10 Best Essential Oils For Menopause Relief

Menopause marks a milestone in a woman’s life, signifying the end of fertility and the end of those monthly periods. While some women start to experience changes in their 30s, for most, symptoms don’t occur until the 40s or 50s. Menopause, by definition, has been reached after 12 consecutive months have passed without menstruating. Many women experience frustrating symptoms, like fatigue, hot flashes, irritability, and… [read more]

8 Health Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans have become increasingly popular as of late, in fact, they’re now one of the most popular supplements and weight loss products around. They’ve also been associated with a host of health benefits, from protecting the heart and lowering the risk of neurological diseases, to anti-aging effects and more. These green-hued beans are roasted seeds of the plant Coffea Arabica. During roasting, the… [read more]

What Is Urban Permaculture? How & Why You Should Adopt These Principles

Urban permaculture may sound like the name of the latest hot band or a clothing brand, but it’s actually an increasingly popular movement started by city dwellers who want to lessen their impact on the environment while also having more control over where their food comes from. Short for permanent agriculture, permaculture is basically the idea that by observing and following nature, we’re able to… [read more]

12 Reasons To Eat More Saffron & How To Tell If Your Saffron Is Fake

Saffron has been used medicinally for centuries, as well as for food and dye, due to its intense color. Derived from a flower most often referred to as the saffron crocus, it’s extremely precious as it has to be harvested by hand, requiring more than 75,000 threads, or filaments, of the crocus flower in order to equal just one pound of saffron. Saffron’s unique organic… [read more]

9 Health Podcasts You Need To Add To Your Playlist

If you want to make your health a priority, you should be listening to podcasts. Podcasts can offer much more than written media, as they put a voice with words, which can bring a greater understanding and connection to the content at hand. You’re also likely to become aware of important new topics that you wouldn’t have been aware of either. For those seeking to… [read more]

Here’s Why You Should Run Barefoot + Best Barefoot Shoes

I’ve been a runner off and on for most of my adult life, and when I first read about people who were running barefoot, I quickly dismissed it as a crazy fad, but I’ve since discovered that not only is it not nearly as bizarre as it sounds, I wouldn’t run any other way today. In the past, I suffered from painful foot and occasional… [read more]

I Quit Eating Wheat & This Is What Happened

For decades we’ve been told that we should be eating two to three servings of whole grains every day and that it’s an essential part of a balanced diet, which is why I was seriously confused when I was told that the opposite is actually true. In fact, some say wheat is one of the biggest factors, along with sugar, in all of the chronic… [read more]

12 Must Have Products To Build Your Own Home Gym

Just because the weather turns cold or wet doesn’t mean you can forget about getting some exercise in. These days, there’s really no excuse, and while you could always hit the gym, what happens when snowy, icy roads make it a serious challenge to get there? There are also another load of cons that come with exercising at the gym. You probably don’t feel comfortable… [read more]

Should I Take A Magnesium Supplement? + The Best Supplements You Can Take

Magnesium is an important mineral that many Americans are lacking. In fact, some reports estimate that as many as 80 percent aren’t getting enough of this nutrient. If you’re one of them, you may experience everything from weakness and fatigue to cramps, mild nausea, seizures and even coronary spasms. Magnesium is something that’s utilized by every organ in your body, especially your heart, muscles, and… [read more]

5 Reasons You Should Try Breathing Through A Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Himalayan salt is famous for its numerous health benefits. In fact, humans have been using salt in a variety of forms for therapeutic uses for thousands of years. If you’ve ever spent a day at the ocean, you’ve probably noticed that the wonderful salty air has positive effects, from better breathing to more beautiful hair and skin. That’s something that humans have taken advantage of… [read more]