Homemade Golden Turmeric Paste & 14 Genius Ways To Use It

You’re behind the times if you haven’t heard about the health benefits of turmeric. As ginger’s lesser known relative, turmeric is a bright orange spice well-loved for the kick it adds to curry and other traditional Indian and Southeast Asian dishes. Sometimes though, you might want to branch out from curry. If you’re struggling to find ways to put this bright yellow powder to use,… [read more]

12 Reasons To Brush Your Teeth With A Miswak Stick

What’s the best way to keep your teeth clean? Brushing with a stick probably isn’t high on your list. However, the benefits of brushing your teeth with miswak sticks are too impressive to ignore. Coming from the Arak tree, a tree that’s native to the Middle East, miswak sticks have been used as a natural oral hygiene strategy for over 7,000 years. Thanks to the… [read more]

6 Easy Ways To Instantly Improve The Mood Of Your Home

You’ve probably noticed that when you walk into certain rooms, it can make you instantly happy. Perhaps the room is bright and cheery, or it’s filled with decor that brings back cherished memories. Just like surrounding yourself with positive people can help keep you in a good mood, your surroundings make a difference too. The way a room is decorated really can have an impact… [read more]

13 Essential Oils For Coughs, Cold, Congestion & Sore Throat

Instead of needlessly suffering or taking a medicine that comes with a long list of potential side effects, why not use essential oils? There are many essential oils that can help ease a cough, cold, congestion, a sore throat, and sometimes all of the above. The oils are simply a concentrated liquid that contains a particular plant’s chemical properties. Whether massaged into the skin or… [read more]

10 Fast Acting Home Remedies For Heartburn

Heartburn is a burning sensation felt in the chest, upper central abdomen, or just behind the breast bone. It occurs when stomach acids flow back up into the esophagus, the tube that transports food from the mouth to the stomach. Normally when we swallow, muscles in the lower esophagus relax so that food and drink can be carried to the stomach, and then tighten up… [read more]

How To Get Rid Of Bloating: 10 Home Remedies That Work

Who likes feeling as if you swallowed a basketball? I’m guessing that there’s no one out there who enjoys having a bloated belly, but it’s a common occurrence, especially for women, because not only can food make you bloated, but PMS can too. It makes you feel heavy, miserable, and definitely not very sexy. It doesn’t make buttoning or zipping up your pants easy either.… [read more]

Wild Garlic – 5 Reasons To Forage For This Superfood + Best Recipes

Wild garlic, also known as ramsons or ramps, grows free in abundance on many lands open to foraging. In North America, it’s widespread across the eastern U.S. and eastern Canada, growing all the way from Missouri and Minnesota, as far north as Quebec and in higher elevations in the south, though it can also be found in areas along the west coast. It’s a distant… [read more]

Going Zero Waste: 30 Easy Swaps To Going (Almost) Waste Free

Adopting a zero waste lifestyle means reducing the amount of waste you generate on an individual level in order to minimize the environmental impact of consumerism. Ideally, zero wasters seek to send nothing they purchase to landfills. With an emphasis on reducing, reusing, and recycling, as well as the repairability, durability, and sustainability of everyday products, proponents of the zero waste lifestyle often “precycle” too… [read more]

21 Reasons You Should Put Honey On Your Skin & Hair

Everyone has experienced a beauty disaster or two, but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing to experiment! Sometimes the most unconventional ingredients are the secret to giving you healthy skin and hair, and raw honey is no exception. This sticky substance is flush with antibiotic properties and skin-benefiting antioxidants that make it an ideal natural ingredient for skin and hair care. Best of all, honey… [read more]

How To Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners With Essential Oils

We’d probably all like to have a nicely scented home, but is it really worth sacrificing our good health, and the health of our planet? Most people probably don’t think twice about using air fresheners, plugging them in and enjoying a “Summer Breeze”, without the understanding that it could be damaging their health, not to mention the health of one’s family, including unborn children and… [read more]