24 Natural & Eco-Friendly Gifts That EVERYONE Will Love

If you’d like to skip the crowds this year and simply “point and click” your way around your Holiday shopping – then we’ve got you covered. In this article we present twenty-four of the most exciting gifts that EVERYONE will love to receive this year. Many of the items we use ourselves, others we’ve gifted to friends and family, and some we’ve added to our own wishlist. 1.… [read more]

20 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Mason Jars This Christmas

Invented and patented by a tinsmith named John Landis Mason in 1858, the Mason jar has long been an integral part of home canning. Beyond preserves, the molded glass, often embossed with the name of the manufacturer, and sometimes tinted in blue, purple, or green, are handsome little containers indeed. In the world of DIY, Mason jars are like a blank canvas waiting to be… [read more]

Is Your Mattress Making You Sick? Why You Need a Non-Toxic Mattress & Top 3 To Choose

You buy organic foods, you avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and you may even use natural household cleaners, but are you sleeping on a non-toxic mattress? Many people don’t even think about their bedding when it comes to their health, but chemicals in mattresses can be a significant source of toxic exposure. We spend as much as one-third of our life sleeping, and those chemicals… [read more]

14 Houseplants That Thrive In Low Light

It’s true that most plants need plenty of sunlight to grow and flourish, obtaining the sustenance they need to bloom, sprout, and spread from exposure to solar energy. Caring for a variety of houseplants is often a balancing act: too little light and plants will become leggy, lose color variations, stop blooming, or stop growing entirely; too much light and plants will wilt and leaves… [read more]

10 Christmas Diffuser Blends That Will Warm Up Your Home This Winter

With the holidays upon us, nothing beats filling your home with the scents of the season like evergreens, peppermint, gingerbread cookies and spiced cider. Even if you can’t have the real thing, simply adding a few drops of essential oils to your diffuser will do the trick. If you don’t already have one, be sure to read our review of five of the best to… [read more]

14 Weirdest, Coolest & Most Unique Himalayan Salt Lamps You Can Buy Right Now

The health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are the primary reason most people choose to own one (or more!). Salt lamps help to purify and cleanse the air, they reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, increase energy and enhance sleep, while also treating seasonal affective disorder and reducing static electricity. We’ve dedicated an entire article praising the health benefits of salt lamps here. But, Himalayan salt lamps are… [read more]

15 Beautiful Pine Cone Crafts To Make Stunning Home Decor

A ubiquitous feature of the autumn season, the humble pine cone is often found scattered beneath the branches of the conifer tree. The well-known woody cone (called a “strobilus” in botanical parlance) with overlapping scales that spiral in Fibonacci sequence, is actually the female. Underneath these scales are seeds that are wind pollinated by the smaller, herbaceous male cones. While still attached to tree or… [read more]

6 Reasons You Should Place Zeolite Rocks Around Your Home

Image Credit: Newstone Zeolite Rocks Before we get into the heavy science behind zeolite, let’s take a minute to appreciate it for what they are. Rocks. Rocks that can clean, deodorize and absorb unwanted moisture. While most rocks are strictly for outdoor enjoyment, zeolite rocks should be welcomed into your home with open arms. There are so many commercial deodorizers on the market that actually… [read more]

24 Totally Unusual Uses For Your Entire Pumpkin

A quintessential part of the autumn season, the pumpkin represents the bountiful harvest of Thanksgiving as well as the spooky visage of the Jack O’ Lantern during Halloween. Native to North America and a member of the winter squash family (though it is technically a berry), the pumpkin is so much more than pie filling. From flesh to seed to shell, the Cucurbita pepo is… [read more]

Homemade Spider Repelling Spray That Really Works

While you may not mind crossing path with a spider outdoors, having them in your home is another story. Spiders make their way inside for any number of reasons. Sometimes they like a warm place to hide out for the chilly months, sometimes they are in search of food or water, and sometimes they just happen to walk through a crack or an open window.… [read more]