3 Ways To Use Aloe Vera To Heal A Sunburn Fast

Having an aloe vera plant at home allows you to have instant access to aloe vera’s many medicinal, healing properties, which comes in very handy if you find yourself, or one of your family members with a sunburn. Just about everyone has probably experienced the painful redness, and even blistering, followed by peeling, that come with a sunburn. Not only is it uncomfortable, but being… [read more]

13 Best Home Remedies For Reducing Wrinkles

For many people, the quest for younger-looking skin is a constant battle. Pharmaceutical companies have produced countless numbers of expensive pills, lotions, and masks that boast the ability to prevent or reduce the signs of aging, but at what cost? Bombarding skin cells with harsh chemicals can have counterproductive effects which may not appear for many years, but eventually the damage shows itself in the… [read more]

11 Home Remedies For Warts That Get Rid Of Them Fast

Warts are often associated with witches and frogs. After all, you’ve probably seen more than a few witches depicted with a wart on the tip of their noses, and you’ve heard about that old wive’s tale that claims warts develop after you touch a toad or a frog. But people don’t get warts from frogs or toads, whether they’re a witch or the average Joe,… [read more]

Here’s Why You Should Pour A Bottle Of Beer In Your Next Bath

Never has there been more talk about the health benefits of beer, which is great news for brew lovers who enjoy nothing better than this refreshing drink after a long hard day, on a lazy summer afternoon, at a ball game, and almost anywhere else, other than behind the wheel, of course. According to scientists, it’s the flowers in the hops plants we have to thank.… [read more]

12 Reasons To Put Baobab Oil On Your Skin & Hair

While you may not have heard about baobab oil just yet, as it’s not as widely known as more common oils like jojoba, it’s been touted as the next “big thing” when it comes to natural skin and haircare, so you’re likely to hear a lot more about it in the near future. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that blooms… [read more]

9 Best Natural, Organic & Non-Toxic Skin Care Brands

As our largest and most delicate organ, the skin faces many perils each day: air pollution, sun damage, environmental toxins, and beyond that cross the skin barrier and make their way into the rest of the body. Indeed, the skin can absorb up to 80% of the things we throw at it. Though there is no shortage of products on the market today that promise… [read more]

9 Reasons You Should Start Putting Mango Butter On Your Skin & Hair

If you’ve ever eaten a mango, you know how delicious and juicy this fruit is – and, while you probably toss the seed out, those seeds are actually what’s used to make mango butter. Mango butter is a soft, creamy butter that has a very mild scent. It’s extracted from the de-shelled fruit kernels of the mango tree, and then heated and boiled in order… [read more]

World’s Simplest Homemade Shampoo That’s Perfect For Your Hair Type

There are tons of natural shampoos out on the market, but the cost can be quite steep to say the least. Conventional shampoos can be more cost effective, but they’re also full of toxic chemicals that are harsh on the body. With this simple natural shampoo recipe, you’ll have the best of both worlds. It’s both cost effective, and super good for your hair and… [read more]

Argan Oil: 17 Reasons Everyone Needs A Bottle Of This “Miracle” Oil

The popularity of Argan oil has exploded since the many amazing health benefits offered by this “miracle oil” have been made public. The oil is cold-pressed from the fruit of the Moroccan Argan tree (Argania spinosa), which is so nutritious that goats climb the trees just to eat them. Inside of that fruit is the little nut from which Argan oil is produced. For centuries,… [read more]

10 Reasons To Start Putting Lavender Oil On Your Skin & Hair

Just thinking about the scent of lavender can make you feel relaxed, and sipping a tea made from its leaves will even help you sleep better. While you probably know about the calming properties of this wonderful purple flowering plant, did you know there are many reasons to start putting it on your skin and hair? Lavender offers an incredible number of uses. So many in… [read more]