Homemade Black Drawing Salve For Itches, Rashes & Bug Bites

The campfires and warm sunny days that come along with summer can easily be marred by pesky bugs. Bug bites, poison ivy and other skin irritants can be uncomfortable and even harmful. With this black drawing salve you’ll soothe the itch, and draw out any toxins from the skin. Are Conventional Anti-Itch Creams Safe? Usually a topical or oral anti-histamine is used to relieve itchiness… [read more]

11 Signs You Have Heavy Metal Toxicity & How To Prevent It

It can be really frustrating to follow a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and do pretty much everything else you can do to optimize your health and well-being, yet somehow, you just don’t feel right. Perhaps you suffer from digestive problems, you feel sluggish or fatigued a lot of the time, or are just generally ill and sickly. Not knowing why you aren’t feeling as… [read more]

Top 10 Crystals That Will Calm, Relax & Uplift You

When it comes to health, healing, and happiness, you might want to turn to an ancient form of healing: crystals. Crystals have been used for centuries to improve health and happiness, to ease anxiety and stress, to uplift energy and mood and so much more. As different crystals provide different benefits, here’s a look at the top crystals to use for this particular purpose. Turquoise… [read more]

20 Mind Blowing Reasons Why Epsom Salt Should Be In Every Home

Epsom salt is best known as a component of bath salts, but it offers a wide range of uses, from soothing sore muscles, benefiting health and improving a gardener’s crops to household cleaning, enhancing beauty and more. It was discovered in the 17th century, first distilled from the water of a bitter saline spring at Epsom, in Surrey, England. What is Epsom salt? Epsom salt… [read more]

9 Reasons You Should Never Throw Pickle Juice Away

Pickles are famous as a popular craving for pregnant women, as well as to dress up a burger or to add flavor to your favorite side dish, but what about the pickle juice? It seems that green juice is often ignored, tossed down the drain when the pickles are gone. But that’s a shame, because it’s a huge waste, considering that the juice offers a… [read more]

9 Reasons You Should Have A Glass Of Carrot Juice Right Now

Bugs Bunny loves carrots, and many people do too – it’s one of the most popular and versatile vegetables there is, raw, cooked or juiced. People have consumed them in their myriad of forms for centuries. While you probably know them as being good for your vision, carrots actually offer a wide range of benefits – and, they come in colors other than orange too, like… [read more]

15 Best Subscription Boxes For Natural Living Lovers

“Of-the-month” clubs have been around for decades, but in recent years, subscription boxes have really taken off as a trend that’s well, gone a little nuts. In fact, you can get everything from nuts to beauty products, household treats and eco-friendly goods, wine and even healthy fare in the form a fabulous monthly care package. In fact, subscription boxes created just for people like you… [read more]

3 Ways To Use Aloe Vera To Heal A Sunburn Fast

Having an aloe vera plant at home allows you to have instant access to aloe vera’s many medicinal, healing properties, which comes in very handy if you find yourself, or one of your family members with a sunburn. Just about everyone has probably experienced the painful redness, and even blistering, followed by peeling, that come with a sunburn. Not only is it uncomfortable, but being… [read more]

5 Essential Oils You’ll Desperately Need This Summer

Summer is a time of fun, outdoor play and hopefully, a bit of travel and relaxation. It’s also a time of sunburn, bug bites and crowded travel. We’ve created this Summer Essential Oil Survival Guide to help you survive and thrive this summer. Before heading out to the beach, on a camping trip or other summer activity, pack an essential oil summer survival kit with some… [read more]

13 Best Home Remedies For Reducing Wrinkles

For many people, the quest for younger-looking skin is a constant battle. Pharmaceutical companies have produced countless numbers of expensive pills, lotions, and masks that boast the ability to prevent or reduce the signs of aging, but at what cost? Bombarding skin cells with harsh chemicals can have counterproductive effects which may not appear for many years, but eventually the damage shows itself in the… [read more]