25 Unique Ways To Make Passive Income From Your Homestead

Many people chose to adopt the homesteading lifestyle to get away from the rat race. However, it’s often necessary to make money from an off-farm job that eats through your free time and leaves you so busy that the ‘homestead’ becomes little more than the place you sleep. For this reason, making a property pay for itself is a top priority for many homesteaders. The… [read more]

23 Best Sustainable Snack Brands For Beating Hunger Guilt-Free

Living a sustainable lifestyle will affect every decision you make, right down to the snacks you eat. But which ones should you choose? Greenwashing is far too prevalent in grocery stores today, making it nearly impossible to know if you can believe the claims on the packages in front of you. Thankfully, there are a number of brands that make it a priority to produce… [read more]

12 Signs You Have SIBO & 7 Ways To Reduce SIBO Symptoms

Dealing with a bloated gut shouldn’t be part of daily life. If you’re starting to think that it’s not normal to feel five months pregnant a few hours after eating, you might be living with an undiagnosed digestive problem like SIBO. There’s no shame in acknowledging that you deal with digestive issues. In fact, it puts you in the company of 70 million other Americans… [read more]

The Problem Of “Greenwashing”? & How To Avoid It

Walk through the grocery store today, and you might be surprised by the number of sustainability-minded brands in sight. Product labels like “pure and natural”, “made with recycled ingredients” and “good for the environment” might look impressive, but do they deliver what they promise? To find out the facts, it’s important to understand exactly what companies have to gain by “greenwashing” their products- or appearing… [read more]

Homemade Golden Turmeric Paste & 14 Genius Ways To Use It

You’re behind the times if you haven’t heard about the health benefits of turmeric. As ginger’s lesser known relative, turmeric is a bright orange spice well-loved for the kick it adds to curry and other traditional Indian and Southeast Asian dishes. Sometimes though, you might want to branch out from curry. If you’re struggling to find ways to put this bright yellow powder to use,… [read more]

12 Reasons To Brush Your Teeth With A Miswak Stick

What’s the best way to keep your teeth clean? Brushing with a stick probably isn’t high on your list. However, the benefits of brushing your teeth with miswak sticks are too impressive to ignore. Coming from the Arak tree, a tree that’s native to the Middle East, miswak sticks have been used as a natural oral hygiene strategy for over 7,000 years. Thanks to the… [read more]

21 Reasons You Should Put Honey On Your Skin & Hair

Everyone has experienced a beauty disaster or two, but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing to experiment! Sometimes the most unconventional ingredients are the secret to giving you healthy skin and hair, and raw honey is no exception. This sticky substance is flush with antibiotic properties and skin-benefiting antioxidants that make it an ideal natural ingredient for skin and hair care. Best of all, honey… [read more]

How To Make A Natural Body Butter That’s Perfect For Your Skin Type

Healthy, hydrated skin is everyone’s top priority, so why is the commercial beauty industry working so hard to make it practically unobtainable? Sure, those prettily-packed lotions on drugstore shelves might look like they contain the nourishment your skin craves, but in truth, most are filled with fragrances and preservation agents that only aid in drying it out. A better option? Skip those unnecessary ingredients and… [read more]

16 Best Healthy & Energizing Alternatives To Coffee

Is a fresh cup of coffee the only thing you want to see when you first wake up? You aren’t alone. But if that daily caffeine boost is beginning to make you feel like a prisoner to your French press, it might be time to start looking into some energizing alternatives to coffee to wake up with instead. 11 Reasons Why You Should Limit Your… [read more]

3 Ways To Use Essential Oils In The Shower & 22 Best Oils To Try

For a routine that requires almost no thought, your daily shower is likely one of the highlights of your day (or night). However, racing through your washing on autopilot is a wasted opportunity if you aren’t taking time to experiment with how to use essential oils in the shower. While you likely know that an aromatic bath can detoxify your body and leave you relaxed,… [read more]