Essential Oil Recipes You’ve Got To Try In Your Diffuser

Whether you’re not sure what to do with all of those essential oils in your cabinet or simply looking for some fresh ideas, we’ve got you covered.  Here is a collection of 50 fantastic essential oil recipes for your diffuser, gathered from around the web! Not got your own aromatherapy diffuser yet? Find out which diffuser is right for you as we review five of the… [read more]

14 Most Effective Natural Remedies To Relieve Joint Pain

For anyone who has ever experienced chronic pain – especially in the joints – you know the value of an effective pain remedy.  The following list of all-natural pain-relievers includes several herbs which offer immediate results as well as a full collection of more permanent (albeit slower-acting) solutions for healing your joints and easing away pain. 1. Turmeric & Ginger Turmeric contains the organic compound… [read more]

20+ Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils

Need a few good ideas for decorating your home this holiday season? Or perhaps you’re still looking for the perfect gift to give to that special someone on your Christmas list? Here are 20 of the best and most clever handmade holiday gift ideas using essential oils (plus a bonus link to 10 more creative recipes!) from around the web to spark your creativity: 1. These Aroma-Coasters… [read more]

10 Reasons Every Home Needs A Bottle Of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil, distilled from the Australian native Eucalyptus globulus tree, boasts a long list of traditional uses.  Aboriginal Australians used Eucalyptus to heal wounds, cure fungal infections, and as a fever reducer.  Chinese, Greek, European, and Ayurvedic medicine later adopted Eucalyptus as a disinfectant and expectorant. Present day medicinal applications of Eucalyptus Oil may be seen in the majority of grocery stores and pharmacies around… [read more]