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5 Recipes To Superpower Your Garden Growth

Do you want your garden to be growing at a supercharged rate? Do you want the best flowers and vegetables in the street? With these 5 recipes you can achieve just that! From fish fertilizer and eggshells to the secret to growing the world’s best tomatoes… this list may sound bonkers, but all 5 recipes will have your garden growing healthier and faster than ever before.… [read more]

11 Scientifically Backed Reasons Why You Should Add Goji Berries To Your Diet Right Now

Also known as the ‘Wolfberry’, gou qi zi, and Fructus lycii, Goji berries are harvested from Lycium barbarum, an evergreen shrub in the nightshade family, Solonaceae – the same family as potatoes, eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes.  Native to the temperate and subtropical regions of China, Mongolia, and the Tibetan Himalayas, Goji berries have been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.… [read more]

17 Natural Ways To Banish Headaches Fast

Headaches can be the result of any of a number of causes.  Sinus pressure, ear infection, muscle tension in the jaw or neck, lack of sleep, and high blood pressure are some of the most common sources of minor to moderate headaches.  Migraines, the much more serious and often debilitating chronic headaches experienced by some people may be caused by environmental contaminants, hormonal changes, or… [read more]

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10 Emphatic Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Chia Seeds Today

Once consumed by the Mayans and Aztecs as a source of vitality and strength, the modern superfood known as Chia seeds is one health trend that lives up to its hype.  Harvested from the South American Salvia Hispanica plant, Chia seeds are ounce-for-ounce one of the most potent sources of vitamins and nutrients in the natural world.  Chia seeds have been scientifically proven to possess… [read more]

10 Science Backed Cheats To Rev Up Your Metabolism & Burn More Calories

Metabolism is affected by a person’s activity level, body size and composition, genetics, gender, age, and hormone levels. While not all of these factors are under our control, by understanding them and – more importantly – how to manipulate them, it is not only possible to naturally boost your metabolism, but also quite easy. Just follow any or all of these tips to start shedding… [read more]

10 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have An Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera – one of the more than five hundred species of succulent in the Aloe genus – has been used throughout history to treat both internal and external maladies.  Aloe Vera gel is widely recognized for its ability to soothe pain and inflammation caused by burns, or more specifically those from sunburn.  However, most people don’t recognize the full spectrum of health benefits offered… [read more]

8 Ways To Purify Home Air Naturally

While most people recognize the dangers posed by outdoor environmental pollutants, awareness of the many factors that compromise indoor air quality are not as well-known.  Because we spend so much of our time inside – an average of ninety percent – everyone can benefit from the understanding of how to purify and maintain healthy air in the home and office. Before you begin to improve… [read more]

10 Most Effective Ways To Remove Acne Scars & Pimple Marks

For many acne sufferers, the prospect of living blemish-free can easily lead to a medicine cabinet full of chemical creams and oral medications. While these treatments may offer immediate and powerful results, they also tend to carry a long list of side-effects. For those who desire a safe alternative to get rid of the scars left behind from pimples and acne, try some of these… [read more]