30 Garden DIYs That Kids Will Love

Liven up outdoor birthday parties, barbecues, and weekends in the sunshine with some family-friendly and kid-approved DIY projects. Not only will your children put down their video games and get out into the fresh air, but your garden will become the most exciting place to be all summer long! From oversized classic family games and secret hideaways to exciting kid-friendly sports and toddler-themed activities, this… [read more]

16 Best Plants That Thrive In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms deserve to be decorated with lush greenery just like every other room in the house – but it can be tricky to find a plant that thrives here. Low light, high humidity, and warm temperatures mean only certain houseplants will flourish. Keep reading to discover what you need to consider when choosing bathroom flora, and check out 16 great houseplant suggestions for this room.… [read more]

45 Amazing Avocado Recipes That Go Way Beyond Guacamole

From balancing blood sugar to improving digestion, there’s no denying that avocado boasts a myriad of health benefits. If you need more avocado in your life (and here’s why you do), then check out these 45 versatile ways to use this fat-filled fruit for greater health and wellbeing. Pineapple Avocado Green Smoothie – silky and creamy with a hint of sweetness, this delicious smoothie –… [read more]

11 Quick Tricks To Boost Serotonin: The Easiest Way To Feel Happier Right Now

Serotonin, an important neurotransmitter, is generally thought of as our ‘feel-good’ chemical due to the major role it plays in regulating our mood. It’s also connected to our appetite, sleep, learning, and memory capabilities. Low serotonin levels in the brain can lead to feelings of depression, low self-esteem, irritability and anxiety. It can also cause us to be more forgetful than usual, crave sugar and… [read more]

20 Foods That Really Aren’t What They Claim To Be

So many foods we buy and consume aren’t what they claim to be – a practice known as food fraud. Any sort of intentional substitution, addition, tampering, or misrepresentation of a food, its ingredients, or its packaging can be considered fraud. While some of these deceptive items are relatively rare, other imitation and imposter products are all around us. Keep reading to discover 20 of… [read more]

33 Most Fun & Innovative Garden Gift Ideas Every Gardener Will Love

Need a gift for someone with green fingers? Look no further than these 33 fantastic and innovative ideas. There’s something for everyone – from pieces of living wall art to ultra-practical tool storage solutions. All budgets are catered for too, with many great handmade gift suggestions listed below. 1. Tool Tote A rustic garden tote is ideal for organizing and transporting smaller equipment – from… [read more]

18 Warning Signs You Have Adrenal Fatigue & 8 Ways To Fix It

Constantly exhausted? Struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Unable to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life? You may be suffering with adrenal fatigue. This condition, characterized by generalized fatigue and a sense of sub-par health, occurs when the adrenal glands function below their optimal level. The adrenal glands are responsible for producing hormones, including cortisol and aldosterone, that help… [read more]

11 Ways To Get Rid of Dust Mites Without Chemicals

Dust mites are microscopic insects, found living in soft furnishings throughout the home, which feed on dead skin cells. In fact, an incredible one million dust mites can happily feed on the amount of skin shed daily by an average adult! While these tiny home invaders aren’t harmful in small numbers, larger mite populations can cause problems for some people. A Significant Cause of Allergies… [read more]

32 Genius Ideas To Beautify Your Garden On A Budget

Gardening on a budget doesn’t mean you have to put up with a boring backyard. When it comes to brightening up outdoor spaces, a little can go a long way. Whether you’d like an outdoor bar for under $20, or a flower chandelier for free, it can be done! Here are 32 fantastically frugal ways to beautify your garden. 1. Tree Stump Table Don’t spend time… [read more]

11 Easy Ways To Boost Dopamine Without Medication

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter which helps to control our brain’s reward and pleasure centers. It also keeps us motivated and focused so we can work toward reaching our goals. Signs of low dopamine include fatigue, depression, an inability to deal with stress, poor concentration and memory, mood swings, a lack of motivation, and failure to complete tasks or work toward goals. Those with addiction… [read more]