12 Supercharged Energy Boosting Drinks

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12 Supercharged Energy Boosting Drinks

If you need a little “kick” then these supercharged energy boosting drinks are exactly what you need!

They are totally natural, easy to make, not packed with added sugar and contain none of the dangerous artificial ingredients found in many store bought energy drinks.

Take a look below at twelve of the best drink recipes to “supercharge” your energy levels…


Matcha Green Tea Super Drink – Matcha green tea powder has been found to: boost metabolism and burn calories, fight viruses and bacteria, enhances mood, fights cancer, cleanses and detoxifies the body and curbs cravings. Read more about what Matcha tea can do for you here.

Natural Sports Drink – It’s great for rehydrating after exercise without tons of sugar like many store bought sports drinks contain.

Before the Gym Energy Drink – Fuel your body ready for a tough workout with this energy boosting blend.


Super Energy Drink – This drink is full of vitamins and protein that’ll give you the long-lasting energy boost you need.

Chocolate Energy Drink – With simple natural ingredients, this energy drink is a no-brainer for chocolate lovers.

Green Tea Energy Drink – A drink that promises to spark the brain cells back up & get the juices going once again in the afternoon slump.

Morning Metabolism Boosting Drink – When drunk in the morning this will provide an energy boost, improve your health and kickstart your metabolism.


Zero Calorie ‘Kool Aid’ – A thirst quenching drink that’s all natural, free from artificial colors and flavors and zero-calorie.

Pineapple Ginger Mint Juice – It is much better for you to get your energy from natural sources (that taste incredible) rather than artificial drinks.

Blueberry Chia Blast – This energy boosting smoothie is sure be your go to recipe for a healthy energy boost.


Cinnamon Coconut Water Kefir – Coconut water is amazing for you on it’s own, try this recipe and get so much more out of it. Learn more about the wonderful benefits of coconut water here.

Homemade Electrolyte Energy Drinks – By making your own electrolyte energy drinks at home with wonderful natural ingredients, you can be sure these are super healthy and good for your body.

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