How To Grow Sacks Full Of Potatoes – 7 Weird Ways That Really Work

Strangely, potatoes often seem to get overlooked when it comes to growing a vegetable garden. Apparently, some are under the impression that there’s really no reason to grow them as they’re fairly inexpensive to buy, and, after all, how much difference can there really be in taste? But that couldn’t be more wrong. According to the Environmental Working Group, the average potato has been shown… [read more]

How To Grow A Whole Bulb Of Garlic From A Single Clove

Garlic has been used in cooking as well as medicinally all over the world for thousands of years. It gives a great kick to many types of dishes, and to our health, making it a must to grow in any garden. Some cultures, such as in the Philippines, even believe that garlic can drive away evil spirits and other evil otherworldly entities, which means it’s… [read more]

10 Best Tips & Tricks For Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting your garden plants from seeds indoors can be an enjoyable project for any gardener. While it’s possible to grow a productive vegetable garden by purchasing plants that were already started, you’ll have a much greater range of possibilities by starting your own from seeds indoors. Buying seeds is relatively inexpensive and you’ll be able to choose from an extensive array of garden favorites in… [read more]

How To Plan A Square Foot Vegetable Garden – The Easiest Way To Grow Abundant Veg

Everyone should have a garden – gardening can improve your physical and mental health, relieve stress, save you money, give you easy access to nutritious foods and help the environment too. Plus, it provides a special sense of achievement. Like cooking, where you see the fruits of your labor, gardening produces tangible evidence of your investment in time and energy. Even if you have limited… [read more]

13 Best Uses For Baking Soda In The Garden

You probably have at least one box of baking soda in your home – if you’re like so many other Americans, it’s most likely sitting in your refrigerator as a way to combat odors, and you might have another carton in your pantry for baking. But there are so many other uses for it, from household cleaning and health to gardening, you might want to… [read more]

7 Surprising Ways To Use Your Old Christmas Tree

It’s so much fun putting up that tree and getting it decorated for the holidays, but once the presents have been unwrapped and the needles have started to shed like crazy, taking it down feels a bit melancholy. But the good news is that you don’t have to let it go to waste, the are a number of ways to put it to good use,… [read more]

How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed No Matter Where You Live

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but you really should do a whole lot more than that. This little citrus fruit not only offers a multitude of health benefits, they’re one of the most alkaline forming foods on Earth, which makes them great for balancing an acidic body. Lemons were first created as a cross between a lime and a citron. It… [read more]

6 Healing Trees You Can Grow in Your Backyard

You know that growing your own food is a good thing. How about growing your own medicine using healing trees from your own backyard? Many common trees that have medicinal properties can be grown right in your backyard. And, surprisingly, creating a personal pharmacy by harvesting the healing bounty of Mother Nature is really no more challenging than constructing your typical garden. In the early… [read more]

3 Reasons You Should Build A Cold Frame + DIY Ideas

Have you ever thought about how wonderful it would be to have fresh greens in February? Living in a region of the country where winters are chilly, having fresh garden veggies probably seems pretty much impossible, but it actually can be, thanks to the ancient practice of growing in cold frames. A cold frame is simply four walls that are used to trap heat and… [read more]

20 Plants To Grow In Your Moonlight Garden

Often, gardens are planned with only the daytime in mind. Under the light of the sun, many plants show off their rich colors, gorgeous textures, and stunning shapes. A world in miniature, this is typically the time of day when the garden is abuzz with activity – the birds are singing, the bees are darting from flower to flower, the butterflies are basking in the… [read more]