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7 Natural Cleaning Cheats That Will Rock Your World

Want to be notified each time we publish a new blog post? Then make sure you like Natural Living Ideas on Facebook here where we share not only our blog posts, but the best natural living ideas from around the web. No one really likes cleaning… do they? This blog post aims to arm you with the knowledge to make cleaning your home so much easier, so… [read more]

How To Eliminate 8 Common Garden Pests Naturally

It’s often easy to tell that something is eating up your organic garden, but identifying and eliminating the trouble-maker without using dangerous chemicals can be a more complicated, and often frustrating, process. Below are some of the most common pests along with an eco-friendly way to eliminate them. Slugs & Snails  If you have slugs or snails in your garden your best chance to catch… [read more]