10 Fun DIY Bath Recipes

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10 Fun DIY Bath Recipes

There are so many simple recipes to make your bath time that little bit special, from bath bombs and melts, to salt soaks and homemade body wash and bubbles. Below are just a few of our favourites that will make your daily soak a pampered treat.  By using natural oils and ingredients, you will have a guilt free experience too. Taking time out for a long soak in the bath is challenging in this day in age, so when you do find the time, why not make it a really special.

Enjoy and indulge…

How To Make Your Own Exploding Bath Bomb – You can create your own fizzing, frothing, bubbling bomb with only a few simple ingredients. These will transform any bath-time into a fun and exciting extravaganza for all ages.

How To Make Your Own Honey Vanilla Bubble Bath – This is a real treat for the senses. By using these 5 simple ingredients you can create a truly luscious bubble bath, filling your bathroom with the lovely scents of vanilla, honey and almond. All components are great for your skin with soothing, softening qualities.

How To Make Lavender & Chamomile Bath Melts – Every now and then we really should spoil our bodies, this DIY really does this and then some. It mixes the tranquil, relaxing scent of lavender with the soothing and calming qualities of chamomile. So lay back, relax and loosen up whilst these melt with your senses.

How To Make Seaside Bath Salt Soak – This sensual salt soak will have you relaxing in the tub for hours on end. The grapefruit peel powder can improve skin tone by promoting  synthesis of new collagen whilst the Epsom salt is used to help sooth and relieve sore muscles.

How To Make Your Own Honey Shampoo – Honey has a long list of powerful qualities that can be used in many different ways, we believe this is one of the most powerful ones – Honey Shampoo.  This gentle, nourishing recipe can really enhance your hair care regime.

How To Make Invigorating Peppermint & Eucalyptus Body Wash – This really simple recipe is easy to make and totally adaptable in that you can cater for your own tastes and favorite essential oils. This is a great wash for use in a bath, but also adds a certain zing to a quick shower if you are pushed for time.

How To Make Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream – This shaving cream rivals any found in the supermarket, for many reasons. Firstly it doesn’t contain soap which dries out the skin, it only involves oils that help replenish skin and protect against the harshness of shaving. Secondly it mixes coconut oil and Shea butter making it smell incredible.

How To Make Coconut Milk & Lavender Bath Soak – This fun recipe combines lavender and coconut milk, making an indulgent bath soak that will sooth anyone into a state of relaxation and pure bliss. This make a normal bath time feel like a luxurious spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

How To Make Shampoo Bar Soap – This recipe combines jojoba oil, Shea and cocoa butter and beeswax making a real exotic bath time treat. This leaves hair soft, manageable and silky.

How To Make Refreshing Homemade Citrus Bath Salts – Fancy having a refreshing citrus burst in your bath? Well follow this simple ‘how to’ and you will have just that. By using orange and lemon essential oils you will be transported to a world of citrus infusions that will play on your senses, leaving your skin smelling fabulous.

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